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AW+ | Ball thread! Spectators welcome!

POSTED: Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:06 pm

OOC: The first round will be up for a week, or however long it takes for all the participants to post, whichever is first, then I'll post again! Spectators are welcome! WC: 350

It was finally the day! The day for Ball! Norah had already decided that, as the referee, she should also get to keep a ball just like everyone else who participated did. As she headed out to the field, she saw that a few other pack members were beginning to gather.

With Tak's help, Norah had set out the field the previous day. It was a rectangle with the ends marked by four wooden stakes shoved into the ground. Each team had to get the ball across the imaginary line created by the stakes in order to score a point. Taseko and Tak had agreed to stand near the stakes as judges in case Norah couldn't tell if the ball had actually made it across. Other than that, she hadn't really come up with any rules for the game, and she didn't think she would need to if they decided to play again... unless Oscar was up to no good. She narrowed her eyes a little at the thought, and then let it slide. Nah, he wouldn't ruin this for her.

Hazel seemed antsy as she took her place at the side of the field with the other spectators. When Norah looked her way, the other dog shouted over to her.

"Next time, I'm so in for this!" Hazel grinned, then turned a slightly longing gaze over to the line of balls waiting to be handed out to the participants. Gavin had taken a seat next to them to make sure that there was no thievery from the peanut gallery.

Once the participants were on the field, Norah quickly went over the rules, or lack thereof, with them. She was not sure how the teams would fare against each other, but thought that having a pup on one of the teams might even the odds a little bit. Hopefully.

"Readyyyy..." Norah waved the ball she was holding around a little and then tossed it into the air high above her head. "Go!" Then she dashed out of the way to let the mayhem ensue.
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POSTED: Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:29 am

Percival was absolutely buzzing with anticipation. That his parents allowed him to join in was excitement enough, but now that he was here on the field, with his mother and cousin facing his father and uncle and that quiet dog who always smelled to Percy like a bird, the four-month-old Guppy was beyond ecstatic.

What made him feel even more important and proud was the fact that his sisters were on the sidelines and not a part of this obviously monumental moment. He found Daisy in the crowd, sitting at the feet of that sad, curly-haired lady with a scowl on her face, and smiled smugly at her. She stuck her tongue back out at him, which he mirrored in spite of himself.

Thankfully, before their sibling rivalry could escalate any further, Norah's voice rose above the chattering spectators and drew Percival's attention with a soft flopping of his drop ears. The moment she shouted "Go!", Percy dashed to the center of the field, barking like a maniac for absolutely no reason. To his surprise, he made it to the center of the field as the ball dropped and sunk his needle teeth into the fibers holding it together.

And then he ran.

But there were legs and bodies all around him, and voices shouting and hooting and hollering. In the chaos and thrill of being chased, he didn't realize he'd started running toward the wrong goal. Thankfully (or perhaps not), when his foot knocked against a rut in the ground, the ball was dislodged from his mouth as he tripped and fell.

As he scrambled to his feet, Percival did not immediately see who picked it up after him; he only ran after where everyone else was, barking wildly as he went.

OOC: Minor PPs are definitely okay with me for either of my characters during this game! :D

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Optime (+554)

[KR] Celebration of Achievements

I’m okay with minor PP too!

It was the first time since his joining that Elias had decided to participate in the festivities that often happened around the time of the pack’s foundation. In the past, he had always felt too much like an outsider still feel right to celebrate alongside his packmates. While his social circle had expanded only marginally so, this time around, he had felt more…worthy to join in on the fun that was to be had. He had even been confident enough to step out of his comfort zone and agree to joining in on this new game that Norah had created called Ball.

However, the decision had not come without regret when the day of this game was to be hosted. His opponents, he had found out, would be the Intimidating Eliza, the Young pup Percival, and…


Of course, Oscar. Fate was cruel to him, and he swore that he would never cheat in another food eating contest again if it meant he would survive the match that day.

When he had arrived onto the playing field, he had taken a moment to look around and appreciate the work that Norah had done in the set up. He waited for his teammates to show up, quietly wondering how valuable of a player he would be when compared to either one of them. Though, he supposed, at the very least, he might be able to keep Oscar off of them. With how Elias’ luck went, he seemed to be a magnet for the wild child of Lucille’s.

As the rest of the pack gathered, he spied Ailie amongst the spectators, and he offered a shy smile and wave at his friend. Norah spoke then, gathering the teams’ attention and setting out the rules of the game and it should be played. They were told to get ready. When the signal was given, Elias held back, likely the least competitive one out of the participants and in no way wanting to be accidentally smacked or landed upon in the fray to get the ball first.

To his surprise though, it was not one of the adults, but the youngest member of the game, Percival, that snatched the ball. The Guppy was off like a shot, zipping and feinting to keep away from those that tried to snatch him or cut him off. And then his direction changed, and he charge down the field…in the wrong direction. Maybe he just meant to swing out wide…? Either way, it took the coydog a moment of watching the initial chaos that he should probably be chasing the kid like the others were. He jogged after the group, a little unsure, and not entirely into the game just yet.

An opportunity arose though when the Parhelion youth tripped, the prized possession that he had snatched so early on flying from his maw. Elias saw an opportunity, and his half-hearted chase attempt turned into a dead-on sprint. His feet slid a little from having to slow down enough that he could grab the ball before Oscar or Eliza could get it first. With the ball secured in his hand though, his periwinkle eyes quickly looked for one of his teammates.

“Finlay!” He barked loudly. He chunked the ball towards the father of Ailie’s children.


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ooc - Same here regarding minor pp!


Get the Ball was arguably one of the dumbest games ever conjured up by a fellow Luperci - but then again, the idea had come from his sister. So, it wasn’t as if the bar was set high in the first place. The rules were simple enough, simple enough for even Oscar to grasp. Get the ball across the opposing team’s goal line. Using any means necessary.

Okay, so maybe Oscar had added the second clause. Nonverbally.

As simple as the game was, it relied on pure strength and athletic ability over strategy. Which was why Oscar absolutely loved it already.

”How come yer no’ joinin’, sis?” Oscar called over to Norah as he joined his teammates on the playing field ”Knew I woulda’ beat ya’ anyway?” The Morelli flashed a cheeky grin over to Norah as he ducked away from any blows his sister might aim at him. On his end of the field waited the mother-son duo that made up his team mates. He could work with this. While Percy was inexperienced, he was practically fizzing with that puppy spark that he and Eliza lacked. They could use this extra energy to their advantage, as long as they aimed it in the right direction. And his uncle was on the opposing team, which meant that Liz would be willing to resort to extreme measures to beat him.

”Alrigh’ guys, ‘memeber ‘is.” Oscar rubbed his hands together in anticipation ”Always, always go fer th’ knees. Percy, dun be ‘fraid ter bite ankles while yer at it.” Pep talk concluded, Norah gave the signal for the start of the match. Oscar’s eyes were focused solely on that leather ball Norah held casually in her grip - never had he desired anything more in his life.

And then she threw it in the air.

On four legs, Percy quickly outpaced Oscar in his Optime form. ”Yes!” Oscar hollered as the puppy snatched up the ball in his jaws ”That’s me cousin! Wait, where ya goin’...” Oscar trailed off, watching as Percy made a wide arc, heading towards the wrong goal. ”No!” The Morelli hollered, loping after him in vain.

But he was too late. For who else picked up the ball but Elias Blueridge. Periwinkle eyes met brown, and for a split second, everything around the two of them faded into white noise. All that mattered was Elias, and, more importantly, the ball he held in his grasp. Oscar grinned a beautiful, wicked grin.

He really should have seen this coming.

A distorted howl ripping through his maw, Oscar picked up his pace as he barrelled straight towards the Blueridge. Of course, by the time Oscar reached the other male he had already launched the ball into the air. But this would be just as satisfying.

Besides, it was too late to slow down now.

Oscar took a final step, and flew straight into Elias with his arms outstretched, with the full intention of bringing the Outrigger down with him to eat dust.

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POSTED: Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:55 am

It seemed like a fun and innocent game at the time, when it was announced, but now that he stood, facing off with his mate and youngest son, Milos wondered if this was a good idea. Whether imagined or real, he thought that he caught something in Eliza's beloved eyes and the Parhelion was reminded of his wife's competitive spirit. He offered her a comically nervous smile that suggested, in a shamelessly imploring way, that she go easy on him.

With Norah's blessing, the ball was launched and, to Milos' surprise, it was Percival who got it first. Then, promptly, the child – his child – started for the wrong goal. The Captain slowed his jog and watched, somewhat dumbfounded. In the crowd, he heard Daisy yell something rude to her brother and shot her a look of warning. She lowered her ears but still had a maddeningly defiant look on her little face that easily reminded Milos why she had been grounded from participating in the first place.

Standing quietly next to Daisy was Ailie, and when the curly-coated woman gave a sudden gasp and cried out for Elias, Milos swiveled his head back to the game. His son had lost the ball before he could score a goal for the wrong team and Elias seemed to have picked it up, tossing it to Finlay just before Oscar barrelled toward him.

Milos grimaced at the sight, jogging toward the action to see if he could help in any way, blissfully unaware of where his mate had gone...

OOC: Oh hey Milos is about as adept at playing sports as I am. xD

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OOC: Hahahaha best game ever

The celebratory games were always fun but Eliza would’ve felt no shame in announcing to all of Krokar that Norah’s new idea was a stroke of genius. Of course, Ball allowed Liz the opportunity to face off against her brother and mate, to indulge her competitive spirit and help her youngest son to shine. Seeing Percy flourish was her primary goal in this game. Of course, beating Finlay and Milos would be a sweet bonus.

Her eyes flashed with a twisted kind of mirth when her beloved mate offered her an exaggerated smile.

“What’s wrong, love?” she goaded, her voice overly sweet. “Ya don’ think you three big, strong men could get beaten by li’l old us, do ya?”

Before Liz could do much more taunting Norah had called the teams together to kick off the game. She didn’t ask for a fair game which was probably a good thing – between them, Liz was certain Fin and Oscar could ensure the opposite. Luckily they were on separate teams so would probably balance each other out.

“Touch the kid ‘n’ you’ll be losin’ a ball either way, Fin Cormier,” Liz muttered to her brother. She was pleased when Fin looked suitably uncertain – and it seemed to be enough to make the silver warrior hang back a little as Liz flipped her ponytail and took up her position.

The game began with little Percival grabbing the ball, something which only mildly surprised Eliza. He was a dutiful youth who had always seemed to take whatever lessons the Cormier woman imparted seriously. Eliza just hoped he would remember which goal he was headed for.

...Apparently she had been a little too hopeful. The flame-haired dog let out an unintelligible squawk as her son ran headlong in the wrong direction. There was little time to stand around spluttering, though; Percival soon tripped, losing the ball. Liz froze momentarily, torn between helping her little boy and plunging straight after Elias.

“Y’alright, Percy, up ya get!” the dog reassured in a yell as she ran in the other direction.

Luckily Oscar still had his head fully in the game. Liz didn’t stick around to see how the tackle went down, though she assumed when she didn’t hear the snap of bones that nothing too important had been broken. The dog set her sights on her brother – though when she dived for the warrior’s legs she did her best to ensure it was at an angle that would allow Milos to see her rump in all its glory.

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OOC: PP of both my dudes is fine too <3

Finlay was, by now, used to his sister’s threats – used to them but not immune to them. The silver warrior did his best to put on a show of bravery in the face of Eliza’s menacing words but inside he was uncertain. Fin didn’t like feeling uncertain, not in life and certainly not in any game of physical prowess.

He rolled his shoulders and neck, stretching out his legs to warm up. Finlay knew that Oscar was near as competitive as Eliza; he knew, too, that Milos was a gentler sort and Elias had always seemed somewhat anxious during the few encounters they’d shared. He had a sense that unless they harboured some competitive streak he wasn’t aware of, Finlay would be making the bulk of the offensive moves on this team. Damned if he’d let Oscar beat him – the young Morelli would probably gloat about it for all eternity.

The ball was let loose and to Fin’s surprise it was his young nephew who snatched it up in his jaws. Unfortunately Percival ran straight in the wrong direction. When he tripped Elias seized the opportunity to recover the ball. Finlay’s head whipped up and around as his ears caught the yell of his name. Sharp, deep brown eyes locked onto the ball as it sailed through the air toward him. Even as he felt the thud of Oscar colliding with his team mate, Fin’s gaze was steady. His arms extended, ready to bring the ball into his chest…

...And then a flash of brown fur and hair like embers smashed into him with enough force to make him bend at the waist. While the warrior didn’t lose his footing entirely the ball glanced off Fin’s fingertips, rolling away as he tried his best to extricate himself from Eliza’s tackle.

“Argh! Liz, gerroff!” he roared, his gaze darting for signs that the new Captain might be within reach of the ball. “Milos!”


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POSTED: Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:36 pm

"Someone has to make sure you don't cheat!" Norah shot back at Oscar. Maybe next year, if they decided to have the game again, she would participate, but this year she was happy to referee. Norah followed the action as best she could and she couldn't help but grin as her pack mates really got into the game. She had been a bit nervous at first, worried that maybe the whole idea would fall flat, but leave it to her family to be completely gung-ho about competition, even the youngsters.

Norah opened her mouth to shout when Perci headed towards the wrong goal, but then she thought better of it and snapped her jaw shut. Her job was to keep them in line, but not to prevent the players from scoring for their opponents. Percival's team members would need to handle that part.

Norah winced as Eliza tackled Finlay and for a moment she wondered if this was really a good idea. But since neither seemed to be injured, she figured everything was fine. Hopefully the adults would have the sense not to tackle the puppy among them too hard. Although with the way some of them lost themselves to competition... well, she would keep an eye out.

Jogging around to the side, Norah did her best to get a good view. A few more pack members had wandered up in the mean time, including Lucille, who was naturally cheering for Oscar. There were certainly no favorites for that Captain.

As the action continued, Norah waited, hoping someone would score soon to add to the excitement of their new game.
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Indeed the Captain was within reach of the ball. Though, for a moment, when Eliza launched herself at her brother's waist and her rump shimmered a delightful mahogany in the sunlight, it was all he could see. Thankfully for their team, Finlay's shout broke the spell that his mate had cast and he took immediate action. Sunny eyes watching the ball as it bounced off of the Brawler's fingers, Milos urged himself forward with his arms outstretched.

With some surprise, he felt the weight of the ball against his dark arms and froze, blinking. The world felt as though it had slowed down and, after glancing down at the thing to confirm it was actually there, the Captain lifted his eyes. He focused on the players – both his teammates and his opponents – in their separate struggles before shifting his eyes to the audience. He saw his daughters, obediently (for once) stationary at Ailie's feet, and found several of his friends in the crowd. But when he caught sight of Hazel, he felt a sudden trickling of unease.

Rigid and motionless, his fellow Drover had an intense look on her face the likes of which he had only ever caught glimpses of when she was herding. He tensed, pulling back his ivory-crested ears. The woman's stare was on the ball, he knew, but it still made him feel a little like prey and the urge to run was so intense – so innate – that, after what felt to him like an eternity, he finally gave in.

Oblivious of any encouragement from his teammates or any grumbles from his opponents, Milos tucked the ball securely against his chest, it's body wrapped around one arm, and then he ran. With the opponent's goal locked in his sunny line of vision, the world roared in his ears and he heard nothing but his breath.

OOC: ELIZA used RUMP FLASH! It was almost effective.

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Optime --> Lupus (+601)

My last post as Elias ;O;

I’m writing Elias is out of the game due to a sprained leg!

He realized he had a mistake—a grave mistake—the moment he picked up the ball. As he had searched for an open team member, he had locked eyes with the terrible Oscar, and he knew that it was karma coming for him. He saw the dead on stare, saw the grin, saw the gears set in motion as the wiry-haired dog made a beeline towards him and only him. While they were roughly the same in height and weight, he knew the younger male would put every ounce of his power into his charge. It was Oscar after all, the troublesome, crazy, wild child of Lucille and August.

Oscar let out a howl of excitement, and it only caused Elias’ blood to race even more.

Get rid of the ball. Get rid of the ball. Get. Rid. Of. The. Ball!

Elias managed to put the ball into motion towards Finlay, but, no sooner had it left his hands, the coydog was tackled by what might have been akin to a car being bulldozed by a freight train. The coydog stood little chance. Oscar slammed into his midsection and Elias grunted as he was taken to the ground. Air forced from his lungs, the Outrigger chose to simply lay there for a few seconds to let the stars leave his eyes. “Ugggh, I’m too old for this,” he complained to Oscar in a grown as he pushed the Morelli off of him. He was barely five, however, he felt old when being tackled by a mass of pure, youthful muscle and fur.

The coydog stumbled to his feet after a quick search for where the ball had gone after he’d been taken down, making sure to get well out of range of Oscar before the dog could grapple him back down to his level. He spotted Milos, the newly-named Captain appearing to be spaced out as he stared at someone in the crowd. “Captain! Captain, go for the goal!” He yelled at him.

Whether he’d heard Elias—or the others—the coydog didn’t know, but, Milos suddenly seemed to bring himself back into the game and, with the ball secured, put his feet into action. Elias cheered his teammate on as he ran to flank him in an attempt to keep any aggressors at bay. As he ran down the field though, a hole hidden amongst the grass seemed to appear out of nowhere and swallowed one of Elias’ feet, causing the Outrigger to step funny and stumble.

He tucked and rolled, but, already, he could feel the consequences of the sudden change in ground level. Pain shot up and down his foot, from his toes to his ankle, to his knee. Elias grimaced, knowing that his foot or ankle—which ever had been the cause for his sudden pain—would be swollen for sure come the next day. Searching for the game’s supervisor, Norah, he flagged her with a wave. “I’m out!” He declared with a bit of embarrassment.

The game had hardly started, and, already, he couldn’t continue to play. He rolled over onto his hands and knees and began shifting down into his Lupus form so he could limp off the field. As he did so though, his periwinkle eyes searched for his teammates, wondering if they had made the goal at least.

Whether they did or they didn’t though, he was sure to offer both an apology before moving fully off to the sidelines—seeking out Ailie—to watch the rest of the game in relative safety.


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