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Leadership: Lucille, Milos Parhelion
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The most prominent part of Krokar territory are the rivers, which are generally slow-moving and placid. The packlands are shaped around them, extending to the north to include a pair of lakes. The territory is otherwise a mixture of forests and fields, flatlands and mountain foothills, with swamplands to the east. Human touches can still be seen in the Ruins of Tog (Elsipogtog), where buildings still stand, but are unlivable and nature has begun to reclaim their farms.
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Information Portal

Thu May 15, 2014 12:30 am

Krokar Information Portal

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Milos Parhelion Mate to Eliza
Quartermaster Commander
Trade Production Foundation Exploration Defense
Eliza Cormier Mate to Milos Oscar Morelli
Trade Production Foundation Exploration Defense
Trade Production Foundation Exploration Defense
Finlay Cormier
Trade Production Foundation Exploration Defense
Logan Cormier Drover Hazel
Aenan Pyr Ascher Stormbringer Bramble Parhelion Derek Winter Eros Damaichu
Ibycus Inara Ailurus Norah Morelli Twist Dogvane Walker Dupree
Ilse Verhoeven Jonah Leomaris Marla de la Croix Salome de la Croix Alex Winter
Keabetswe Tarina Skadi Remy Cormier Reluceo Vela
Old Salt
Cora Cormier Daisy Parhelion Percival Parhelion Taufir Stormbringer

Image Credits: silhouettes-clipart@DA, indigodeep@DA

Krokar Pack Game
IC Participation
Help a pack member gain a co-rank* 10
Help a non-KR member gain a rank/co-rank* 5
Gain a co-rank 10
Gain a second co-rank 20
Gain a third co-rank 30
Gain a fourth co-rank 40
Create a RO in Krokar 3
Teach someone to fish or go fishing* 5
Thread with a pNPC** 5
Start an AW in Krokar 10
Start an AW in the Neutral Territories 5
First reply to an AW anywhere 3
First reply to an AW in Krokar 5
Greet a potential joiner at the borders 15
Participate in a pack thread 10
Organize a pack thread* 20
Have your suggested pack-wide plot used 50
Successfully trade with another pack* *** 15
Successfully trade with a loner* *** 10
Use your rank/co-rank in a thread* 10
Recruit someone to Krokar IC’ly 50
  1. * You must have posted 3 times or 1000 words total. For a pack thread, there must be 6 posts total.
  2. ** While RO’s of 1000 words or more are accepted, threading with another member or multiples is encouraged.
  3. *** The trade must actually take place during the posts, even if the thread drops off.
OOC Participation
300 - 399 word post 3
400 - 499 word post 4
500 - 599 word post (and so on) 5
1000 word post (additional words beyond 1000: 100 words = 1 point ex: 1300 = 13 points) 10
Join with an Open Character 70
Join with a pNPC or another Krokaran adoptable 80
Participate in a pack contest 10
Win a pack contest 40
Have your suggested pack contest be used 30
Achieve First Mate (highest poster) for the month 30
Second highest poster for the month 20
Third highest poster for the month 10
Create a pack pride image (5 max submittals per month) 5
Respond to a pack member’s Thread Request 5
Earn Spotlight Soul with a character from Krokar 40
Earn Community Soul for the month 20
Move or edit a current title or icon 100
Three month title (KR Color Fade) 250
Three month KR Icon ( ) 300
Three month custom icon 350
Permanent KR flag/rank icon (check them out!) 350
Permanent KR icon ( ) 400
Permanent title (KR Color Fade) 450
Permanent custom title 500
Permanent custom icon 550
Surprise Avatar Commission* 700
Surprise Fullbody Commission* 1000
  1. * Surprise Commissions are paid for by KR leadership, artists are chosen by their availability, and art will be of your chosen Krokaran character.
Current Tally
Draiko 640
John 90
Mandi 1450
Myst 310

Angler Brawler Brewer Carpenter

Oscar Morelli
Finlay Cormier

Cook Cooper Diver Drover
Eliza Cormier

Milos Parhelion
Logan Cormier

Emissary Falconer Farmer Gunner

Eliza Cormier

Ilse Verhoeven

Herdsman Leatherworker Lookout Merchant
Eliza Cormier

Milos Parhelion
Finlay Cormier

Oscar Morelli

Musician Recordkeeper Scavenger Shaman

Shipwright Striker Surgeon Tailor

Milos Parhelion

Teamster Weaver

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