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POSTED: Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:31 pm

WC: 285

Since Norah had gone to Mistfel Vale, Lucille wanted to know how things went while she visited. Lucille was also just missing her daughter a bit since she and Nellie moved out to a house of their own. She’d known it was coming, but now her cabin just seemed so quiet. At least Capire was still there and he’d talk to her when she wanted him to. He had also taken to sleeping curled up against her, something he never did before Gus headed out to the Depot. He knew that she was lonely, and she liked that he was choosing to spend more time with her without her asking him to.

Capire followed as Lucille headed through Fiskebyn to Norah’s house. The front door was propped open, and the Captain could hear movement from within. Both of her daughters were home, and with the relatively warm air, she wasn't surprised they wanted the door open to get a bit of a breeze. It would actually be a nice breeze, rather than one with a chilly bite to it.

With both of them here, Lucille wasn't sure how much business talk would happen, but that was okay. She would like some time with them just for fun as well. Either way, she hoped they weren't in the middle of something that she would be interrupting.

"Hey girls," Lucille said, stepping inside. Her cat followed her without hesitation; the scents of the two inside were familiar, so he had no issue with the new space. "What are you up to?" There was a rustling sound, followed by whispers and Lucille narrowed her eyes as she went further into the cottage.

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POSTED: Wed May 30, 2018 10:17 pm

WC: 305

Norah and Nellie were huddled in the pack room of their cottage where bright light came in through the windows since the furs that covered them were tied back. Both of them bolted upright, heads whipping over to look at their door, which was ajar like the front one had been.

"Nothing!" Norah called, realizing that the answer was much too fast and too high-pitched to be believable. She shot a look over at Nellie, whose eyes were completely covered by her fuzzy fur, but she knew her sister's expression mirrored her own: oh crap.

"Just a sec!" Nellie added and they both knew that was not going to make this better. If anything, it would only make their mother walk faster across the cabin as if they were up to no good. The truth was that they weren't doing anything wrong. It was that they wanted the blanket they were attempting to sew together to be a surprise for Lucille. Neither of them were really any good at sewing, so the stitches were uneven and the seams were not straight at all. And, it was taking them forever to finish, even with two of them working on it. Thankfully they were almost done.

Pawsteps neared the door to their back room, but instead of their mother coming in, it was Capire. Norah gestured at him to be quiet as he padded over and sniffed at the blanket. His eyes flicked from her to Nellie and to the blanket and he sniffed at the fabric, then proceeded to swat at the end of Norah's thread.

"Stop!" Norah laughed, flicking her hand at him. His tail lashed a little and he backed away, pretending to be offended in a way that only a cat could master. Norah rolled her eyes at him.

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WC: 263

As Capire, the little traitor, disappeared into the back room, Lucille huffed, crossing her arms. Her daughters were not fooling her; they were absolutely up to something in there. As far as she could tell, it was only the two of them here; if Oscar had been back there, too, she wasn't sure she'd want to know what sort of mischief they were up to.

But since it was only the girls, Lucille figured it couldn't be that bad. Sure, they got into their share of trouble when they were younger (which combined between the two of them was still far, far less than Oscar), but they tended to keep on the straight and narrow now, especially Norah since she had her sights set on leadership someday. Still Lucille frowned a little bit, tapping her right paw, her claws clicking on the wood.

Capire didn't come trotting back out after he was scolded and Lucille sighed. What a big help he was! But it was also a good sign since he could judge fairly well if they were going to be in trouble. While he didn't make a habit of tattling on them, he did steer clear when he thought they would be yelled at, so it was definitely a good sign, not that she was particularly worried to begin with.

"Definitely doesn't sound like nothing!" Lucille said anyway in a teasing tone with a grin that could be heard in her voice. "Sounds like I should come in there and see what you two are doing."

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POSTED: Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:35 am

WC: 305

“I’m done, hurry up with your side,” Nellie said in too loud a whisper. Norah tried to see faster, which was a difficult task with the pressure of her mother right outside the door. Capire tried goingvsfter her thread again, but luckily Nellie reached over and scooped him up. The cat managed an offended look, but Norah ignored him while passing the needle through the thread.

“I promise, we’re not doing anything bad,” Norah called, trying to stall her mother some more. She could just imagine the Captain out there with a stern expression, hands on her hips. It was a stance that she and her siblings knew well. Apparently Norah was getting good at mimicking it. It wasn’t something she did on purpose, either, which only served to make it more entertaining to Nellie and Remy.

Norah couldn’t seem to find any sort of rhythm as her rushed section of the blanket came together. She did not understand how anyone did this for any length of time. It was so tedious and despite how hard she worked, it didn’t even look all that good. At least it would hopefully hold together well enough. But still, as Norah paused and looked it over, she was almost embarrassed to give it to her mother. Nellie seemed to read her mind.

“It’s fine!” Nellie whispered. “She’ll love it because we made it ourselves!” She was right, of course, and Norah nodded and got back to work. It only needed a few more stitches, and then she knotted her thread.

“Okay. It’s ready.” Norah said to Nellie, who nodded. “Mom, go sit at the table, okay? We have a surprise for you.”

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WC: 282

There sure was a lot of whispering going in in that bedroom, for two canines who were up to no good, and Norah’s insistence that everything was fine was also suspicious. Lucille decided that it was probably fine, though, since neither of them sounded nervous or guilty. She remained outside the door, mostly because even though Norah and Nellie were her puppies, they were adults now and that meant they could have secrets from their mother if they wanted to, and there was little she could actually do about it. Lucille hoped that if something was actually wrong, they would tell her, both as their mother and their Captain.

“Alright...” Lucille said in a skeptical tone. After a moment of hesitation for effect, Lucille headed back into the main room and sat down at the table. She made sure her back was to the bedroom so she did not ruin the surprise as they brought it out. Whatever it was, Lucille hoped that she would like it. She heard Capire’s quick pawsteps as he trotted out of the bedroom and then he hopped up onto the table. Lucille ran her fingers over his fur, and then she heard Norah and Nellie enter the room next. She kept her back to them as they came closer and then set a blanket on the table in front of her.

“Oh!” Lucille smiled, picking it up. She unfolded it, looking at all the pieces of fabric that they’d cobbled together. “Did you two make this for me? It’s great!” Sure the stitches were uneven and crooked, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that they were giving it to her.

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