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The sun had set below the earth long ago, leaving the stars to slowly breath life into the darkness. Kiara lay curled between the summer grasses as the wind gently made waves in the field. There was a scent of water on the wind that remained from the day’s earlier showers. Dark clouds drifted over the cresting stars, but their strength was waning. The night was still too warm for her and the day had been absolutely atrocious. As and arctic wolf she could just not handle the heat.

White ears flicked forward as the world suddenly became brighter. Her head lifted and sleep immediately ran from her eyes as she lifted her gaze to the heavens. The dark clouds faded to reveal a moon bigger than Kiara could ever remember. Like a white sun, the moon kissed the earth with its brilliant glory and illuminated the world in a way that Kiara had never seen. Despite the moons size and intensity, the light it released was gentle and cool. Kiara rose to her feet as she saw the world in a new light. Everything was crystal clear, but the shadows and colors were like nothing she had ever experienced before. Shades of blue and darker colors seemed to pop, while the brightly colored flowers became a completely different sight altogether. To Kiara, it was like the sky was opening up and revealing majesty beyond her wildest dreams.

The grasses rustled and the earthen scent of wolves filled her nostrils. Kiara tore her eyes from the sight and gazed upon her family, who stood ten lengths away. Tharin was in front of the pups, his amber eyes piercing her soul as he approached. Kiara turned her muzzle down and away, showing her respect to him as she always did when they were alone. His rough tongue ran over her forehead and Kiara lifted to her muzzle to graze his chin with her own before rubbing herself against her mate. Leela dashed forward impatiently and Thairn let loose a warning growl. The pups softly colored ears flicked back and she lowered herself to the ground as her own white muzzle turned away. It wasn’t her turn and she knew it. With her belly to the ground, Leela slunk back to where her siblings waited.

Lucia was the next to approach her mother. Even though Lucia was a yearling and a fully accepted member of the pack, she approached her omega mother and subordinate father with complete submission. They were still her parents and her superiors when it was just the family. Kiara approached Lucia and greeted her eldest daughter with a whine and gentle push of the shoulder. Next came Saki, who limped forward in her lupus form. Tharin came forward to greet Saki, who sat gratefully besides her adoptive farther. With a wordless grunt, Thairn let the pups approach.

Leela, Marrok, and Altair were Kiara’s latest litter and her only litter by Thairn. The overly energetic pups were growing well and it was clear that the boys would grow to resemble their father more than their mother. But their energy was closer to what Kiara had when she was their age. Racing forward, the pups completely forgot their courtesies and charged the older wolves. Almost immediately Kaira, Tharin, and Lucia put the pups in their place, flipping each one on their back and closing their jaws around the pups throats. Respect and order were the lessons of the day. Lucia let go of Leela first, but Kiara and Thairn kept their hold on Marrok and Altair for a moment longer. None of the pups were hurt, but they had learned their lesson. One by one the youngsters rolled and stood and remembered their greetings. First they greeted their mother, then their father, and last their older siblings.

With the greetings finished, Kiara turned her eyes back to the super moon that was rising slowly in the sky. Sucking in her breath, she parted her lips howled. The three youngest immediately took up the chorus, but it was Tharin, Saki, and Lucia who caught the melody. It was a call to hunt. Not to the pack, but to each other. Kiara sang again, her voice rising and falling in time as the rest of her family became more and more excited. Adrenaline pumped through their systems and soon the tiny family became a writhing ball of excitement and howls. A few minutes later, Kiara turned and led her family off into the woods. Tharin came besides her, trotting happily as he licked and pawed at her face. All of the pups jumped and played as they moved, too excited to simply walk. As the moon rose, the small group of predators disappeared into the forest in search of prey and spirits high.

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