Back in the Saddle

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Walker sighed heavily, rubbing sleep out of an eye as he draped a saddle over Lady’s back. He was trying to tell himself that today was like any other day, but it was a little hard to believe. If truth be told, the pain of it hadn’t been as wrenching as he’d have expected, perhaps he’d always expected something like this to happen? Whatever it was, he knew that it would be the last time. Adjusting the girth straps, the steely eyed male allowed the auto-pilot of getting Lady ready for a ride, free his mind to think on other things, drifting through thoughts of what he planned to do, the route he would take. The day was overcast and cool, doubtless it wouldn’t be long before their brief autumn came and winters fingers spread inexorably across the land

Hoisting himself into the saddle, Walker could feel his conker coloured mare adjust herself as she accustomed herself to the familiar weight. It felt good to be back in the saddle, the horse an extension of himself. For a while they walked slowly through the lands. When he thought it was safe though, Walker brought Lady up to a trot, then to a canter and finally into a gallop. As they streaked through the lands he’d been calling home, Walker brought himself into a squat position on Lady’s back, feeling all the movement of each muscle in his friend. He didn’t know where they would go, despite planning the route, Walker had no interest in reaching anywhere specific. He just wanted to keep moving, and though he knew that Lady would run until she was exhausted, he would never dream of treating her so poorly. So when he knew they’d both had a good run, he slowed back down to a walk, his gaze growing distant and letting Lady take the terrain at her own pace.
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Although the day was overcast and chilly, this did not stop the Morelli from stopping by Asters Fields to give his own horses some extra loving. Armed with an apple in each hand, Oscar gave a sharp whistle at the gates of the mare’s field. From within the throng of mares, a sturdily built palomino draft emerged, closely followed by her copper coated filly.

”Addy, sweet ol’ thing!” Oscar called cheerfully as the golden beast hung her head over the wooden fence, whickering in greeting. The Navigator gave the mare her favorite scritches behind her jawbone, and he chuckled as Adeline’s lips pulled back in pleasure. Cracker, however, went straight to the point. ”Ey! Ya wan’ ‘ese ol’ things?” Oscar asked teasingly as the copper filly lipped him on the shoulder, almost as if saying Hey! Remember those apples you bought for me? Nonetheless the man complied, allowing both horses to happily crunch away at their treats.

Once Adeline swiped away the remaining fruit juices with her tongue, Oscar slipped a corded halter over her ears. Leading the palomino from the fields, the Morelli was quick to fasten some reins to the ends of the halter. For today, the man choose to forgo a bit and a saddle with his most experienced mount. Adeline’s sweet disposition and easy gait made it so that Oscar was confident that he could take her out for an easy hack without these extra bits of tack.

Adeline was eager to respond to Oscar’s leg, and the pair went off without a hitch. On the lazier side, the draft mare required a lighter hand and a heavier heel than most. But thankfully Addy did not drag her feet too much, even loping at an easy canter for a good part of the trail. Oscar suspected that it was the mild sugar rush that had put the mare into such a good mood.

Adeline’s ears perked forwards in interest as they came across another riding pair. No other than Walker Dupree was languidly draped over a dark mare’s back, clad in his traditional loose fitting shirt. ”Ey ‘ere Walker!” Oscar called as he brought his mare to a stop a few feet away ”Wha’ brings ye’ out ridin’ n’ ‘is weather?” Adeline gave a whicker to Lady in greeting, her big brown eyes blinking amicably.

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Walker wasn’t quite sure how long Lady had wandered, his mind had been bogged down by memories, the kind that made his brand burn hot on his back. Even though he was wearing a shirt, the southerner was gripped by the idea that a burning red outline must be visible through the fabric. It was nonsense of course, but it didn’t ease the irritation. The southerner had hoped that the ride would help clear his mind, and for a while it had, but there was only so long you could run before you reached the edge, if he wanted to stay in a pack that was.

The sound of another horse made Lady turn and as she did, so did Walker’s gaze. Approaching him was Oscar, son of one the captains. The youth was handsome, with an open face, dishevelled fur and the passion of a true Krokar pack member. In that instant Walker envied the youth terribly, in a place he knew he belonged, surrounded by a tightly knit family. How ironic that Walker had felt most at home on the estate, and for so long he’d done all he could to escape it. Walker’s easy and genuine smile slipped easily onto his lips as Oscar drew up and spoke to him.

”Ah could ask y’ the same question fella. Ah’m here to give Lady’s legs a bit o’ a stretch, and been doin’ some thinkin’.”

Walker wondered how many folk in the pack knew about him and Fin, and how many had heard of the end of that relationship. It had only meant to be a little fun, but Walker knew that just fun didn’t really feel this painful.

”Y’ ain’ usin’ a saddle, fella y’ gonna pound your stones into mush.”

He chuckled and absentmindedly stroked his conker coloured mare’s neck. He loved his Lady deeply, she had travelled a lot miles with him and never complained about rain or hard ground. Her temperament was sweet and gentle. One of the best things about her was she listened and didn’t try to give advice, although he was pretty sure she’d tried to dissuaded him from some of his more hairbrained schemes.

”Looks like autumn’s on its way.”
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