And Break Away

POSTED: Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:57 pm

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There was a lot of commotion in the early morning. The preparations had been going on for several days now as supplies were loaded into a cart. Today was the day Lucille was heading off with a group of their pack members to head to the Old Ironsides Depot. Today was the day that the group was heading out, which meant everything needed to be ready soon. They hadn't rounded up the animals until now since they needed to stay in their own pastures before leaving.

With mixed feelings, Norah helped as much as she could, currently rounding up the animals they were taking with them. On one hand, she was glad that her mother and father would be able to be together again. Lucille had gotten quieter over the past couple of months, and Norah knew that she was missing Gus. Norah missed him, too.

On the other hand, Tak had volunteered to go with them, along with a few others, and Norah had been surprised to find that the thought made her sad. It was similar to how she felt when Mal left to search for Ailie. Side by side, Norah and Tak rounded up the group of horses that were heading out. Some were being used as pack animals, loaded down with goods that the Depot had requested. She kept sneaking glances at him as they worked, but if he noticed, he didn't let on.

As they brought animals up, some of those who were leaving came to collect them until eventually everyone and everything was accounted for. Norah stood off to the side as the group organized themselves, and she scuffed her toes in the dirt, half wishing she was going, too. But no, her home was here and her mom would be coming back after everything was settled. Still...

Lucille turned towards her and then Norah realized that it was time for them to go. Her throat tightened, and Lucille brushed her hair from her eyes so that Norah could see that the same bittersweet emotion was reflected back at her.

Neither of them wanted to linger in their goodbyes because that only made it more unpleasant. Then the group was off, slowly moving out while those who had gathered to say goodbye watched them go.

With a sigh, Norah turned around and looked at the village. It felt so empty now even though it wasn't, really. Soon enough some of their pack mates would be back and everything would feel normal again. In the meantime, there was work to do.

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