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Forum rules


  1. Please use the Request Forms where possible. Thanks!
  2. Please read the Procedures topic for more information regardine most types of requests.
  3. Confused? Read the Requests document.
  4. REMEMBER, you do NOT need to request secondaries, as per our Auxiliary Procedures! You only need to request for your tertiary, quaternary, and so forth.

What Goes Here...

  1. Auxiliary character requests, puppy requests, and other character permission requests.
  2. Rule exemptions, changes, or proposals.
  3. Suggestions (e.g., forum features, game features, etc).
  4. Remember, you can always PM an individual 'SA member or the 'SA account if you do not wish to request in public.

What Doesn't Go Here...

  1. Roleplay discussions -- e.g., the viability of a particular dog breed in Nova Scotia, discussions about roleplay improvement, etc. Direct these to Help and Questions.
  2. General game questions -- e.g., if you need help understanding a particular subject or facet of the game. Direct these to Help and Questions.
  3. Pack questions -- e.g., if you need help understanding pack procedure. Direct these to your pack leader.
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