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Haven's First Shift

POSTED: Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:16 pm

A small, sleek ferret perched patiently atop a sturdy branch, which had found its way in through a small crack in one of the many glass windows in their treetop home. A pair of excited, blue-green eyes staring back at her as she continued waiting. The figure in front of the small bodied ferret was much larger then she but much younger too. They had both decided that, despite being ready for this hours ago, they would wait for the cover of night for this new experience. Neither of them had ever seen this before due mainly to their own unique circumstances but they both subconsciously knew, somehow, that a change in the younger was upon them that day. The larger figure had known deep down that this was to happen all along, though she could not explain how or why she knew.
Suddenly the change began. It was subtle at first, the tufts of fur along her neck began to grow out as a few strands here and there began to dye a reddish-brown. Her small paws began to grow larger and larger as she flexed them slightly to ease the slight discomfort the growing brought. Soon the changing of her body began to hasten. The now completely reddish-brown fur on her neck grew out long and thick, landing slightly below her waist, her back arching abnormally as her font paws lifted of the ground, slowly giving way to her new standing position. Her paws grew out longer at the ends and the joints shifted and changed ever so slightly. As the changing slowed to a halt the ferret looked upon the young one carefully a glimmer of awe in her eyes.
The newly changed figure looks down at all her new features curiously, lifting her new front 'paws' to see how they to had been reborn as something new and different. The pup smiled happily at the ferret letting out a series of excited yips and barks. It was short lived, however, as she stumbled forward slightly, struggling to maintain balance in her new form as she stood on only her two hind legs for the very first time. As she regained her grip her feet had at the floor below she grinned and began to bob her head up and down followed by a slight wag of her tail. The gestures would mean nothing to any on lookers but to the two it was their own language. The pup had let the ferret know "I'm okay," and with a single high pitched bark the ferret knew that the puppy was happy and assumed it was due to her excitement for this new development in their lives.

OOC Note: Not looking to continue this with more RP just wanted test out writing content using Haven. Feedback is welcome though.

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