[NEWS] Sept 2013

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Spotlight & Community Soul!

Congratulations to Aadi (Sequoia Exultare) for Spotlight Soul, and Kite (Chloé Moineau) for Community Soul!

Sie Sucks and You Should Kick Her

Some of you may have noticed a disappearance of threads in the Thread Request forum about a week ago. That is Sie's fault and Sie sucks. Sincerely sorry, guys. 8C ♥

Wiki Bug

A bug has been reported in the Wiki regarding non-standard logins: e.g., if you have a character like ø or ö in your username you will not be able to log in. Use another character's account for now; if you do not have a character account, you can create an OOC account. Please -- use it only for editing the Wiki. 'Souls does not use OOC accounts on the forums.

Roleplay Aides Has Become Roleplay Aids

Because the 'SA is not smart and really, why wasn't it like that to begin with? How many of you noticed the forum name change?

Plot Developing

Looks like an interesting horse related plot for horse-minded Southern pack members. Check it out!


Dalimil the Horse Trader

The Outpost trader Dalimil has come to 'Souls this month. She has horses for offer:

  • Mare, grey. Docile and very strong, plough trained (more valuable).
  • Mare, bay. Cautious and calm.
  • Gelding, bay. Extremely fond of other horses.
  • Mare, black. High energy.
  • SPECIALTY: Tana, mare, dapple gray. Tana is not a Svantevit horse by breed. Small, dainty of hoof, and with a curved neck, her appearance suggests Oriental horse breeding. She is not as well trained as the typical Svantevit, but would make a good horse for an intermediate or advanced rider. Dalimil suggests Tana was procured from someone who had no idea what kind of horse he had -- and Dali was happy to relieve him of the animal. Despite trading for the horse, Dali cannot take her home to Svantevit -- Tana's breeding and heritage is not something that would be incorporated into the Svantevit line. Dali asks a modest price for Tana -- she is less valuable than a specially trained Svantevit horse to Dali, and she is already making a fair profit, if her story is to be believed.
  • Stallion available for STUD only: Oliver, bay. Oliver is a cautious horse, and one of the oldest studs of the Svantevit horses -- he is an older example of the herds, taking after the larger Shire and Friesian horses of the Eachans rather than the smaller, slimmer Borachev horses. An old hand at breeding, he is ideal for inexperienced or skittish mares.
    • Stud opportunity
    • Stud opportunity
    • Stud opportunity

Request Rules

  • Requests are NOT A GUARANTEE of approval. The 'SA approves or denies these requests based on the application received and in the order of applications received. Don't assume your horse is owned until you receive a PM confirming the claim.
  • Packs may request horses for communal stores. Pack claims, however, are considered after player claims. We usually give 1-2 weeks for claims to be made, after which time we consider any claims made by packs.
  • Your character may claim a horse if they already have a horse companion. Like pack claims, however, these claims are considered after those who already have a horse.
  • Keep in mind the typical description of a Svantevit horse.
  • The horses are offered as is -- changing genders, descriptions, personalities, etc. is not permitted.


Please reply here with your request. Even if all the horses have already been requested, it is worthwhile to post anyway: someone else's request may not be approved.

Horse Request

[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Does your character currently own a horse?[/b]:
[b]What is your character offering in exchange?[/b]:
[b]Indicate your first choice of horse[/b]: (not guaranteed!)

Stud Request

[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Mare Name[/b]:
[b]Link to Horse Information (if available)[/b]:
[b]What is your character offering in exchange?[/b]:
[b]Describe Projected Foal (25 - 100 words)[/b]:

Accepted Trades

The following are some examples of trades that might be accepted for the horses to give players an idea of what might be accepted for a Svantevit horse. This shouldn't be used as an exact guideline: we'll obviously accept other items! However, keep in mind the approximate value of each of these items when formulating your trade:

  • Stud opportunity: Well-made saddle, ten smoked fish
  • Stud opportunity: Well-made saddle, five horse blankets
  • Standard horse: Well-made saddle, three bottles of alcohol, twenty smoked fish, and five horse blankets
  • Standard horse: Trained Luperci slave/servant
  • Extra trained horse: Five scavenged human books on useful subject (e.g., not a novel/fiction)
  • Extra trained horse: Well made saddle and bridle, five bottles of alcohol, thirty smoked fish, and seven horse blankets
  • Extra trained horse: Scavenged human sword, 30 arrows, a book on native plants
Character Name: Chloé Moineau
Does your character currently own a horse?: Nope
What is your character offering in exchange?: Several books! (she hoards books)
(2) Gardening (1) Cook book (1) Pocket Dictionary (2) History Books (1) Spanish to English Dictionary
Indicate your first choice of horse: Bay geilding

edit;; adding types of books
Character Name: Priam Nothing
Does your character currently own a horse?: No
What is your character offering in exchange?: (1) botany book, (1) book on religion(s), (3) repaired quilts, (2) bottles of cider, (~10) smoked fish, and (1) rusty but sturdy scythe
Indicate your first choice of horse: Black mare
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<td rowspan="3"><center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/KvBvdIP.png" width="170px" title="By T-Mau5"></center></td> <td class="name">Priam Nothing</td>
<tr><td class="links">
&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6273">Postlog</a> &middot;
<a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Characters.PriamNothing" target="_blank">Wiki</a> &middot; <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Players.Cheshire">Player</a>
<tr><td class="notes">
&middot; Unless otherwise stated, assume he is in Optime
<br/>&middot; Currently <i>possessed</i> by the spirit of <b><a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Characters.CiraelJuneLykoi">Cirael June</a></b>
<br/> &middot; <b><font color="#b40500">Closed</font></b> for thread requests
<br/> &mdash; Avatar by <a href="#">Kiri</a>
</td> </tr>
Character Name: Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Does your character currently own a horse?:yes
What is your character offering in exchange?:two dozen arrows, two bottles of whiskey, a bow, one book on healing plants scavenged from Halifax, one book on beekeeping in the northeast. He could also offer various leather bridles and generally good condition farm tools etc pitchforks, shovels, scythes.
Indicate your first choice of horse: (not guaranteed!)Mare, grey
Character Name: Cody Rhiannon
Does your character currently own a horse?: No
What is your character offering in exchange?: Three plastic packages of three pronged hooks salvaged from Amherst, two hand made quills (Leather), Four handmade clay pots fired in a kiln (mastery ranked), three spears, a Holy bible in spanish salvaged from a church in Amherst, several seed packets (watermelon, tobacco, etc.) and one bear's fur cloak dyed black.
Indicate your first choice of horse: (not guaranteed!) Mare, Bay

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