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[Test Drive - Damian Immortales #2][J!]

POSTED: Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:17 am

Note: Another test-drive for Damian because Pi needs help.

    The cobble stoned streets were strewn with snow, the hazy moonlight transforming the dilapidated town into an iridescent world of fairy-tale. Settled in lazy clusters were small groups of canines, joyously revelling in detailed retelling of stories both old and new. For many a soul drawn to the limelight, the student of Master Immortales had found himself lingering like a moth to a flame. It wasn’t difficult for many who were fortunate enough to hear him to become so enamoured by his presence – and so should they. He was not some mere peasant, lowly and uneducated and sullying his mind with a pitiful excuse of dreams and hopes. No, he could more – so much more.

    “And even if those stars faded from sight, perhaps then we might see the true lights of the world,” he was continuing with his meandering anecdote, a convoluted concoction of truth and his own self-importance. It was so delightfully pleasing to play with these simple-minded folk, so caught up in their own wild imaginings to believe that anyone could possibly be lying to them. It was a pure truth: that certain canines were so weak that their only purpose was to be subjugated under a higher authority. And certainly, Damian Immortales would very much oblige. “Did you perhaps once wish to be beholden as such a beauty as the night sky?” he crooned gently to a pretty female whose green eyes shone with deluded naivety.

    All she could offer was a drunken giggle and the man from beyond the seas felt a slight twinge of disappointment. There hardly seemed to be anyone truly worth talking to in this new land, most souls he had encountered being overtly gullible to his lies, or lacking any intelligence to put together a simple string of words to begin with. Perhaps the stories he’d heard in Europe were true: that here in the New World, the canines hadn’t quite reached a great level of astuteness to warrant much consideration as a threat. Part of him was charmed at their malleability, certainly it would play well into his ego – which was well earned. But another part of him was frustrated. He pitied them and how they could so easily succumb to the deplorable nature of one’s such as himself. But then, perhaps it was all in good fun.

      Word Count: 388
      Form: Optime
      OOC: Sorry J, this is literally the worst starter ever. x.x also, as I still have literally no idea where Damian's personality is going, it might get a bit muddled.
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