[INFO][BUG] special/accented character accounts can't log in
I need to update søren's wiki page cause my other imagehost is down and so i need to replace the urls, plus i need to make some new character pages for adoptables. I tried using all my forum usernames and passwords, but it says that the name and password aren't recognized. Help!?
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I think it may be because of the accented 'o' in his name? I can't really help, but that's the thought that came to mind and it might give the SA an idea on what to look for. > _>; Do you have any previous characters or another account that you can temporarily login with and try to update it?
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At work, can't check now, seconding Sam to use another account for now. Probably is the accented o. Alternatively, try login with just "Soren Rask." Might strip the accented character and replace with standard.
I actually did try that, and it still didn't work, but I haven't tried it with the older accounts yet, so I'll do that when I get back home.

Edit: I should also mention that I spoke to Vida in chat about this, and she said that she could only log in with one of her three accounts, but only one of her accounts has an accented letter in the name, so I'm not so sure about that theory anymore.
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Tmau5 summed up my issues too. But I thought I'd pipe up and add that I tried using no spaces between surname and forenames, as Hikaru's word but neither of my character's with surnames worked, but that didn't seem to work either.
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I am having the same issue as well. When I type in the full name I don't get the 'Name/password not recognized' message, it just clears the login fields and does not log me in.
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Aadi, does the username 'Sequoia' work for you instead? Didn't you have your account name changed, or am I misremembering?

At the rest -- you should be able to edit the Wiki using an older character account without any funky characters. Use that as a workaround until we figure this out. If you don't have an account without odd characters, it's probably okay to go ahead and register an OOC account to edit the Wiki.
I am unable to log into the Wiki as well. I have tried using my past characters as well and none of them are allowing me to log in.
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If your username has been changed at any point, you should use what the username CURRENTLY IS. So, if your username used to be 'Bobby' but it is now 'Bob', you should log in with 'Bob'.


Will get back to you on special characters. .-.

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I'm having problems logging in, as well. There are no special characters in my name, but their were some in my password. I changed my password to omit special characters, and the log in still isn't working for me. :/
Hmm, there's no reason it shouldn't work if both username and password contain no special characters and you've typed in everything correct (case-sensitive usernames). Try clearing your cookies and/or using a different browser to see if it works then?

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Well, I reset my history. Cookies, cache and all. It's giving me a different error message,though. At first it was Username/password not recognized; Now it's giving me the message: Password Required, even after I put in my password. Dl Sorry if I'm being a pain.
Well, After some messing around, I don't know what I did, but it works now! Sorry for all the trouble!
Oh, no trouble! Glad you got it working!

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