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A small rp for test run

POSTED: Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:21 pm

Walking along the misty hills of upturned tree roots and dead grass Marama, the Ortus Luperci, glanced around her surroundings in her Lupus form. She wasn't supposed to be up this early. It was so early that the sun itself was having trouble waking. She wanting a cool head before journeying once more with her small family across bumpy lands. They've been walking from one place to the next and by now she was getting sick of the color green. Being so early in the morning her coat blended well with the early dawn shadows, that's what she liked about the early morning, being able to be apart of the world in one whole piece. She had to move swiftly and lightly, it was hard enough to not wake her mother or Rai, her brother, from sleep but being unheard in the silence of the mist was even harder. Her eyes lay almost shut and her body gently brushed the ground underneath. A shadow, moving from it's chained point to a free-roaming world.

Time was chasing her as she hurried through the trees and along the small pools of water in cupped leaves that form from morning dew. She stopped to take a drink from a small stream that ran long and steady along the small hills. The silence was calm and left a small hum in Marama's ears. Soft scuffling made her left ear twitch and she looked up to her left along a narrow tree. Small dark eyes shone back at her since it was so dark those eyes were nearly invisable. The eyes were attached to a small shadow that glided through the air almost silent and landed on Marama's back. She smiled at the small shadow, being familiar with it the shadow outlined her companion Cotton, the pitch-black raven. She didn't speak as she nuzzled the bird's chest feathers in greeting and carried onward over the stream. She was glad Cotton had found her, some company was good at times like these.

She was getting older and that means she would have to choose a pack just like her brother. She didn't want to leave mother all along out alone and she even got into many arguments with her about it. There were packs she was going to see, on her mother's word, but that would take awhile to get too. She soon found a spot along a cliff to sit and watch the sun as it yawned and rose slowly. She had to think hard about this decision and that was just hard for her to do.

OOC: This is just a little rp anyone can join into. I can allow 1 to 4 players on here since this will only be a short rp. Anyone is welcome to jump in and befriend or find Marama! NOTE that once our characters part ways this rp will be finished! I hope you'll have fun!

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