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Soleil breathed quickly and deeply as she crawled through the undergrowth in her Lupus form. The unfamiliar tug of branches snagging on her golden coat made her more nervous than she normally would be, but she did not want to admit such a thing to herself. Weakness was not an option and to turn around because of some twigs scratching her -- she faced worst, she thought, and this wouldn't stop her.

Halifax was close behind her still. She could always turn around if things got too hairy.

The woods set her on edge more than a quiet and suspicious alleyway did. At least the latter was familiar and more difficult to hide enemies if one was observant enough. The forest could not be memorized like a city street, however. Nothing was ever the sameā€”the sights, the smells. It was about as dangerous as jumping in the ocean, she thought. You never knew if you were going to come out alive.

But Soleil knew she could not count on her finicky luck and somehow find another carcass in the city. As the days grew colder and shorter, predators cared more about their leftovers and began to chase her off. A whole colony of cats even attacked her over a decaying raccoon. The girl licked her lips over the thought of food and it pushed her forward despite her uneasiness.

She kept close to the ground and the shadows, her eyes searching for anything to help satisfy her hunger.

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There's a place I know if you're looking for a show

Settling in was done and over with, now all that was left to do was getting used to her new life. There was no reason for her to constantly be on the move anymore. She and her brother had made the choice to finally settle down in one place. Mayne seemed to be adjusting just as well as she was. She hadn't met too many others in the court, but there would be plenty of time for her to do that. For now she found there was more time for her to give care to her work. Tailoring was not often appreciated by others in the caravan, as they didn't have much of a use for flavorful designs like the things Diane wore. Maybe that would change now that she was here with others. Maybe not the same style as her, but certainly her wares. That would be sure to give her some attention.

One problem was she was running out of some of her materials. Sure she had brought some with her, but the one good thing about having traders around was being able to strike up some deals with them, or even working with them to get cloth and gems for her wares. The other good thing was she could turn her works into items to be traded. Now that she was in a new place and didn't know who she could go to for such things, it would be up to her to find her own items.

She didn't know much about the area, but recalled something nearby when the caravan had made their way past a place called Halifax. Perhaps that would be a great place to start. Diane mounted on Javier's back, heading for this place. Green gaze moved about the area as she entered the place, moving along the rotting buildings. She hoped there was something here or this trip was going to be for nothing. That would be the real kicker to bring down her day.

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