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set near their house, and his goal is to travel to the Luminescent Lagoon, it's mid-afternoon and the sun is about ready to set.

Standing on his own two feet, he decided perhaps that this should be the day that he and his sister should do something. He would take her to the Lagoon in d'Arte and let her see the beautiful glowing of the lake. He found it a few nights ago, when he was out and about running and attempting to train himself with a stick and his own knowledge of reading books. Stretching his arms and legs, Faolan grunted as he stretched and began walking towards his house. Perhaps, Skylee would want to go on this adventure with him, besides- they hadn't really spent enough time together. His sister and his mother meant everything to him. This would be a chance for Faolan to get to know his sister a little bit better.

Walking into his house, he grinned slowly and called out to his sister. He didn't know if she was in the house still, but she would hear him if she was in the back yard or something. Hey, Lee! Come 'ere, I wanna take ya somewhere. Pausing, he leaned against a wall, his arms crossing over his chest and his ears flickering on his skull. He was really interested in what Lee would say, he hoped she wasn't too busy, but even if she was, he would figure out a way to convince her to come!
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Skylee was attempting to pretty-up things, however unlikely that sounded. She'd picked some of the last flowers she could find and stuffed them where ever she could -- in the windowsills, mostly, and on tables and couches, thinking that maybe it would keep the autumn season at bay for a little longer so she could admire the summertime in her newly shifted form. Although, she knew deep down somewhere it wouldn't really work and she'd have to endure the cold seasons before she could enjoy the warmer ones. With a huff, she started towards where she normally slept, eyes on taking a nap or something along those lines, before she heard her brother Faolan calling out from the front of the house. With a groan, she headed from where she was standing and towards the front door, where she spotted her brother leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "'Ey, Faolan," she greeted, wiping away her grumpy mood with a swift flick of her ears, wondering what it was he was blabbering about from across the extensive home. "Whatcha yellin' 'bout?" the wolfdog asked, the accent she'd picked up from her mother plain and obvious in her voice. "Wantin' ta go somewhere?" she continued, fairly sure that she had heard something along the lines of, 'I want to take you somewhere,' when he'd yelled across the house.

Her tail twitched and she crossed her arms across her chest in a feeble attempt to mimic him, tapping one of her padded paws against the ground and she wondered what 'somewhere' Faolan was talking about. Normally, she was the one to lead them around, so she was slightly interested in what her brother had to say. "Someplace interestin', right? Otherewise ya wouldn't have bugged me 'bout it," she continued almost sassily, straightening up and angling her head downwards, attempting to seem taller than her brother was, a somewhat questioning look spread across her face. Maybe he had found someplace interesting to go, for once.
Lee seemed a bit upset that her brother had bothered to bug her. He flickered his ears on his head when she announced her own presence and a small smile drew onto his face. When she asked what he was yellin' about, he didn't nearly have enough time to explain anything before she said, 'wantin' to go somewhere?' Faolan just gave his sister a little smirk, she was always so dominate and wanting to be in charge. Leading the two of them places all the time, well now, Faolan had a special place to show his sister. Her tail twitched and he watched her with bi-colored eyes, his larger form towering over his sister, for once he was taller and for once a little bit stronger.

She mimicked Faolan and all he did, was raise an eyebrow at his sister and grin. He flickered his tail as well, and then approached his sister taking her by her wrist. Whether she liked it or not, he was now bigger than her, and that would mean that for once, he'd try to lead the way. 'Course it's interestin', Skylee. The two pups, had now developed southern drawls much like their mothers', and although Lee's sounded more like their mom's, Fao had a deepened voice now. Or at least deeper than it was when he was a pup. Occasionally, he'd squeak, but right now he had one intention in mind- and that was to get to the Lagoon before his sister changed her mind.

Letting go of Skylee's hand he would lead the way, expecting her to follow him, his feet moving swiftly through d'Arte. Well, c'mon now Lee, ya don't wanna miss it. He announced as he slowed his walk, and the sun slowly began to set. The time would be very soon that Skylee would see the luminescent lagoon, glow that beautiful blue he'd once seen just a few days ago.
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The wolfdog gave a huff, somewhat upset by the fact that Faolan was a bit taller than her, although she had still shifted before he had and she deemed that enough to gloat about. Although, she wasn't about to go throwing that around today. Instead, she was going to listen to her darker furred brother, who claimed that whatever he had found was interesting. "Better be," she said, almost threateningly, as if to say, 'if this isn't interesting you're going to get beat up,' or something along those lines. It was her job to be mean to him, after all, since she was his sister, even though she actually liked him a bit somewhere deep down. She wasn't about to let that show, however.

Grunting as he pulled at her wrist, she unwillingly headed after him, somewhat distraught by the fact that today he was leading the way and she wasn't. The Foxleigh pup headed after her brother, towards where ever it was he was taking her. Despite trying to act like she wasn't, Skylee was somewhat interested in what her sibling had found. The girl took the time to shut the door of the house behind her and then headed off after her brother, noticing that he was moving pretty slow. She also noticed that the sun was setting and she wasn't really interested in staying out at night, although didn't think much of it. "Where are we goin' anyways?" she asked, quickening her pace a bit so that she was at her brother's side, not wanting to walk behind him since that made her feel more like she was being led along, and Sky didn't like that one bit.
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When she huffed at him, Faolan stood for a moment and looked back at his sister with a rather subtle look. Why on earth did she always have to be such a spoiled brat? One of these days, Faolan would go off on his sister. But, instead he straightened himself out, and gave her a small smug smirk. Oh it'll be. Jus' ya watch, Lee. He would say stopping so she could go in front of her and then he would pause, covering her eyes with his hands, and placing her hand on his shoulder so she'd be able to hang on if she tripped over her own feet.

The sun was just beginning to fall, and he would continue through the brush careful to keep his body closer to his sister for support. Jus' a lil' further sis. He would come towards the lagoon, and as soon as his eyes started adjusting, he began to see the lagoon, glowing. He smiled and would release his hands over Lee's eyes. Lookit that, would ya. Fao pointed with a finger, and then took a seat on a larger rock, assuming his sister might want to sit with him. Hopefully she didn't grow impatient.
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Although her brother often found interesting things, Skylee didn't outwardly show her interested in them -- but this time, this time her reaction was different. This time, her brother had actually found something that she found interesting too, and she decided to put away their sibling bickering -- caused mostly by her -- to enjoy the sight he'd come across. Although first, they had to make it there.

"Faolan, I don't know why ya have ta cover my eyes," she said, gripping his shoulder a bit too hard. If there was one thing she didn't want to do, it was to be led around by her brother, thinking that he'd accidentally send her sprawling over a rock or fallen tree. "You better not lemme trip," she continued, despising the fact that she wasn't the leader of their expedition today. She hated not being in control -- hated it. Loathed it. After a bit of walking, though, she decided to go along with it. Every pawstep was cautious, despite her aid, and she constantly paused, sticking a leg splattered in different hues out in front of her, checking for rocks or tree roots or anything else that had to do with parts of trees. Though, she grew more accustomed to being led forwards and following her brother as their journey into the territory came to an end, tail swishing impatiently.

Once Faolan stopped, Skylee ran into his arm a little bit before abruptly coming to a halt and waiting for her darker pelted brother to remove his hand from her face. When he did, uttering a simple command, she looked forwards at the setting sun and the lagoon sitting in front of them, her jaw dropping slightly. Quickly, Sky snapped her jaws shut and looked over at her brother with bright blue eyes that were wider than usual. "Well, yur not completely useless, Faolan," she told him, meaning it jokingly with a small, sisterly punch to his arm. "It's beautiful," the Foxleigh pup continued. When her brother took a seat on the rock, she followed him, sitting next to the boy with her legs out in front of her and feathery-textured tail splayed out behind her.

"But realleh, Faolan, thank ya for showin' me this," the girl said, bumping his shoulder with her's. "I know I'm not tha' best sister or anythin' but, y'know, thanks," she continued, one of her ears twitching. Immediately, her mood changed into something more playful and she adjusted her position so she wasn't leaning against both of her hands, giving him a tiny shove. "If ya tell anybody I said that I'll have ta trap ya up somewhere so ya don't go blabberin' 'bout anything else!" she claimed, though she would never actually go through with something like that -- she wasn't that mean to her brother.
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When his sister muttered a reply to him, complaining-like usual. Faolan simply grinned and just rolled his eyes. She gripped his shoulder a bit too hard, and when she stopped at some occasions to feel in front of her and warned him not to let her trip, he simply groaned. Gahhh. Sky, I wn't let ya trip, now stop complain' so this trip c'n go faster. He said to his sister finally finding the balls to tell her what to do. When Faolan finally stopped and arrived, and Skylee bumped into his arm, Fao found himself grinning.

He knew she was joking around with him when she said that 'he wasn't completely useless', but either way it kinda stung a little bit. So, he frowned slightly, but as he watched his 'twins' facial expression, he grinned. She had snapped her jaws shut, when she saw the water. So that meant that he did good, right? She said it was beautiful, and he knew then that he had done well, by his sister. He grinned when she sat by him, sitting in the same way he was, legs spread out in front of her and her tail splayed out behind her. She was too much like him, in some ways, and in others she was very different. For instance, they were probably polar opposites, he- shy, cautious, and careful. And she- outgoing, carefree, and not so cautious.

For a few instances though, he couldn't help but feel like his sister was actually enjoying herself with him. Their sibling bickering- mostly started by her- was over with. One could hope so, at least. Yer welcome, sis. He said, bumping his shoulder back to hers when she bumped his as well. Ha! Spitting it out as he laugh, when she said she wasn't the best sister, then turned to her, his eyes softer than normal. Yer not tha best sis, but yer still th only sis I got, fer now, ya know, 'n' I woul'n't change ya out fer nothin'. He grinned at her proudly, before she shoved him. He looked at her kind of surprised, and then he busted out laughing when she said not to tell anyone or she'd trap him up somewhere.

Oh ya, I'mma go tell on ya! He shoved her back, using both hands hoping to shove her off the rock. Haha! Mum's gunna be tha first ta hear 'bout it. He joked, grinning at his dapple ganger twin.
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Skylee was impressed. She had to admit that she was impressed -- she'd already said something along the lines of that, but not completely. The girl looked over just soon enough to see her brother frown and gave him a friendly shove and a grin. "Y'know I was kiddin', Faolan," she said, although he seemed to cheer up soon enough without her help. That was the thing, Faolan sometimes seemed to take her friendly insults a bit too harshly, just like he had then. Pushing the thought away, she returned her attention to the fact that he had happened to stumble across something so beautiful. He must have been looking for it, though, she decided, because it was probably really difficult to find something so pretty on accident.

The comment he made while she was still sitting on the rock was touching, and her grinned changed from something mostly outgoing and impressed and fun to soft, and touched by the comment and something else like that, though switched back when he pushed her off the rock. Skylee stumbled, although luckily the rock didn't seem to be too big and she pushed herself up, brushing off her fur. "Y'know I'm gonna get ya back fer pushin' me off that rock, Faolan!" she said, shaking a brown fist at him for extra effect. "And ya better not tell her or she'll start ooglin' over us or somethin'," Skylee claimed boldly, scrambling back onto the rock and pushing him off -- payback.

"And if ya even think about tellin' her again, I'm gonna shove ya into the water!" Skylee boasted, standing up on the rock which she had just reclaimed, sitting down again and sliding off. "Face-first, then I'll let fish bite yer nose," the wolfdog elaborated, almost viciously, but it was a sibling type of vicious -- she also doubted that there was any fish and knew that she would never, ever do something so mean to her brother like let fish gobble him up. She may not get along with him too well but she wouldn't let him get eaten by anything -- period.
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She'd said she was kidding and he nodded his head. He knew, he just didn't really like it that much. He shrugged his shoulders and stared at the water. How was she doing after everything with their Dad gone? He knew he hadn't been around that much, and already was moving out. Sooo, was she? He would ask her later, whenever they weren't having fun and could sit down and actually talk.

He couldn't help but chuckle when she said she was going to get him back, and then! Bam! She hit him, and he flew off the rock, and she was laughing at him, and grinning down to her brother as he sat on the ground. Ha! He exclaimed brushing himself off and getting off the ground. Oh, alright Skylee. I'm a shakin' in mah coat! He grimaced at her, then grinned roughing her mane upon her head, and soundlessly looking at the water.

Wanna go fer a swim? He questioned his sister, a smile upon his lips. Any time spent with his sister was any time worth waiting for.
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