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Got a Question? First:

  • Check the FAQ! Chances are, your question is addressed somewhere in that FAQ.
  • Check the Tumblr -- we've answered over 1,000 questions there already; chances are, yours is addressed somewhere!
  • Try searching within this forum.


  • You can use this forum for discussions, too, not just questions! o:
  • Anyone is welcome to respond to and contribute to discussion here! Feel free to respond to player questions if you have something to add to the subject.
  • Check the Highlights -- in-depth discussions, questions, and other sorts of really interesting topics can be found within.

Not Here!

  • If your question has to do with a specific pack, you're better off directing it towards the leader(s) of that pack via PM!
  • Coding questions, graphics based questions, etc. go in the Talents forum. Graphics discussions can still occur here.
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