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Missing a few things, ideas?
hey! well, as you can see i haven't officially joined the 'souls board yet (hello all in advance!), my profile has been filled out as per procedure but still i feel like there's more to be described about Achilles, and also, i'm not sure if his history/backstory is defined enough, or if it's even acceptable. i admit i'm still a little wary of it after seeing that books are, unfortunately, pretty hard to come by -- i was also wondering, i know Luperci read/write, but do they commonly/uncommonly make books of their own? even just simple journals/diaries (they make paper, right)?


what i'd really like, other than the history, is...skills. of course it'll be unlikely i'll add them before joining, as i want Achilles to be a sort of blank canvas for other characters/players to paint as they please (development woo!), but i would like to have the options there, i was hoping you guys who are probably like 10x more creative than me could come up with something. to give you an idea of what kind of skills he would likely go for: he is capable of being humanized, because of how his mother was, though hasn't had much exposure to the ways other than reading/writing (probably the only two skills i'll start him off with). he's not a slimy character or a salesman by any means, he feels the need to try things on his own instead of have them explained to him. one thing that i'm considering heavily, if it helps, is animal-oriented skill, this could be aggressive (tracking, hunting) or more domestic (horse training + care), his personality has room for either.

thanks! (and feel free to introduce anything else that you think would be a nice addition to his character besides what i've asked for)
Hiii, welcome~

Specific questions:
  • Is his history acceptable? Yup. No issues there!
  • Books are hard to come by: but as they are often a coveted resource, they are by no means rare. Inferni has a library of a few books, as does Salsola. Human books are likely to have deteriorated unless kept in excellent conditions (think underground storage locker type things, or brick libraries with very few windows in a dry area of the world).
  • Luperci-written books, on the other hand, are even more rare: but this is because writing is a rare skill. Few characters know it, and those that do don't tend to write books. However, making paper is totally acceptable. Myrika makes paper from rawhide, and has written a book of Inferni's history.

As for suggestions to the profile -- it looks okay for a start, honestly, especially if you want to start off with a blank slate. I'd be a little wary of being too blank -- give yourself something to play with, after all. It seems you did a good job of this with Achilles' profile, though, so no worries there on my part. :3

As for ideas... it can help to browse current character's profiles. A few ideas off the top of my head:
  • Primarily traps food instead of hunting. Trapping is sort of rare, and it also affords the opportunity to be more domestic by creating traps that will capture animals alive.
  • A specialized sort of animal care. There are a lot of "horse generalists" (Myrika is one of them) but there are no (to my knowledge) characters who specialize in horse dentistry or horse hoof care or another very specific skill. This would probably take a little more learning and growing on Achilles' part, as he's very young and requires development... but hey, that's the point. c:
  • A twist on animal-oriented skills... a character who specializes in pest removal. Never had one of those before, and fleas/rats/mice/other infestations would be a pretty big problem for Luperci. There are natural methods of fighting all these infestations which a character might employ.

Hope all of that helps! Please feel free to reply if you have any other questions.
thank you for both the welcome and the information! :) i really do like the idea of specializing in pest removal, it could be fun to develop, having him testing different methods out to see which one works the most effectively (and probably getting a little frustrated and stumped along the way, pft), getting advice from others to see what they have found works, etc. etc. fun fun! i think horses would happen later on down the line, he probably wouldn't think to touch the subject with a ten foot pole until older, then he could perhaps find out that he has a talent for it (for instance, if he specializes in horse hoof care, maybe most horses are generally calmer around him, less easily spooked [natural affinity]). food for thought! i'll definitely consider these heavily. thanks again, time to start working on my application and hopefully my wiki, too!
No worries! :3 He might even get the inspiration for it from reading a book, to tie the skills together? Maybe someone mentions... this stuff, diatomaceceous earth as a form of pest removal. That stuff wouldn't go bad, especially if kept in a container like a jar or bucket or something else unlikely to be chewed or damaged -- so he might even find some in a human ruin or something!

A natural kinship type thing with horses is fine, as long as it doesn't range into the supernatural (does not sound like you were headed that route, but obligatory warning is obligatory >_>). Good inspiration for getting involved with a particular animal! I also wouldn't be considered about age, either -- Luperci have started on horses shortly after they shift (6-7 months old); Achilles is old enough to have gotten some basic experience. Totally understand if you wanted to forego that experience for future development, though!

Hope that helps, and welcome again! :D

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