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”Oi! Whose there?!”

Perhaps it was a shadow cast by the rising sun, or a trick of the light fooling his eyes. But just up ahead by the pack’s scent border, the wiry haired man spotted a figure dashing in and out of the tree line. The Morelli’s vantage point was too far away to distinguish any remarkable features on the stranger, unable to even determine sex. Whoever they were, they were light and quick on their feet, proving to be much more nimble than the Defender.

This did not stop the Magnate from trying to catch up, however. After hearing no response, Oscar drew his broadsword from the sheath of his hip with a satisfying zing!, treading forwards with cautious steps. The weight of the blade in his hand made him feel more grounded, more secure. Confident enough to approach a potential intruder alone. ”Show yerself!” the wiry haired man demanded, circling the clearing for any sign of the mysterious figure.

Arrogance still proved to be the man’s vice, for he made a show of strutting about and knocking around bushes and tree branches, hoping to intimidate the stranger into submission. But for all his bravado, his search yielded nothing. Eventually Oscar ceased his investigation, scratching the back of his neck in confusion. ”S’gotta be a trick o’ the light.” the Morelli eventually muttered to himself under his breath, preparing to continue his control. Though it was unclear who he was trying to convince with this conviction.

A flash of white caught the corner of the man’s eye, making him pause in his trek. There, nestled precisely on the border separating Krokar from the wild lands, was a folded note. The wiry haired man leaned down and snatched the note up in his grasp with little hesitation, greedily ripping it open to look inside. What Oscar read made little sense to him...however the scent that clung to the parchment rang a familiar bell. Taking another whiff, the Morelli watched as a single strand of carmine hair blew off of the paper. There was no mistaking whose scent this was...

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And as if Oscar’s scent of the Krokar pack mate had summoned him, Eros appeared, apparently materialising from out of the trees.

”You always make so much noise when you’re on patrol?”

Eros asked, an enigmatic smile playing at the corner of his lips.

Inwardly the fiery pelted Damaichu cursed his luck. Of all of the many miles of Krokar territory the kid had to pick this spot. Eros had heard Oscar’s banging about and had intended to stay out of sight, but then the Magnate had picked up the piece of paper. Of course, Eros was more than sure the Cormier would never understand it, but still, it was an inconvenience, and Eros could be horribly averse to inconvenience. His eyes flicked to the trail of snapped twigs and ruffled leaves left by Oscar’s inspection of the undergrowth.

”I suppose we all have our ways of making sure the border is protected.”

He flashed a disarming grin to let his packmate know that he was only teasing. With that comment, Eros approached, moving closer to the Magnate, raising his eyebrows in feigned surprise as he noticed the piece of paper the other was still clutching.

”What’s that you’ve found then?”

Of course, Eros was more than aware of what it was, but he wanted to know how much Oscar had gleaned from it so far. If the fiery pelted Damaichu was right, and he knew he was, there would also be another scent on that paper, an unfamiliar one and then letters and numbers, meaningless to anyone who’d not dabbled in a certain circle or two.
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As if materializing out of thin air, the fiery pelted Damaichu melted away from the treeline as if answering Oscar’s unspoken behest. Unwillingly, the Morelli jumped as Eros spoke - not that he would ever admit that the man’s sudden appearance startled him. The man was already as soft footed as a fox and had twice the ego of one, and there was no need for Oscar to contribute to that. ”Why’d must I be quiet in me own home?” The wiry haired man rebuked, turning to face Eros, speaking in jest. Though he and the Damaichu did not always see eye to eye, Oscar considered the man a packmate. Granted, there were some times when he liked Eros better than others. ”I’d only be quiet if I had somethin’ ter hide.”

The Morelli still clutched the letter in his hand, and though he read it profusely, the only thing that translated was the scent of Eros - as well as one other foreign scent. Whoever had placed the letter on Krokar’s territory, presumably. Though Oscar could tell that there were words and numbers etched onto the parchment, no matter how hard he furrowed his brow, they never ceased jumping around on the page. Such things happened whenever the Morelli tried to read something. With all the concentration it required for him to make sense of words, Oscar never understood the pleasure that others got from immersing themselves in writing.

”Oh?” Oscar cocked an eyebrow as Eros stepped forwards inquisitively ”You mean ter tell me yer’ve neve’ seen ‘is ‘efore?” Oscar gripped the letter even tighter, taking care to keep it out of the Damaichu’s reach. The red furred man was a clever one - much sharper than Oscar, he would admit. And he knew that if he had any hope of getting answers, he must keep the letter from the Greenhorn’s grasp. It was the only leverage he had.

”Mighty strange tha’ yer smelly hide’s all ove’ ‘is letter, then.” Oscar spoke bluntly ”Was ‘is all ‘bout, eh?”

Men might lie, but his nose had never betrayed him.

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Eros moved forward with the grace of, not a fighter, but a killer. His manner was relaxed and genial, and he made sure he didn’t crowd his younger packmate.

”I’m not telling you off, just making a suggestion. Sure you’re in your own home, but your on the borders, I’m guessing you’re not going to catch many intruders stomping around.”

With a careless shrug, the fiery pelted Damaichu dismissed the issue. What Eros was really interested in was the piece of paper that Oscar had clutched tightly and out of reach. Of course, the fiery pelted male wasn’t ashamed of what he was doing, but he was pretty sure that the pack he found himself in may well have something to say about how he chose to spend his time, or do work.

”I’m definitely telling you that I’ve never seen that before.”

Eros knew that wasn’t a lie, he’d not seen that paper before, which was why he wanted to get hold of it, but of cc course he had seen others like it, although that’s not what Oscar had asked.

”And hey, I smell amazing.” he paused ”Well okay, maybe not right now, but in my defence it’s probably not my smell, my last fuck was definitely a lights out job, but damn she was tight.” he waved his hand as though Oscar was the one distracting him from the subject at hand. Eros moved up to his pack mate and placed an arm around the other’s shoulder.

”Oscar, you’re the one holding the piece of paper, why don’t you read it to me and we’ll find out what this is all about together.”

Eros was nothing if not observant and he hadn’t missed the way Oscar’s gaze had seemed to slide off whatever was written on the page. Concentration had been clear on the wiry pelted youth’s face and Eros knew his pack mate was either illiterate or there was something else preventing him from reading. Of course, Eros played the dumb idiot and pretended he’d not seen Oscar’s inability.
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Oscar didn’t quite know what he expected when he pulled the letter out of the Greenhorn’s reach. The Damaichu was more than capable of resorting to violence - that much he had seen with his own eyes. Yet he was also a cunning creature, and to fly off the handle - especially at a packmate - was certainly not his flair. Though the red pelted male kept his distance from Oscar and kept light on his feet, there was a hidden warning in his grace.

But the Magnate had gotten the letter first, and that would work to his advantage, long as he didn’t fall prey to his packmate’s silver tongue.

”Cept’ ‘is time ‘der was n’ intrude’!” Oscar retorted hotly, waving the parchment. ”Ef’ ya’ neve’ seen ‘is ‘efore, someone left it!” Although he was curious about the contents of the letter he held, he found himself more bothered that a stranger managed to slip past Korkar’s borders unnoticed. How had they evaded the sentries stationed at the watchtowers? As a Magnate in Krokar’ defense, Oscar couldn’t help but shoulder some responsibility for the fact.

And even worse, Eros remained calm and collected as ever.

The odd thing was, when the Damaichu insisted that he had never seen the letter before, Oscar believed him. While he was convinced that his packmate was keeping some other knowledge to himself, it was clear that he did not know what was on the letter either. ”Aw, I dun’ wanna hear none o’ that!” Oscar groaned as Eros delved into his latest sexual conquest - in far more detail than the Morelli cared to know.

But at the request that followed shortly after, the Morelli’s blood ran cold. Though Eros feigned innocence, Oscar knew that he was nothing if not observant. Privately, he contemplated dropping the letter and punching the Greenhorn straight in the face. Of course, the end results would most likely not fare well for him, given that Eros taught him a majority of the sparring tricks he knew today.

”I-I…” Oscar retorted hotly, finding himself flushed in the face. Once more he looked down at the printed words, and once more the letters jumped around on the page. After a few more minutes of struggling, the Magnate’s shoulders eventually slumped in defeat.

”I can’t make no sense o’ it, okay?!” Oscar replied defensively ”It’s not tha’ I can’t read, it’s jus tha’ it takes me a while.” Certainly longer than what Eros had the patience for, he was certain.

”If I ‘ive ‘is ter ya, what’s stoppin’ ya from takin’ off? O’ not tellin’ me what’s on th’ note?” The Morelli knew that if he brought the letter back to his cabin in Fiskebyn, with a good amount of time and concentration he could eventually make sense of its contents. But the Damaichu certainly wouldn’t let him leave the clearing with the letter in hand.

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Eros couldn’t help the smile that flickered at the corners of his lips. He was enjoying this a little. It was like a hunt really, and patience and careful planning was required, just like his work usually. Of course, he was pretty sure he’d get bored fast, but right now it was okay. The fiery pelted Damaichu felt a twinge of guilt for not telling his packmate what the note said, but Eros was pretty sure he had an idea of how Oscar would react. That twinge of guilt twisted a little harder when he watched the younger male try and read. Where the hell had this conscience come from? With quick feet, Eros moved up next to the Magnate, making no attempts at trying to retrieve the letter.

”I’m not gonna judge you for not being able to read the note. We all have things we can’t do, I’m shit at committing to relationships, or that’s what’s been shouted me at the past anyway. As for if you gave me the letter what’s stopping me from taking off? Nothing, but then how many other pack mates would you demand an explanation of private business of?”

Eros raised his eyes brows, the tattoo over his eye twisting a little as he did so. His voice was reasonable and there was no impatience there.

”Still, okay Oscar I’ll level with you, but don’t freak out. I’ve never seen the note before, but if you’d been able to read it, then I would have wondered what sort of upbringing you’d had. If I’m write the letter is in code. It was meant for me, it’s a…job. Someone wants me to use my skills to kill someone and is going to give me a lot of stuff to do it. Of course, if I don’t do it, they will come after me and kill me.”

Eros’s explanation was calm, there was no fear in his voice, it was almost bored in fact.

”Now, I’m very good at my job, but you picked up the letter, so I guess the choice is yours Oscar. Crush the note, obliterate the instructions and get me killed, or give me the note and I’ll do my job. Either way someone is going to die fella, you get to choose this one though.”

Eros placed a friendly hand on his Magnate’s shoulder.

[b]”How does it feel knowing you have to decide who lives and who dies?”
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Oscar stiffened as the Damaichu moved besides him, although the Greenhorn did little more than peer over his shoulder to read the code before him. The Morelli’s ears flattened against his skull, clearly embarrassed at his sub par reading level. ”It’s no’ tha’ I can’t read it, it jus’ takes me a while!” Oscar repeated, his fingers clenching around the crisp parchment. He refused to meet the other male’s gaze, fully prepared for any mockery Eros might throw his way.

Thankfully and, rather surprisingly, there was none. As Eros waved off Oscar’s embarrassment, the Magnate found himself releasing a breath that he didn’t know he had been holding in. Though he would never admit it, he was grateful that the Damaichu passes over the opportunity to mock him this time.

”Well…” Oscar started thoughtfully as Eros raised an eyebrow quizzically ”No’ many o’ em.” The Morelli admitted, although the grip on the letter did not lessen ”But no’ many o’ em’ ‘ave loners sneakin’ in either!”

The Morelli blinked at the Damaichu’s next statement, attempting to absorb the information that was fired at a rapid pace. ”Code?” Oscar repeated, dumbstruck. In some ways, it was a relief to know that even if he had taken the letter with him to ponder over, he wouldn’t have been able to make any sense of it anyway. But at Eros’ next confession, the Morelli’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

”I though’ yer assassin’ days ‘were behin’ ya!” the wiry pelted man shot back, his brow furrowing ”How’d ‘ey know where ter fin’ ya?” It was one thing to learn that his fellow packmate had killed for a living prior to Korkar, but it was another to learn that he was bringing trouble within Krokar’s borders. And that was simply unacceptable.

”Who’d ‘ey want yer ter kill?” Oscar demanded ”It someone n’ Krokar?”

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Since Eros had first come across him, Oscar had developed into a good fighter and defender. The Morellie was still an expressive and compassionate fellow. In many ways Eros admired that, even envied it, but Eros experiences had made him good at his lifestyle. While Oscar hadn’t hit the roof, his reaction at the fiery Damaichu’s revelation was not as good as Eros had hoped. Of course, he was probably foolish for hoping for anything other than shocked disbelief. One of the problems with all Krokaran’s was that they were far too soft hearted.

”Good job not freaking out. That’s a lot of questions, but let’s see if I can make any sense of them.”

”I can’t really answer your questions without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet. I am very good at what I do, it’s usually pretty easy work. There is a surprising market for it, and while I’ve not been looking for work I’m guessing folk who’ve seen me in bars have smelt Krokar on me. “

He moved a little distance form Oscar, putting a joint to his lips and lighting it, taking his time before he started speaking again. As the joint lit, he took a hit, releasing the smoke slowly and closing his eyes as it left him.

”I’m pretty sure that they didn’t come into Krokar and that they left the note outside the boarders. If I’d found out that they came into my home, and found out who it was, I’d make sure they’d not do it again. As for your second question.”

Eros waved his spliff at the letter.

”I don’t know how they want me to kill because you won’t let me see the letter.”

Taking another drag and releasing it, he looked straight at Oscar, his gaze unwavering as a sign of his sincerity.

”I don’t kill pack, especially not he folk here. Despite the lot of you being more prickly than something sharp, I like it here. Life is easy, relaxed and no one thinks enough of me to expect me to do anything. Not to mention that Altair would kill me if I was stupid enough to do anything like that.”

With that said, Eros looked away and took another drag, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

”And just so you know. Whether you struggle to read or can’t read. Altair, perhaps the bloke I respect more than anyone else, can’t read a word, so no need for you to feel bad about it, or explain it to me or anyone else. If you tell Altair that I said I respected him though, I will deny it and kick you in the crotch again.”
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For a man being interrogated, the Damaichu was remarkably calm. More so than Oscar was at the moment, most likely. Truth be told, the Morelli was seeing red at the mere mention of assassination. Whose name was written in code? Goddess forbid that it be someone from Krokar, or, even worse, a family member of his. Because Oscar was more than aware that Eros was very, very good at his old profession.

Oscar gritted his teeth at how careless Eros had been when conducting his business outside of Krokar’s borders. ”Why th’ hell didun’ ye disguise yer scent, then!” The wiry haired male blurted out, flustered. Although he knew such a thing was a ridiculous notion - it wasn’t as if he disguised his scent every time he strayed beyond Krokar’s borders. If he was being honest with himself, he was simply grasping for a trace of blame to fall on Eros.

At the Damaichu’s refusal to reveal the name, Oscar sucked in a sharp breath. ”Well, why n-” Oh. A bit sheepishly, Oscar glanced down at the parchment he now clenched in his tight fist. It hadn’t occurred to him that Eros wasn’t revealing the name simply because he had never let go of the letter.

Relaxing his grip, Oscar steeled himself and took a few calming breaths. His eyes narrowed as Eros continued, searching the other male’s gaze for an ounce of genuineness. Nothing crafty reflected in the Damaichu’s eyes as he spoke of his unwavering promise to never lay a finger on pack members. As far as Oscar could tell, the Greenhorn was being painfully honest. The Magnate nodded his head in satisfaction.

While Oscar made no comment on Eros’ reflection on Altair’s inability to read, he gave a small jerk of his chin to acknowledge the message the Greenhorn conveyed. ”Alright, I’ll give ye’ the letter,” Oscar relented gruffly ”But ye tell me who it is firs’. Dun’ thin’ ye cn run off ‘ith this n’ do somethin’ stupid jus’ yet, alright?” Most likely, the name would not mean something to him. Or so he hoped.

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The only description for Eros’s smile as Oscar relented was, well, wolfish. He took a deep and lazy drag on his joint, feeling the all the familiar headrush as he held the smoke in his muzzle, tendrils of smoke drifting from between his teeth, giving him an almost fiendish appearance. Snorting out a twin stream of smoke flood from his nostrils. Eros wasn’t a fighter, and he didn’t move like one. He could be a cocky bastard sure, but he moved with the grace of someone who didn’t want to waste his energy on fighting, he moved like a killer.

”You’re the boss.”

Eros said, nodding respectfully to his Magnate, before teasing the letter from the younger male’s grip. His eyes scanned it quickly, before he touched the note to his nose and drew in the scent.

”Coyote by the scent, a young female, probably just had her first litter I’m guessing. Obviously made the wrong sort of enemies, gonna get three months of wed and food for killing her.”

Eros looked at Oscar and sighed slightly.

”Not sure what to tell you Oscar. You guys in Krokar have a pretty straight forward and peaceful life, it’s something that I tend to like about the place. I guess I’m just used to shit happening for no reason. I can tell you want to ask me why someone wants her dead and what she’s done, I don’t know that, I don’t need to know, someone is paying me, if she had got to me first, I’d have worked for her, it’s nothing personal. You can stop me, you can tell me not to do it, not to kill her, but I’m guessing the folk that have hired me, won’t take the news that I’ve not done their job kindly, and they may well come to Krokar themselves. That might put the pack at risk, not good right, so if I kill her we get paid and the pack is safe, if I don’t, some stranger lives, but the pack may suffer. Still you outrank me right? What do you want me to do?”

Eros took his joint and offered it to Oscar.

”I find it helps with decision making.”
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