[NEWS] September 2013
Puppies Update, Joining Reminders

News & Updates

Puppy Joining/Rules/Procedure Update

After a long discussion of loopholes and procedural awkwardness, we've decided on some additional revisions regarding joining as puppies. Namely, only puppies which were born on-board and adopted will be allowed to join the game. That is, only puppies which were previously yNPCs and obtained with puppy points may join the game. The minimum playable age for newly arrived characters to the board is now seven months. Newcomer loner puppies will no longer be allowed, even if they intend to join a pack first thing.

Historically, such characters have been relatively rare to begin with, but when they occurred, they often came with a variety of realism issues, mostly stemming around the unlikeliness of a puppy surviving extensive travel while so young, even in the care of an adult, NPC or otherwise. Limiting played puppies to those which were born on-board 1) gives priority to puppies which were earned, 2) gives significant incentive to adopt characters, and 3) ensures that puppies have on-board parents/caretakers/family of some sort, which makes their survival much more realistic.

Players are still allowed to have puppies fill their cNPC slot, so players may still join with an adult character with a cNPC puppy, and players are still allowed to have their characters "find" a random puppy to fill their cNPC slot. Packs may do similarly with any available pNPC slots. However, cNPC and pNPC puppies cannot be adopted/picked up prior to seven months of age.

Do let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding these new rules, but we hope that the reasoning behind our decision makes sense, at least. :O

General Reminders

We mentioned it earlier in the year, but we'd like to once again remind all current and returning members to fully fill out Joining applications when rejoining or joining with auxiliary characters. It's very important that every application in the Joining forum be properly filled out to avoid confusing lurkers and newcomers to the board. In particular, PLEASE remember to correctly link or append properly filled out profiles or RP examples.

If you are using your character's profile, please ensure that the required sections (Appearance, Biography, Personality) meet the 200 word minimum. If you'd like to use your posts as other characters as your RP examples, please actually link them. If you want to use your character's Wiki profile, please ensure that you were the one that filled out a majority of its contents. This is especially true for characters you're adopting. If we see that 90% of edits to the page were made by Bob and you aren't Bob, then your application does not include a valid writing sample!


Spotlight & Community Soul!

Congratulations to Aadi (Sequoia Exultare) for Spotlight Soul, and Nine (Esmeralda Collins) for Community Soul!

Just a belated reminder, as well! Please make sure you are marking your mature topics. We did become more lax on punishments, but that's not an excuse to skip the M in the thread title or your warning template. There's even a handy button you can press to generate the warning code for you. Please make sure you're being diligent and attentive when marking mature threads.

It's not fair to the community: some members really, really don't want to read violence, sex, or drug use. Some of our members are browsing from school or work, and they could get in trouble if they accidentally click on a mature topic. You don't want to cause someone to get grounded or even lose their job. While these are rare/extreme consequences, you should mark your mature threads out of respect for your fellow player anyway. Thanks!

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