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Open for one! Help Elias find one of the missing goats (also try to get that sweet sweet Mandi art ;D)

It had been a while since he had used his Lupus form, so much so, that it almost felt…strange to be so close to the ground. The shift had taken longer than he would have liked, and Elias had made a note to perhaps shift more often so that the time it took was not so excruciatingly slow. Despite his misgivings though, he thought it the best form to search for the wayward goats in. It would be much easier to sniff and track a scent when one was close to the ground than constantly having to bend over, sniff, predict, wander, repeat.

Still, he hoped the goats hadn’t gone far. Without his clothes, he could feel the winter chill quite well along his medium-short coat, and, already, he had had to shake off the cold at least once. The snow did nothing to help the matter, threatening to numb his paws if he didn’t keep blood flowing to them with a bit of exercise. He had always dreaded the winters up here. They were so much colder and longer than those he had experienced in his lifetime further south.

The coydog put his nose to the snow, inhaling deep, information-gathering sniffs at the packed snow just outside the goats’ shared paddock. It wasn’t clear how they had gotten out, or, why for that matter. They were missing though, and needed to be found. With any luck, they’d be found all together and it’d be easier to herd them back home.


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ooc - Hahaha I love torturing Elias


Just when things with the cartel decidedly settled down, the world went mad once more! Or perhaps that was an overstatement, given that the situation at hand was merely a herd of escaped goats and not the kidnapping of himself and his fellow packmates. But this time, the Morelli reveled in the situation with glee rather than worry. The young man had the privilege of witnessing several grand escapes by Brenda and Sela, as well as Hazel’s plight as she attempted to devise a coral that could keep them contained. But it seemed that the goats had gained the upper hand once more, and this time, they had roped the whole herd into it!

The way Oscar saw it, this provided him the perfect chance to dust off - or more accurately, gain - his lassoing skills. The Morelli could practically see himself astride horseback, coiled rope in one hand and leather reins in the other. A piece of hay stick out from his lip, some fancy lassoing moves, and the young man fancied himself an aspiring cowboy. More than that, he would get all the glory for returning these meddlesome goats to their rightful home.

But in the end, the wiry haired man surrendered the lasso and the horse in favor of his Lupus form. As much as Oscar appreciated a show of bravado, even he saw the sense in using the natural four legged form of his ancestors to herd the goats. Once he found them, that was.

And what better place was there to start than the scene of the crime? Snow crunching underfoot, the Morelli trotted around Aster’s field to make his way towards the goat pen. Nose pointed down in typical tracking fashion, the young man scooted along with his butt wagging in the air. The typical warm scents of the barn enveloped him - hay, manure, livestock, the works - along with the crisp bite of fresh snow. But then came along another scent - one that was all too familiar to the Morelli.

Head snapping up, the wiry haired man realized that he had been so focused on sniffing the ground that he hadn’t noticed the presence of his merle spotted packmate. In a similar fashion, Elias was focused on registering the variety of scents that had collected in the goat pen, most likely in search of clues. A mischievous glint in his eye, Oscar gave a loud bark as he ran full speed towards the Blueridge.

The large dog skidded to a stop, spraying a fine coating of snow over the coydog as he did so. ”Heya there, Elias!” Oscar woofed cheekily, his tail wagging back and forth ”Lookin' fer the missin' goats too?” Surely his older packmate wouldn’t mind it if he tagged along.

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A bark had been the only warning he had that he had been spotted by the Morelli youth. He ceased his sniffing, head not even fully raised and turned to the wiry male before he was doused in a spray of snow. The cold material thrown upon him caused his muscles to twitch at the sudden, unexpected contact with it. The larger chunks of it fell off of him quickly enough, leaving behind a scowling coydog in its wake. Elias gave the younger male an unimpressed glance.

“Hello, Oscar,” he returned, his voice flat and lacking of the friendly enthusiasm that the Wayfarer had. He shook out his coat, tossing off the excess snow from his short coat. Despite his attempt to remove it though, a few of the finer flakes remained stubbornly attached to his coat, seen clearly against the darker patches of his fur.

Pretending that he hadn’t just been unceremoniously showered with snow, his periwinkle gaze shifted from Oscar to the goat-less paddock that they stood outside. “I was just about to start, yes. Hopefully, they’re still somewhere within the territory.” If the goats had wandered beyond their protective borders, they risked becoming an easy meal for a hungry Loner, or, an opportunistic wild cat.

He returned his attention to the other. The shaggy youth was much larger than the coydog in their Lupus forms, he noticed. While not taller, definitely heavier. Though, perhaps, most of it could be attributed to the excess fluff he might have inherited from his sheepdog mother. Elias blinked, refocusing himself on something other than the strangeness of seeing the troublesome Morelli in his Lupus form. “Have you found anything?”


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ooc - Of course! I love our Oscar x Elias threads xD


Paying no heed to the withered look that Elias flashed him, Oscar pranced happily around the older male as he grumpily shook the snow off his pelt. Aw, but a little snow never hurt anyone anyway! The Morelli gave a chuckle at the scowl the Blueridge shot him. ”Eh, an old cat don’t change their stripes!” Oscar remarked, ear twitching as he barely suppressed his amusement ”Ooooh, looks like ya’ missed a few spots there!” Oscar couldn’t resist teasing the Blueridge, flashing the coydog a wicked grin as he remarked on the flecks of snow that remained stubbornly on his pelt.

”Oh...yeah.” Oscar stopped his ridiculous prancing, for once being more serious about the task at hand. Or, as serious as the Morelli could ever really be. As much fun as he was having in the wake of all this goat related chaos, that didn’t mean that the young man wished to see any of the goats get hurt. And if they strayed beyond the territory, who knew what could happen to them then? The goats had been spoiled rich under Krokar’s care, and they would be easy pickings for a lean mountain lion or even an opportunistic loner.

”Er..not yet!” Oscar admitted sheepishly ”But leave it to me!” Immediately, the sandy hued man shoved his nose into the ground, releasing a wimpy a-choo! as some of the ice crystals tickled the inside of his nostrils. Nonetheless, the Morelli made a show of scooting around the area, his rump waving in the air. It was clear as day to anybody with some sense that Oscar had little experience in tracking. But eventually, the Morelli caught a whiff of goat scent from some beast fur that had gotten snagged on the fence, presumably during their mad dash towards freedom. And this same scent, though watered down amongst the fresh snow, gradually drifted towards the forest lying between Aster’s field and Fiskebyn.

”Aha!” Oscar crowded, his head snapping up. ”Right...this way! I think!” With one paw tucked beneath his belly and neck stretched out, Oscar imitated a traditional Pointer’s stance...in the opposite direction of where the goat scent was headed.

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Figured we could go towards the Tuktu Lodge and then up to Moosehead Lake and find one of these crafty devils bothering the otters? xD

He let out a snort at the youth’s comment and tease thereafter. Hee hee har har, he thought sarcastically, shaking out more of his fur for good measure. Had he been his younger self and less mature, Elias might have put more consideration in the thought of showering the Morelli with some snow. As it were though, the Blueridge found it best to simply not bring any further attention to the subject in hopes that the humor of it would pass and be forgotten.

The reminder that there were missing goats to be found seemed to bring the playful Wayfarer back to the present. A beat, and the teen began sniffing about, eager to begin the search. It took everything in Elias to not allow an eyeroll when Oscar’s eagerness earned him a nose-full of snow. With the hunt started, the Blueridge put his own nose to the snow and began to sniff about, though, with much less flare and expression to his scenting than Oscar. He moved opposite of the Wayfarer, not wanting to search the same piece of ground that the wiry haired mongrel already had.

After a bit of nosing about, Oscar pipped up to declare that he had found something. Elias’ head shot up, his paws shuffling over to where the Morelli stood and taking a sniff at the part of the fence line and the tuft of fur to be found there. Yep. Definitely goat. He wondered how eager the creatures must have been to get caught up on the fence in the desperate attempt to escape. Oscar pointed in a dramatic manner, and, this time, Elias had not been able to hold back the eyeroll.

Still, he smiled—small, but, it was a smile nonetheless—as he shook his head, putting his head down to sniff at the ground to confirm the direction. “Good job, let’s see if we can find them before something else does.” Elias padded off after the scent, head low and tail waving behind him. He picked his head up every few paces, both to keep tabs on Oscar as well as to see their heading.

The trail led them to one of the pack’s storages, the Tuktu Lodge. The scent grew stronger the closer they got, and, upon arriving at the wooden cabin, it became clear that the goats had had a bit of fun there. Their little hoofprints could be seen all over the porch where the night’s snow had not covered them up.

“Looks like someone had fun here.” Elias remarked with a frown as he stared at the mess of foot prints. The goats must have had a ball jumping from the raised porch, even as short as it was from ground level.


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”Alrigh’, alrigh’...” Oscar eventually ceased the horseplay and put his own nose to the scent path, padding alongside the older coydog. Every once in a while a dribble of goat scat or a smattering of hoof prints would indicate to the duo that they were on the right path. And as the lodge drew nearer and nearer, signs of goat presence popped up more frequently. Oscar’s head drew up from the scent trail as Elias paused in front of the wooden cabin. ”Oh ho ho,” Oscar chuckled at the pointed hoof prints scattered across the wooden porch ”Could take a note o’ two from ‘ese goats,’ cause they sure know how ter throw a party!” Oscar joked to Elias lightly as he bounded up the steps, nails clicking against the wood long since warped from the elements. Yep, definitely goat. If the hoof stains offered no indication, then the smell of barn definitely did.

”Hm, smells like they’re headed closer ter the lake!” Oscar reported as he returned to the ground, his long legs leaping from the raised porch with ease. This time the Morelli took up the lead, pausing by piles of scat and tufts of wiry hair caught in brambles to get a whiff. They were getting warmer…

As the lake came into view, Oscar’s head snapped up as a dark shape darted across. ”Elias, look! Oscar called out in an excited whisper, tail beating happily behind him. For just ahead of the duo was one of the escaped goats, running to and fro along the shoreline. Doing what, Oscat couldn’t tell as first. But then, a soft splash reached the wiry haired man’s ears. His heart leapt to his throat - oh goddess, please don’t tell me that blasted goat jumped into the lake… - until he spied the ripples following the sleek creature as it paddled away to safety. The troublesome beast seemed to be stirring up some drama with the local otters….which was not a smart thing to do when you were the one uninvited.

”What should we do?” Oscar asked finally, his tail still beating energetically behind him. He could hardly refrain himself from chasing after the creature in sheer herding drive - but no, that wouldn’t be wise to do this close to the water’s edge.

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Feel free to PP Elias getting into position and giving some kind of signal to Oscar (unless Oscar comes up with a different idea xD)

He let out a snort at Oscar’s joke. “I’m sure it would be a bit more tame than a party with Sapient at least,” he commented as he continued to sniff about. Memories of the late-summer beach party came to mind, and he could have shuddered at the things he’d seen and smelt in the aftermath of that particular party. Booze bottles everywhere, partially eaten food, pieces of soiled clothing, and, then, of course, the dreaded food-eating contest.

The Morelli declared another lead, bounding off of the porch to show Elias the way. He trotted after the fluffy, dog mix, not in any particular hurry when he could just as easily follow the foul crumb trail as Oscar could. The little pellets stank of the animal from wince they had been polished and compacted from, letting them know that they were on the right track. Pieces of hair as well as chewed on flora and hoofprints also left a clear heading for the two Krokarans to navigate by.

They continued to track their quarry, eventually finding themselves before Moosehead Lake. Elias’ periwinkle eyes shifted about the shoreline, searching for a sign of their runaways. Oscar spotted one first, alerting his partner. Quietly, the coydog crept forward, looking in the direction in which the wiry-haired male had indicated. Sure enough, there was one, running about and appearing to be quite enjoying itself and its newfound freedom.

Water splashing alerted the Outrigger to the possibility of another goat, only to spy an otter swimming back to the safety of its island away from the goat. Elias could hear the annoyed chatter of some of the mustelids as they conversed with one another, likely to discuss their unwelcomed guest. He flicked an ear to Oscar when he asked for their game plan. Elias hummed to indicate being in thought.

If they chased it, there was no telling where the goat would go. Into the icy waters out of fright, further into the territory and thus becoming that much more of a pain to capture? Ugggh, this was why he dealt with the birds. The hawks could understand High Speech, and the chickens adored him and food enough to not wander far.

“Let’s try to set up a trap,” he began with a sigh. “I’ll make my way around to the other side and get into Optime. When I give the signal, you chase the goat to where I’m at and I’ll see if I can catch it.” Their only other option was to herd it all the way back to Aster Field in nothing but their Lupus. Hopefully the thing is smart enough to not jump into the water when it’s still cold like this.”

It was a goat though, so, that left a lot of hoping.


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ooc - Sorry for the wait! I had Oscar get "distracted" during their talk and confuse the signal...it can be up to you what ends up happening with the goat xD


Oscar’s tail beat back and forth, fighting to keep his attention trained on the Outrigger. However Oscar’s eyes constantly trailed back to the creature, gaze locked on the beast. It would be so easy to give chase. Surely, with much longer legs than the beast’s own, the Morelli would have the upper hand? Yet the wiry haired male flashed back to a memory of when he and Remy were no more than pups, too young to really think about the consequences of their actions. They had given chase to some of the mares in Aster’s field, easily succumbing to their herding instincts. That would have resulted in a hoof-shaped dent in Oscar’s skull, had it not been for the intervention of his mother and another packmate.

Though Oscar was large enough that the risk of being trampled by a goat was minimal, that didn’t change the fact that the Morelli had no control over where the goat would dart off to. The dumb creature could just as easily fall into the frigid waters as it could into the forest. Still, the young man wasn’t much for planning. He would leave that up to his companion. Oscar nodded as the Blueridge spoke, his words filtering through his ears, but not really sticking. The Morelli found his gaze trailing back at the goat after the word “signal”. ”Yeah, okay!” Oscar spoke as Elias finished, a dopey smile plastered on his expression that left much to be desired. It wasn’t like the Blueridge currently had a choice in the matter of who would help him unfold his plan. The poor guy was simply unlucky enough to have drawn the short straw with Oscar.

The Morelli blinked in confusion as Elias disappeared into the treelines - wait, was this part of the plan? Shrugging, the sandy hued dog allowed himself to watch the goat from afar while Elias did whatever he said he was going to do. Wait, what was this signal? Surely it must be something that wouldn’t alarm the goat of their presence, perhaps a bird cry? Yeah, that’s gotta be it. Oscar’s ears remained perked, awaiting his partner’s signal.

Eventually, he heard it. A cry sounding eerily akin to one of a grackle cut through the air. Oscar leapt into action, bursting through the treelines and heading right to the goat who he had been eyeing. It felt so good to finally be giving chase!

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Oscar’s hasty agreement to his plan made Elias suspicious, and his tentative trust in the younger male was evident in the half-second moment of hesitation he had before nodding and moving off into the snow-covered brush. He was thankful for his piebald coloration in the wintery-white that was the cold season. It helped him blend into the surroundings a bit more and allowed him to slip around the goat easily.

When he reached his desired position, he shifted up, careful to not disturb any of the brittle, dormant plant growth around him as he transformed from Lupus to Optime. With his change in form, Elias felt the familiar, ever-annoying chill of winter caress his short fur. His arms, his legs, his back, it was terrible, and, had he not been trying to keep quiet, he might have cursed at his genetics. He fought off the urge to shiver, rolling his shoulders as he tried to concentrate on the task at hand. Once Oscar and he caught the runaway goat, they could go home, and Elias could curl up in front of the fire of his living room.

From his position, he peaked just above the brush, periwinkle eyes spotting the goat, and, beyond the second-rate troublemaker, the one that held first place, Oscar. Elias shifted, trying to adjust himself so Oscar would know where to go, but also without being seen prematurely by the goat. The coydog had only just gotten into position when his wire-haired suddenly burst from his own hiding.

Elias was alarmed. The goat was alarmed. And the Morelli was having a hayday.

The goat bleated and dashed off towards the water at first, though, once some of it splashed up onto its legs, the animal seemed to think twice about venturing out into the frigid liquid. Oscar was hot on its heels, and the goat made a breakneck turn, bounding off into the wood line…and nowhere near where Elias had set up for their ambush.

He let out a groan in frustration as he quickly got to his feet, running a course that was parallel to the one that the goat and Oscar were on. It was harder in Optime to keep up with them, particularly, when there were tree branches and bushes to maneuver around rather than just plowing through nose-first.

They had nearly gone out of his sight when the goat tried to pull another fast one on Oscar, jerking, pivoting, and changing direction. Seeing that the goat was roughly moving back in his direction, Elias put on a burst of speed to intersect it. “Chase it this way, Oscar!” He barked, encouraging the Morelli to stay his current course.

Closer. Closer. Closer!

The goat realized too late of the second Krokaran intent to bring it back to its jail. Elias leapt out, partially tackling the wayward animal sideways. His arms hooked quickly around its neck as the goat made quite the racket, kicking and bleating. Defiant until the very end.

“You’ve…caused enough…trouble,” he said between exhausted pants as the stupid thing tried to jerk and pull itself out from his hold. His eyes shifted to find Oscar. “Why didn’t…you…wait for the…signal?!”


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Oscar burst from the treeline as if shot from the muzzle of a revolver, heading straight towards the goat. Needless to say, the poor creature was scared witless. Panicked bleating only made the wiry haired man pursue harder, his tongue lolling out crazily. Man, when was the last time he’d stretch his legs like this? The Morelli relished the feeling of the adrenaline pumping through his veins, succumbing to his natural instinct to chase.

For a few heart stopping moments, the dog watched in dismay as the goat ran away from him...and right into the water. Yet the creature, not enjoying the feeling of the icy water climbing its legs, ended up veering to the right, making a sharp turn to the tree line. Though Oscar’s paws skidded in the dirt as he spun around, the Magnate remained hot on the goat’s heels as they disappeared into the woods once more.

They remained on this path for a while, leaping over tree roots and fallen debris. Once Oscar caught his paw on a tree root sticking out at an awkward angle, causing him to trip and nearly fall on his face. This setback made it so that the goat was nearly lost from the young man’s sight, though he nonetheless desperately continued the chase. Oscar cursed out loud as the goat veered wildly in another direction, his paws once more digging into the loamy earth.

At Elias’ call, the Morelli’s ears flicked forward. ”Bout time ya showed up!” Oscar spoke crossly as he continued the goose chase once more, tail streaming behind him. The Morelli watched as Elias came loping from another direction, aiming to intercept the goat halfway. Yes. Yes. Yes!. The dog’s irritation evaporated immediately as the Blueridge tackled the beast, landing in an ungrateful heap on the forest floor.

”Man, look atchya, goat wrangler!” Oscar remarked as he slowed down to a trot ”Didun’ know ya had it in ya!” The Morelli paused, blinking in confusion as Elias scolded him between wheezing breaths. ”Whadya’ mean?” Oscar asked innocently ”I went soon as I heard yer bird cry!”

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