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Winds spread their chill fingers across Drifter Bay, their tips laced by sleet that promised further cold to come. Winter held domain over their lives for now, and the two travellers were quickly learning she was cruel mistress. The handiwork of her temper was clear for all to see; the skeletons of branches laid upon the ground, and the roar of a recently fattened river could be heard amongst the pattering of rain. The perfume of damp earth and fresh water clung heavily to the nose, but another scent drew the loners to this particular stretch of the river. Olivia was eager to take the lead and moved briskly, her head twitching this way and that as she went. Everett was content to let her guide him, but his movements betrayed the apprehension they both felt.

The gentleman adjusted the thick cloak about his shoulders and dipped hands into their depths in the vain hopes of keeping them warm. He sighed as dampness was beginning to settle into the material of the garment, and lamented the poor trade he had been offered. He would daresay his attire would be sullied now, and the point of acquiring the cloak had been fruitless. Features darkened as he strode onward, little caring for the noise he made - his thoughts were turned to the future acquisition of suitable raiments.

Everett halted as a growl rumbled from the collie woman's throat. Twin amethysts narrowed as she hissed, "What are you doing?" The gentleman placed a hand on his hip as he gestured at himself. "I was simply venting my frustrations at -" Olivia's hand rose and silenced the silver and snow pelted male. "Nevermind." She grunted as she turned away from him, leaving Everett to follow. He fell into a careful gait, as his senses were suddenly awash with the aroma of death as they neared their intended quarry. The sounds of wind and water took on a haunting quality as the man's hair rose in response.

Olivia slowed to keep pace with him, as they carefully cleared the thicket and brush that barred their progress. They paused when they cleared the thicket, and scanned the surrounding river with thick forest on either side. Orbs fell upon the carcass of what smelt to be a moose, laid nearby the bank. From what he could discern it was an old kill, but the circumstances of the creature's were as yet, a mystery. Everett frowned as his eyes searched around the area with suspicion. "Wait," he urged as he half-crouched, "We do not know what happened here. I would wait and see before making a move."
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Coaxoch was a patient being, for his father had taught him to be as such, even though Till himself was not like this. Coax was taught how to wait and watch, and that's what he did, a lot more than most of his "friends". The masked beast had long left his pack on this day, having slipped away in the wee hours of the morning, for he had not wanted to get questioned by his father or mother. These two creatures were as curious as felines that they kept as companions, and while it had been in good reason for them to be so, he still felt as if they were too protective of him. It probably had to do with the death of his brother and their son. He thought that they needed to get over it. He and Ixion had been tracking these moose for days, for the winter was rough and it's pelt was something that Coax wanted for himself. He could use it to line the inside of his current head-wear, for he felt that the deer pelt had been too light for him, and the moose had a stronger scent in his opinion. He also didn't mind the taste of their meat and he planned on using everything he could from it. His bright eyes peered through the thick mask, his large ears pinned back and scent covered by flower and deer pelt.

A master at his craft, he was able to dart the moose after tracking it for as long as he did - his chase being only so that he may find where the beast finally made it's final resting place.


He had given the ability to test out poisons that were also edible for his breed, and with a poison dart he had injected a moose with enough poison a day prior, it needed to sit for a few days for the poison to become a mild hallucinogen, which made the meat edible. He had taken to a cave nearby, having wanting to be away from his parents and their insufferable fighting for a few days and a way to keep his mind busy. In this way he had become much like the Shadow Stalker that he knew watched his father. Coax had long graduated from his godfather's 'classes' and had been on his own for awhile now, not having to deal with the beast watching through the eyes of his loyal birds.

He had been lazing about in the sun, having shifted down to sleep within his cave without being able to be seen easily. The afternoon drained away, and as he counted down the hours of the third day, he finally shifted back up to his optime form, grabbed his mask and donned this upon his head. The mask and it's cape was impressive, and used to not only disguise him from afar, but also to frighten superstitious wolves that could believe that he was a wendigo. He accepted this title proudly.

When his eyes came upon a pair that neared the prey, he suddenly ran to the brush of the forests that surrounded them, peeking out only to see what exactly they were doing. It seemed they were hungry, like most loners were, but Coax had to take an extra minute to discern if he should stop them before the ate the tainted meat. His only sound that he made was a low growl to himself, as bright eyes analyzed the pair of dogs. The Wendigo knew not of their smell, nor a pack they might occupy, and as such, their warning decreased in chances of happening.

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