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vivienne butler
Feel it in your bones as the wolves surround our homes and the violent storm makes its way to the coast

Evening. Despite the explosion of dusky colors across the day, it was such a dull period.

At least for Vivienne, as her mother or father returned from whatever tasks the day had required of them. It was the start of her torture - unable to go out due to the heavily encroaching shadows, but with hours of awake time still ahead of her, stuck within the house. Her mother lay draped upon the ancient sofa, flipping pages blithely and completely absorbed, while her father was likely somewhere upstairs sharing cross words with Basil. The scarlet child had already pulled her theatrics in an attempt to gain her older siblings attention, and failed. She'd scuttled over in an attempt to get her mother to play, but the dam was too absorbed in her book.

Eyes barely leaving the page, Aoves leaned down to gently pet the pups head "Vivienne, darling please - I'm reading. Why don't you see if your sister wants to play?" Disbelief caused the child's nose to wrinkle comically. Silvia was odd compared to the rest of the Butlers, and litter mate or not, the doe-eyed girl was certainly not her first choice of a playmate. Unless she wanted to spend the rest of the evening with her head on her paws, Vivienne would have to make do. Casting one final glance of disappointment at her mother, the puppy turned away with a pout still lingering upon her face, though it dissipated as soon as she spotted the mottled pelt of her sister. "Silviiiiiia!" The name was her warcry, as the vibrant child catapulted towards her sister with paws splaying and fingers wide.

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