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Horse writing lol

POSTED: Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:50 am

The new grass was growing, fresh and green on the ground. It was the best after the long time of snow, where he had to move the substance to gain even the meager amount of food that might be there. If desperate enough, bark might have even been gnawed on by his hardy teeth, but it had not been quite that bad. Ears moved as he did, ever-increasing forward in motion as he grazed. Four hooves sturdy on the ground and his tail swishing gently behind. A sound had his head lifting and looking for any danger. This area was full of the strange two legs, and he knew he could become their meal if they so wished.

Intaking air he smelled nothing but the fresh green of spring, and some water not too far away. No scent of the strange two legs. Shaking his head, he felt his mane lightly hit his flesh and gave a snort of air. Thirst had him seeking out the water and so he moved that way on his four legs, perhaps a strange sight to any who might see him. A lone horse must be unusual and look like easy prey, but he could defend himself if he got the chance. Though he was not considered old, he knew that the two legs had weapons they could use from far away, they hurt and had the potential to kill. So he was cautious, or as cautious as one of his kind could be.

Letting out a soft nicker he lowered his head and drank the cool water, quenching his thirst. After gaining his fill he lifted his head and let out what could be considered a sigh. He was not a lone horse by choice, any herd he had met had chased him off, the lead stallions perhaps thinking he just wanted the mares. Though that was indeed part of his nature and a reason he may seek out others of his kind, he also wanted more of his kind around him. It was strange to be alone, and he did not feel safe...especially from the two legs. They could talk, and he understood them on some level, but he could not really speak back.

Well, unless they happened to understand the low speech he could use. Some could right? The young stallion could have sworn he saw some of his kind living with the strange two legs. Why would two legs keep his kind, unless to be friends with them in some way? Moving his ears he was not sure, and nor did he really want to get close enough to find out. As long as he did not become a meal, he supposed he was fine for now, and perhaps eventually he would find a herd that would not chase him off. Even if he was just barely tolerated, it would be better than being some sort of an enigma.

Moving again, some rays of sunlight caught his coat, making it gleam orange, almost like the strange burning light that the two legs used. That he had gotten too close to before out of curiosity, and had not tried again when it had only offered pain. Of course, that had been when he was but a colt, and near his mother more often than not. Had they been with two legs then? They must have for such an image to stay with him, plus what two legs would have passed up trying to kill the curious colt? Huffing out a great burst of air he decided to go back to grazing. The action took up a great amount of his time, but it was necessary. Without it he could die, and would not grow properly...his mother had at least taught him that much.

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