Question About Adopting
I want to adopt a character, but I'm not a member here. How do I adopt one?
Hey there!

The Advertising Agent account is not meant to be used outside of the Advertising forum, but that's all right. In order to adopt an Open Character you will need to contact the player that has the character up for grabs and discuss a few different things with them. Most of the Open Character listings have alternate ways of communicating the player outside of private messages on the forum, such as AIM or even e-mail. If there isn't an alternative way of contacting them in the Open Character ad, check the profile of the character that posted it -- there is usually a listing of ways to communicate them there. If all else fails, you can check the player's respective Wiki page, as there is almost always a listing there as well.

I'd strongly suggest you create a forum ID (with a roleplay name), even a temporary one, if you would like to continue posting in this thread, but I am not sure of the exact rules on that. ^^; I'd be more than happy to answer any other questions for you as well, whether here or through my email address (gmail: deviousgoldfish).
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Lin is right; we would prefer if you made an account using your own email. That will also allow you to PM (private message) other members to discuss adoptions if you cannot find an email for them.

Additionally, you can find Adoptable Characters on the Wiki as well.
We (administrators) can change your forum name after you make an account, so if you end up adopting a character that doesn't already have an account, we can rename yours for you. If the character you end up adopting does have already have an account, you can just move to that one after everything is straightened out with your adopter and save your other account for another character later or abandon it -- it doesn't really matter, but there's definitely no harm in making an account. ^^

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