Studios and Shops

Only current members (i.e. have at least one currently active character at 'Souls) may advertise commissions in the Talents forum.

For Requesters...

  1. DO make sure a studio is open prior to requesting.
  2. DO make relevant requests. If you're seeking art and the studio provides signatures, find a different shop.
  3. DO remember your thank yous and offer credit!
  4. DO be courteous. Shopkeepers fulfill by request -- DON'T make extremely complicated requests or complain about free gifts.

For Shopkeepers...

  1. DO complete your requests. No one expects you to plan for crisis, but if you're vacationing for a month, wait until you return to open a studio.
  2. DO update your shop -- closings, openings, completed requests, etc.
  3. DO provide clear shop rules. Shop rules are at your discretion and enforcement. Remember: be polite!
  4. DO NOT bump your shop thread more than once per 48 hours of no response.

Thread Tags

  1. OPEN: Accepting requests
  2. CLOSED: Not accepting requests
  3. FREE: Free
  4. PAID: Commissioned
  5. SIG: Signatures
  6. AVA: Avatars
  7. PIX: Pixels and icons
  8. ART: Art

Studio Maintenance

  1. Note your CLOSED/OPEN status in the topic title or subtitle. Use the tags (Free, Ava, Art, etc.) above to help keep the forum organized, if you'd like!
  2. Studios are closed after thirty days of inactivity. For reopening or other studio maintenance, post in the the Maintenance Thread.
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