Affiliate with 'Souls!

Affiliate with us!

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  • Forum-based roleplay games only.
  • Your board must display IC activity (recent IC posts as well as board post total).
  • Have an acceptable static (non-moving, flashing, blinking) 88x31 JPG, GIF, or PNG image.
  • Already list 'Souls as an affiliate.
  • Display our button in a static, non-scrolling section. Marquees and scrolling DIVs are not permitted.
  • Have a total of 30 or less RPG affiliate slots.
  • Be professional and aesthetically appealing.
  • Affiliates must have a minimum of 30 ACTIVE members or 200 REGISTERED accounts.


  • All affiliates are considered by the 'Souls Assemblage before linking -- it may take a few days before you are notified of a decision; please give us time to access various aspects of your board (especially activity) before arriving at a decision.
  • If you remove our button from your board while you are still being considered, you will automatically be rejected.
  • We accept only 16 regular affiliates at a time at the bottom of the board. Spaces reopen on a fairly regular basis as boards shut down, so keep checking back!
  • Featured Affiliation may not be applied for -- the 'Souls Assemblage chooses Featured Affiliates, typically long-time, established forums we've had a long affiliation with.

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Exposure to a large member base.
  • Linking -- we add our affiliates to our Affiliate list on our Twitter account and will send you tweets if you interact with us!
  • Affiliation with a long-time site. You'll get your button up on 'Souls for however long we stick around... which is over a decade so far!

Our Buttons

See the Pride topic for more.

[Image: Souls_88x31_01.gif] [Image: Souls_88x31_03.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_04.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_05.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_06.gif] [Image: Souls_88x31_07.gif] [Image: Souls_88x31_08.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_09.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_10.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_11.jpg] [Image: Souls_88x31_12.jpg]

Code Example

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="'SOULS-- post-apocalyptic werewolf rpg" alt="'SOULS-- post-apocalyptic werewolf rpg" border="0" width="88" height="31"></a>


Email us at admin [at] with the following information for consideration:

Quote:Board Name:
Image: [88x31, .gif, .jpg or .png, static (non-moving)]
Opening Date:
Link to Active Member List:
Head Administrator E-mail: (PLEASE be certain to reply with a correct email! This is the only way we can contact you)
Why we should affiliate with your board:

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