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POSTED: Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:57 am

My dogs and ferrets are often misnamed.... The ferrets "pet" names became their real names eventually tbh

Trouble: Trubbie, Trouble Bouble, Troubador
Peanut: Mr. Peanut Butter, Stupid, Peanut Brittle, Peanut BUTTER, peanut butter and jelly
Rumpleteazer: White Ferret(the name everyone uses), slug, cat snake
Mungojerrie: Potato(his real name now), po-Tat-o, stinker
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POSTED: Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:34 am

Bandit is the only one I have still, but, there were a few others that had quite a few, so, I thought I'd mention them x3

My dogs:
Bandit: Bandy, Bandy-Bandit, Bandito, Bandito Burrito (my BF has a whole song made up with this name, hahahaha!), Baby, Buddy, Stupid/Dumbo/Fatty/A**hole (what the BF affectionately calls him sometimes...must be a guy thing), Grandpup (my parents)

Sydney: Sid, Squidny, Flower/Delicate Flower (she was super particular about things), Fatty (she was fat), Fat friend (gained after my sister and I had watched The Cat Returns for the first time when we were kids), Princess, Hash-brown

Squiggy: Squig-ster, Squiggles, Paddles (dog had the flattest feet that you could hear from like a mile away when he walked)

My bird:
Larry: Pufflebutt (what I used to call him all the time when he was puffed up), Larry-kins, Larry Boy, Mr. Larry, Warry, Little man, Little buddy, Little Larry, Little guy, Old man, Grumpy-kins, Baby boy
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POSTED: Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:07 am

Dogs -
Russell: Russfox, Fox, Russell Foxington, Captain Gitface, The Orange One
Tempie: Temperoonie Wigglebum, Tempie Wiggles, Wiggles, Waggles, Tempoo, Tempoodle, Twiggles
Kismet: Kizzy, Kizzles, Kazzywazzy, Squeezle
Dilly: Dillymonster, Dilbert, Dill

Cats -
Toto: Little Man, Totopops
Jack: Jacky McJackface

The rats have too many nicknames to list right now but I might come back and do that later xD

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POSTED: Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:37 pm

I have like 10 million nicknames for my cat, Lily.
Lilly-butt, buttface, catbutt, fluffbutt
Bufo (Japanese word for frog)
Chubbs, Chubby,
Giganto (Because she is massive)
Meesh, Meesh-kin
Kitty girl, baby girl, baby cat
B*tch, Fat*ss

And those are just 20% of the nicknames she has.

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POSTED: Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:41 pm

My doggos:

Rocky: Rockster, Rockefeller, Rocky-boy

Jake: Jake from State Farm, Jakey, Jay

Da'Koda: Koda, Doda (most used), Koda/Doda-boy, Squeeky (as a pup)

The buns:

Skittles: Skitty, Skittle-roo, Psycho

Marshmallow doesn't really have any nickname, he's just so chill he does his own thing.

Aaaand my previous ratties bc they had plenty nicknames:

Moxxie: Mo, Moxxie-girl, Mox, Moxster, Momo

Atlas: Atty, Attaboy, Fatlas, Fatboy, Fatty, Fatty-boy

POSTED: Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:25 am

My gf and I only have one dog, a mini dachshund named Penny, but she's often called: Puppo, pupper, borfer, boofer, doggo, baby, babydog, panini, paninoo, peeny, wiener, and wiggler.

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POSTED: Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:28 pm

I only have one bunny left now, but I'ma include some of my previous pets, because there have been plenty.

Fred: Freddy, Freddy fatcat, Fatrat, Dribbler, The Big Drip (he used to dribble in single drips when he purred), PuddlePaws, PuddyMaws.
Tabitha: Tabby, Tabs, Tab Wabs, Tabbytustard, Terrible Tabby, Tab-eeeee, Motorbike (She had a very loud purr), Evil little wench.
Fifi: Feef, Foof, Foofy, Fatty, Squeaker, Hussy, Pathetic guard cat.

Chaos: Eight legged freak, baby boy...girl...arachnid, and DJ GET THAT F***ING SPIDER AWAY FROM ME! (boyfriend is a serious arachnophobe)

Neo: Ni, THE ONE, Baby, Baby boy, fluffbutt.
Trinity: Trin, Trinny, Trin-pops, Trin-trin, Baby girl, Blondie, Houdini.
Matrix: Mattie, Mattie-boy, Mattie-baby, Mat, Mat-mat, Floppy, Sir flops-a-lot, Snotty, Grotty Snotty-face.
Jay: Jay-jay, baby girl, fuzzbutt, sweetheart, gorgeous girlie, sit still you piece of s**t, ! (She was all white with tortie markings, the one on her back looked like an !).

And the last one left, my current bunny Henman: Henny, Henny-baby, Hen-hen, Hen-bun, Hen-boy, Little man, Grumpy old git, Grumpy old man, Little old man, Fuzz-but, Geezer, Baby boy, My baby, Tim-nice-but-dim (He's named after the British tennis player, Tim Henman, and this is what my dad used to call him). D*ckhead, Oi-stop-digging-up-my-flowerbed, Oi-get-away-from-the-rhubarb, and Oh-God-where's-the-damn-rabbit-gone?

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