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Doggy pics

POSTED: Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:08 pm

This is my dog Juno! She is a pure bred border collie, and she is my best friend!! She is named after the Roman goddess. I wanted to show her off, because I can. Some of the typical things we do together include: swimming, playing tag and playing hockey. We also play a weird version of fetch where she ducks low to the ground and "herds" the ball. She doesn't actually fetch the ball, she just makes sure it doesn't leave her sight.

She is capable of long periods of focus and concentration. Spending hours with her eyes trained on my hockey ball when I play on the street. Ironically enough, she's an extremely messy eater. Go figure.

Another thing (the last thing I swear) is that she goes to a high up place and looks over everything. She does this in my backyard, on the top deck. (Last picture)

Anyone else is welcome to share their doggy/pet pics! Does anyone do things with their pets? And does anyone else have a border collie? Do they do stuff similar to this??

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POSTED: Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:12 pm

What a beautiful girly! I love mythical names - my German Shepherd cross is named Freya haha. I would post pics and babble more about her but I don't know how to re-size the images :o. I love collies :3

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