All things good..

...have to end someday.

POSTED: Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:49 pm

Through the days and nights, light waning into a scratch in the sky, a lady and her pup walked through the darkness that loomed around them like death itself waiting to harvest. Dark orbs nervously darted behind and ahead, liver nose twitching, ears turned back. In her arms, a small pup lay curled against her bosom. Its dark fur clumped into small spikes of pale gold, brown, and black--only visible with fleating dashes of starlight as the young one's mother stroad ahead in great leaps. Bandages of linin and leather were wrapped in seamingly random areas of the sickly woman's body, covering cancerous tumors that grew from her pelt. Tight against her plump little body, the wolf-dog's movements were restricted, but if did not hinder her stride.

Panting, she had arrived. A small hollow in the earth benieth the knotting roots of a great oak. Setting her precious child down on the cold green grass, it whimpered softly. Petting its head with shakey hands, she cooed softly to it. "It's alright my son, we can rest soon,"

He shivered and opened his browning-blue eyes up at his worried mother. "Ama... i'm cold..." he crawled towards her with his large clumsy paws. "Stay, Amias, In a minute we will be cozy and warm. I promise," Amias cocked his head to oneside curiously, his floppy ears waved with the movement. "Pro-meez?" He questioned softly. The woman started digging in the soft soil in the crook of the roots, clawing away smaller ones as she worked. "A promise; something 'Ama' says that will happen no matter what. It cannot be broken." Her bandaged arms became clogged with dirt and scraps of root. Digging frantically, her palm got cut on a root, she bit her lip and pressed onward. "I like pr-pro-promezez then..." Amias's little tail tucked between his legs as he curled up in the spot his mother, Carol, had told him to stay. Shivering, he watched her dig with wide eyes.

"There..." She huffed a few minutes later. Taking in a well needed breath, Amias stumbled forward weakly, landing with his nose in some dug up dirt. He sneezed and wiggled backward, shaking his wide muzzle. "Is it promeez time?" He straightened up with a smile, but his eyes looked droopy and tired. They matched his mothers own eyes. Carol chuckled slightly. "Yes, it's promise time. Time to go to bed little one," Before picking up her pup in her muzzle, she brushed some of the dirt that clung to her pelt off and shifted down into a more comfortable feral form. Eyes tight and jaw taught, she fought through the pain after shifting. The doggish lady did not shift often because of this pain that came along with it.

Crawling into the make-shift den with Amias hanging by his scruff, she curled up at the furthest end. "Ama is dirty," Amias stated with a small yawn. Carol tucked him into her belly fur, tail over the top of his small body to conserve heat. He was ice cold, and shivering against her warm pelt. "Warm up my love..." She whispered softly as he started nursing and his shivers began to fade.

Amias was her life. With not much time left, she assumed, the female spent her days caring for the light of her life and searching for someone, anyone, willing to take him in. If she left the world with him all alone, she would be rolling in her grave with guilt. She had to find him a family soon, someone who would love him as if he was their son. It was only a matter of time before she became to weak to hunt for herself.

Her bundle of joy was nearing 4 months old now, talking, playing, learning. He was always questioning things now. "What is this?" "Why is that?" "What does it mean?" He would be a bright little thing someday. She would teach him all she knew for the time she was in this world. He would be kind, polite, smart, and a brave little hunter someday. Carol just wished she would be there to see it.

I will find a place for us, for you, my son. I will find someone to look after you when I am gone...

I promise.