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Joining, Private for Lillith

It was past dark by the time the pair made it back to Salsola. Severus had packed the mule up as best he could with everything they'd taken from the caravan, along with a cage of chickens tied on top. He stood alongside it, pulling it back and forth when necessary to keep it on the right trail. He was hoping that this would be enough, this and Lillith's presence. He had really feared for her safety earlier, with his little scheme to steal the livestock...he had thought the caravan owners were about to do something horrible to her. But the pair had managed to get away and had made it all the way to Salsola's borders.

He wasn't generally a very talkative fellow, and had remained silent for much of the trip. Lillith certainly was doing a lot for him to help him get his foot in the door at Salsola. It made him admire her, some; yes, he'd given her some items in exchange for her help..but she could have just taken it and never returned or stolen it from him. Instead, she'd chosen to accept the offer and help him. This meant that in his opinion, he still owed her. He would have to figure out some way to repay her for everything if things worked out for the thief in these new lands.

The gray eyed male could smell that they were approaching the borders, and halted the mule so he could look over at Lillith. He wasn't sure if there was a specific way that he ought to go about making his presence known. Their borders would be as secured, he assumed, but should they wait patiently or let somebody know that they were there? She would be allowed in, but he didn't want to assume anything about himself.

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Lillith could not believe it had worked, but it had, and now they were on their way back to Salsola laden with goods and livestock. She would have never even suggested robbing the caravan had she been sober, but now she was secretly thankful for her drunkenness, because it had WORKED!

The tall woman knew she had screwed up in the past, with Ren and his siblings, but this could be her new start. Severus would be attempted to join Salsola without her as a mate, but instead the traditional way of giving gifts. The mule and chickens and wine should be more than enough to impress Salvia… she hoped.

The trek back to Salsola had been mostly spent in silent and gave Lillith the ability to sober up. The more sober she became, the more stoic she became. But she trusted in Severus, hopefully not to her future chagrin.

There was something about him that dark, despite the chipper mask he put on, and this darkness drew Lillith in. He had a secret, that was for sure, but it was a secret that would not hurt Salsola; it seemed like a dark and personal secret tied to his past; perhaps one day she would learn what it was and give her an advantage over him, and the possibility for blackmail.

Soon, much too soon it seemed, Lillith and Severus were at the borders. She caught his eye as he looked at her; he obviously was waiting for a clue one what to do. Lillith supposed he should summon Salvia rather than her; this was his show, she was just an extra, "Go ahead and call, I’ll stay here. Be humble the present the gifts and yourself in the best light." Was all she said.

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