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Sorry for the word vomit ^-^. You can skip down to the "Ouch!" part which is when she actually enters the bar. (616)
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NPCs: Paco and Emesta
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The streets were quiet except for the sounds of hooves on the concrete and nails clicking on the stone along with heavy footsteps. The sun was starting to set, the golden face disappearing behind the buildings. A tall figure wandered through the streets, a donkey on a lead behind her. The girl was tall, very tall, even taller than most Luperci. Long legs carried a feminine body with muscle and strength. She was short-furred and hugged her body to keep herself warm. She wore a pretty dress with butterflies and wore multiple bracelets and necklaces on her person. She had long hair, some of the tresses brushed against the start of her tail and her left bangs covered the left side of her face. She had a knapsack on her back and the saddlebags of her jenny was packed to bursting. A dark-colored weasel-looking rodent was curled across her shoulders and the girl seemed to be searching with her pink gaze.

Coleta was excited to be here in this place called Nova Scotia. She had heard about another man from El Maceon coming here. It seemed like a good idea and the journey up here had been fun. She found a lot of cool things and learned some of the common tongue. She also found some butterflies which was the best part. But now they were here in this place; Paco, Emesta, and she had made it. The girl hurried, looking for the man that she wanted to see before she set out to explore the land. She looked around, taking in the architecture of the city. The dog hybrid looked around, trying to find the familiar scarred shape.

The tri-colored girl could hear people talking in the common tongue, but what drew her towards this building was the smell of alcohol. She knew from home that men could often be found at the bar. She looked around, scared for a second of meeting a coyote. She was terrified of meeting a coyote and had been lucky to not meet very many on her travels. Many of the few she encountered were hybrids, but she was still wary. Thankfully, a nice dog hybrid helped her and kept her safe from the coyotes. The girl left her donkey tied near the entrance, trusting the ill-tempered jenny to protect herself. The pink-eyed Amazon began walking towards the bar and was about to enter.

And then the towering lass forgot about her height and to duck. She smacked her head against the top of the doorframe. A muted Ouch! came from the girl as she rubbed her head with her palm. She realized that now eyes were probably on her. Had she not been covered with fur, she would have been blushing. She looked around shyly and said, < Lo siento, > and then she realized she spoke in Spanish and corrected herself with heavily-accented common tongue, S-Sorry. Then, the girl ducked to enter the bar. And then the massive mongrel began to scan the crowd for the man she was looking for.

The brindled maiden looked around and didn’t see the dog she was searching for. Paco spotted him first and the Greater Grison spoke, "Rocky!". The girl turned to see the man at the bar. A smile broke across her face as she strided over towards the male. She missed home and wanted to see someone who came from the same place she came from. <Rocky! I found you! How is it here? Are there coyotes? Are there butterflies? What is this place? Do you work here? Where is your jaguar? Is it always this cold at night? Can-> The harlequin woman stopped to catch her breath from her rain of questions in rapid-fire Spanish.


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Once more the Mexican brute could be found drinking the evening away at the bar. Ever since he had come across the place his process of adapting to a foreign land had become much easier, partly because he had stopped lacking the most vital substance in his life, booze. Cool pals helped too but without his alcohol Rocky would be much grumpier and harder to approach.

Despite already having a good number of acquaintances between the regular patrons that night he chose to drink alone, standing in a gloomy corner as he absently sipped his moonshine. No one bothered him as the regulars had learned he shouldn’t be bothered when he appeared pensive. He disliked to be interrupted while talking or thinking, doing so was an effective way to get a black-eye for free. Many drunken bastards had learned this the hard way.

Like that he remained for several minutes, drinking and staring into nothingness until a commotion at the door snapped him out of his daydreaming. He grumbled to himself as his eyes searched for the one responsible for the disturbance, perhaps to growl at them or express his annoyance in some other way, however when his gaze met the familiar mismatched hue of the pretty Latoya girl his expression transformed into one of pure joy.

He set his drink aside and hurried to embrace her in a strong hug that may have knocked the air out of someone smaller than her. When he let her go a torrent of questions spilled from her mouth leaving no time for him to answer them all. He chuckled at her excitement and patted her in the shoulder (because her head was too tall a place for the gesture not to look ridiculous). ”Easy there, come sit with me, I’ll tell you all about it.” He looked around and spotted a pair of empty chairs for them to sit. Those who had been looking at them strangely immediately averted their eyes fearing Rocky wouldn’t react kindly to their prying, an intelligent move.

”Well girl, yes I work here and my place is nearby and always open for you.” He said after settling down, his tail going crazy behind him. ”It is alright, prey is abundant and so are the locals. The place is full of the weirdest packs I tell ya, there are all sorts of people running around.” He stopped to think for a second, choosing to ignore the question about coyotes for the moment. He didn’t want to ruin the mood by speaking of Inferni and the few unsavory encounters he had in the past. ”Tezca is fine, he had a hard time adapting all the luperci running around but he manages. And yeah darling, it is always too goddamn cold over here, lucky you didn’t come during winter…” Just to think about it made him shiver, the nights spent by the fire and under a mountain of furs just to keep his tail from freezing solid. Awful.

”Now tell me, how are ya? What brings you here to the wild North??” He suddenly looked around suspiciously and added leaning closer to her ”Did you run away with a boyfriend?” He winked and burst into laughter, knowing the question would make her uncomfortable. He was so happy to see someone from home.