The Pet Tricks Thread!

POSTED: Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:34 am

Soo some of you may know I like to teach my dogs (and soon my rats) to do tricks, and I thought I'd start a Souls tricks thread where we can show off our pets' skillz! Maybe we can inspire each other to teach our pets some things too?

Why Tricks?
The main reasons I teach my dogs tricks are:
  1. Mental stimulation
  2. Bonding - it's really improved my bond with all my doggos
  3. FUN!

Kikopup's Youtube Channel is a great place to start and has some cool trick tutorials
Do More With Your Dog! also runs free tricks classes/groups on Facebook, and you can apply for official trick titles (although you have to pay for the certificates D:)

Here's a couple of vids of my Russfox's tricks: 1, 2
And Tempie the Papillon!

I'd love to see what your pets can do :D

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POSTED: Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:49 am

I don't have videos but I taught one of my cats, Megatron, (a snowshoe) to sit on command and my husband taught him to give low-fives. The reason he learned to sit was because my husband very skeptically said "cats can't learn to sit." CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I taught Megatron the same way I've seen dogs learn to sit, but without treats because he's highly attention motivated. Basically I held my hand over his head, moving slowly back until he sat down because he couldn't just lean back anymore. I said the word sit as he sat, then I petted him. He knows a hand signal (pointing at him) and verbal command but does better with the hand signal.

The other cat, Leroy, has the attention span of a toddler but I taught him to forehead bunt me before I put his food in his bowl.

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POSTED: Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:39 pm

My dogs aren't very disciplined, so they aren't like... great at tricks, but they do find them really fun and ATTEMPTS ARE MADE. xD I'm sure if I were a better trainer and had started them early with clicker training and whatnot that they'd be brilliant, though.

All three Shih Tzus know sit, lie down, and shake.

Max additionally knows: roll over, crawl, beg, sneeze, speak -- and he's learning "twirl." Ember knows speak and "bump it" (which is rearing up to touch her paws to your fist) and sometimes "touch it" -- if I want her to put her paw on a toy or a dog. Pebbles meanwhile sits on her hind legs and just flails her paws ridiculously, and she'll also halfheartedly play dead.

Then Apollo and Cody both were quickly taught not to eat food until told. I'd make them sit, tell them stay, and set the bowl down; they wouldn't touch it until I said "okay."

Anyway -- here is Max attempting to do tricks lol, you can see that he's eager but we're not very refined at commands and whatnot. |D

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POSTED: Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:03 am

My cat knows a few tricks.

"Follow Me": She will follow me sometimes, not always. Only for food and to go outside. Very rarely to come back in.
"Outside!": Telling her that she should go to the front door
"Up!": Normally to get her up on something. Works very rarely.
She also shakes her head to come in because she had a bell on her collar

I'm the only one who can get my uncle's dog to sit. And I taught her at the age of five.

My old cat Tygr knew some tricks.

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POSTED: Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:29 pm

My partner is working towards a trick certification :D It's not super expensive, and they only ask for like 10 tricks or something? We'll probably get both dogs trick certified LOL.

The older dog, Lulu, is trained in agility and rally-o. I mostly just have videos from those D:
Currently, my partner is working on hind leg targets (so she puts BOTH back paws on a target), and body cues for spinning left/right, and walking around the handler to the left or right side. Lulu really loves to jump over stuff, but it took us going to a trial to realize that she basically didn't much care for agility overall lol. What she reaaally likes in rally-o!
Also. I guess we're also working on her being handled by someone else (mainly me), because she is a weenie sad baby.

Bixie, the younger one, is sort of in the rehabilitation stages of adoption <.< She was presumably a stray for 7 months, and then in a rescue organization facility for a few months, with a foster for a couple months, and then with us for the last 6 months. But she specializes in hugging, not snapping at me when I handle her crate, and we are working on the relaxation protocol. We're also working on recall, and just having her focus on her people in general, which is a massive challenge. Also working on not guarding, and not angry barking at strangers (or even the bro), when they come inside the house.

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