The Dangers of Youth

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Can you tell me again

His eyes had started to change color to shades that did not match, so his brother had told him, while he too noticed that his brother's eyes shared a duality that they could not comprehend. Vegard did not try to understand, but he was jealous of the bright pinks and purples that his brother's eyes turned to while he had been told that his own had turned to golden and silver. Vegard still loved his brother though, more than most anything else that he could think of, and the young pup always smiled at the boy, even after telling him how jealous he was for his pretty coat and his pretty eyes. Vegard was sure that when they grew older that Kitsch would be the pretty boy of the two, and that the ladies would be all over him. Ve never regarded himself to be a looker. No, he played in the mud too much for all of that. Plus...Girls were still icky.

"We should venture into the woods this time, Kit. I think we are old enough to venture by ourselves, dontcha think?" the boy asked the other, turning his head towards his younger brother and smiling brightly. The boy didn't have to agree or disagree with Vegard, for he knew what he wanted to do, and the only thing Kit could do to stop him was to tell on him to their mother. The siren's eyes weren't always on them, thankfully, but she did check on them often enough to where they would have to make a quick escape if they were to get away this time. "If you aren't coming with me, then you better not tell momma where I was goin'." he told his brother, his stern eyes looking down at the smaller child, as he pawed at his brother's pale cheek. "Ya' know I'll protect ya' from the bad guys in the forest, right Kit? Ya' can trust me!" he told his brother and pushed at the boy's soft pale cheeks even more. He nipped at his brother's spotted ears and then turned to let his pale eyes rest on their mother's resting form off in a distance.

He waited for her to look away, if only for an instant, for that was all that they needed to disappear into the brush of the thick forest. He only watched her for a moment though, for he did not want to tip her off of his plans. He went back to chewing on his littermate, trusting that soon their time to break would come, and that he would feel it in his bones.

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