Post & Graphic Logs

Post and Graphic Logs

Post logs are an easy way of keeping track of the threads you are involved in, and an easy way for other players to look up what threads your characters are involved in. Graphic logs are more for the convenience of the player so they can grab their table codes at any time and easily track who created what.

Both profiles and postlogs have been integrated with the forum and we prefer if you keep your information there, but you may still post it here.Both post logs and profiles are optional, but it may help your fellow roleplayers if you keep them. Remember, if you prefer to keep your information here rather than forum profile, leave a link to your topic here in your profile, updated from your control panel.

  1. Remember to mark your profile in accordance with the game rules if it contains mature material! If you keep a log of threads in this forum, it is imperative that you mark the threads individually in your thread archive with a (M).
  2. You may have multiple threads for your characters within reason -- separating by character or by type of thread (e.g., one thread for all characters' post logs, one for archives) is okay, but excessive threads may be merged.
  3. Post to the Maintenance Thread if you need your thread pruned, archived, or revived.
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