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POSTED: Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:23 am

Eeee! Thank you, Song! <333

As much as I freaking love this hobby it's about as bad as getting a tattoo in that I only want more. xD Every time I go into the the pet store (which, I'll admit, it's often just because) I spend a ridiculous amounts of time looking at gigantic tanks and wishing I was financially stable enough to maintain one.

But I'm happy with my iddle 10g aquarium. The tetras and all three shrimp are still alive and seem to be thriving. They're so fun to watch whenever I feed them that I have to remind myself not to feed them too much. xD But that's about the only time I see the shrimp (although I've finally found where at least two of the three shrimps' hiding spots are). The little bastards scurry to the surface and steal food from the tetras (you assholes are supposed to be the cleanup crew GDI), but the fish appear to be catching on because they've been snatching pieces from the surface as well (where they used to just wait until it drifted to the middle of the tank).

Ah well. I anticipate I'll be getting my betta next Thursday, so I'll be sure to update everyone once he's out of quarantine. Anyone else with so much as a goldfish please butt in! I'd love to hear about your experiences. :D

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POSTED: Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:07 pm

There used to be a huge tank in my house when I was lil. I don't know how many gallons but it was short yet long. The length took up nearly the entire wall it rested against. We mostly had goldfish, the big fat ones.We had some bettas at one point too (but they kept eating each other). I think we had some of the tetras before too cause I remember rainbow colors. Or maybe they were the glass fish (don't know if that is their name but they looked kinda see through). I don't have any pictures of the tank sadly. Though I used to get in trouble for fishing in the tank. There was a really big goldfish that I liked to try and take out on walks and got trouble for taking him out of the water (I didn't get fish couldn't go on walks like the dogs and cats could, or roll around in a ball like the hamsters). Yes, I had lots of animals growing up.

POSTED: Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:09 am

Eeee high five on the 10g tank! I have one set up too. I actually put substrate down for a planted tank, and then went ahead with a gravel top layer (but it seemed to be unnecessary in hindsight). That cycled for 2 weeks, and then sat totally neglected for another 3 while the water evaporated >.>
Finally, I decided to stop being a piece of trash. I have a swaggy piece of driftwood almost in the exact same place as yours, and just recently planted the tank with a few different plants. That'll be on a 2 week cycle, but I want a moderate-heavy planted tank :/ so hopefully adding more later wont hurt it. Really hoping for some more carpeting plants, and maybe some mid height slow growers. I know nothing about growing plants though >.> I'm going for a low tech set up, so I don't have any plants to add c02.

Haven't decided what I want to stock the tank with. Right now, a snail (presumably from a plant) is living in there. I'm considering a dwarf gourami variant and some tetras... But we shall see.

I do have a veeeery smol 3g tank for a betta... but I've been having some SERIOUS problems with it :/ Eggslut Benedict, my current betta, got sick just a few weeks after I got him. Admittedly, I went through a couple weeks of neglect, but it shouldn't have been enough to make him so sick :/

I had another betta in that tank that got really ill because of a dead plant in there x.x Didn't know it has died. Anyhow, I tried to clean it thoroughly, but I think it might not have been enough. I'm pretty upset, but hopefully it's salvageable.

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POSTED: Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:35 am

I can't offer much in experience. But apparently, female bettas do fight, sometimes. I had two females once and the red one was bitten to death by the blue one. I also tried to get another fish to live in the tank with my little boy betta but the guy at Petco said that bettas don't do well with other fish. But they told me I could have two females in a tank but look what happened.

Also, be careful if you have cats. I had one of those small tanks with an open hatch and when I kept the tank for decor (no fish) the cat opened the hatch and kept poking the water. But your tank is probably better than mine.

I had like six fish? Nyra, Coryn, Nyroc, Harry, Russetta, and Auzela. Nyra aparently had a tail defect (her tail was like a whale's", Nyroc died of unknown causes (possible old age), Coryn died of unkown causes (I may have forgotten to clean the tank once), Harry was probably eaten by my cat (he was a tiny baby and he was in a little teeny fish tank and the cat got to him), Rusetta was killed by Auzela, and Auzela died of old age (I think).

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POSTED: Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:45 am

About female bettas. They can be kept in a sorority of 5 or more in 10 gallons or more. They need to be in large groups to establish a pecking order.

Mandi! your tank is gorgeous! I love natural looking tanks. Those neon tetras are hard to keep alive. Your tank must be really healthy. :D You should definitely get a betta. Friendly advise, they do best in at least 2.5 gallons with a heater and a filter. Because of their fins they need a mellow current. Most filters can be baffled to reduce the flow though. You probably know all that anyways. XD I just love to share my knowledge of these guys!

I keep male bettas. I have two in a 5 gallon, divided of course, and I absolutely love them. Aithusa lives on the left side and Zeref lives on the right side. I just redid their tank yesterday and I'm in love the with outcome. I like silk plants mostly, but I have some moss balls and an Anubias in their with them now. I'm still working on establishing their cycle. I'm super close. Yesterday I have no ammonia and some Nitrites which is great, but today I had some ammonia as well. I'm going to let it sit and test it again tomorrow after work. Wish me luck.

Here's their tank. Aithusa has some fin issues that I'm dealing with. He had fin rot and I think he's starting to recover. I added some Indian Almond Leaf as a natural stress reliever.

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POSTED: Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:10 pm

Yayyyyy! So I finally finished planting my tank! In addition to the driftwood, I have 7 kinds of plants. Everything is doing OK so far, except the moneywort. But I got them from Petland so I'm not super surprised. Most the plants are just from overpriced 1-2-grow tubes.
The nerite snail is thriving, and not trying to escape. There are a couple other pest snails that I'll try to get rid of before I add fish. Hoping a few of those plants will thrive enough to propagate. I added extra iron and some exel today as well. Hoping for a nice, sort of overgrown look (but considering it's a 10g, it will definitely require regular pruning).
No additional c02 as of yet, but I'll see how that goes. I'll test the water in about a week as well. It's been 2-3 weeks and I haven't seemed to need any water changes.

I hindsight, I might get rid of the moneywort. They hardly had roots to begin with >.>

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