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Dew sparkling the grass tickled the soles of Cicely's feet as she ran ahead, carefree. It was still early morning, and the last of the moisture in the ground was wicking away in the form of a fine, low hanging mist. Her mother had risen well before her brother and father, slipping out of the Chien Hotel with little notice. Perhaps Abigail had kept quiet as to not disturb her children’s sleep, but Cicely had always been a light sleeper.

The Princesse found Abigail where she almost always was - the Niobara Stables. The Archiduchessa was in her element when working with the majestic beasts - it was where the best of her talent shone. It was when Abigail was surrounded by horses did Cicely note that the majority of her worry lines faded away.

”Mama!” Cicely repeated as she darted inside the stables. The smell of horses and hay enveloped her, as well as a less than pleasing odor of manure that made the Princesse wrinkle her nose. The girl walked much more carefully than she did outside, lest she tread in a pile of horse scat.

Her mother’s back was to her as Cicely paused, tugging on her arm to catch her attention. Mama,” Cicely spoke plaintively with a huff ”You promised to teach me how to ride.” The girl stood expectantly with her chin lifted, a hand poised on her hip. Cicely had not come unprepared, for this morning she selected a pair of pants and a snug fitting sleeved shirt in favor of the fancier garments that her mother hoarded in her collection.

And the Princesse was more than prepared to pester Abigail until she got her way.

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Abigail no longer expected to leave the family’s quarters in the Hotel without Cicely waking. Of course, that didn’t mean she didn’t try – in her opinion growing children needed their sleep – but whenever she found the Princesse following her in the grey light of dawn she wondered if nightmares had stirred her into waking. It was not something Abigail wanted to wonder – she wanted her children to not have experienced the horrors of the rebellion at all.

The stables had always been a warm and comforting place for Abi. Even in the wake of Silvano’s death she found that the sounds of blunt teeth munching hay and the sighs which puffed from large nostrils soothed her soul. Abigail was at peace here; she knew exactly what the horses expected of her and she felt confident in her ability to deliver them what they needed.

The Archiduchessa scented her capricious daughter before she felt a small hand tugging at her arm.

“Cicely,” the woman sighed, keeping her back turned to hide her smile. She was glad the young Princesse wanted things from life. “I could’ve been holding a hoof pick for all you knew – ask Skoll how it is to have one eye.” She paused. “Actually, don’t – don’t do that.”

Abigail turned, brows lifting as she took in her daughter’s stance. There was a demand in the bend of Cicely’s elbow and the jut of her hip; Abigail didn’t think she’d get away with putting off this lesson any longer.

“All right, maybe today is the day,” she yielded. Her sea green eyes swept along the stalls inhabited by long noses and silken manes. “I suppose you already know who you want to learn on?” In Abi's view there were only two viable candidates: Jolie the gentle Palomino or big, rambunctious Heritage but she suspected it would save her an argument if she allowed Cicely to offer her preference.


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