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KR Disbandment Thread: Aster's Field

POSTED: Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:53 pm

ooc - Krokar Up in Flames group 2 thread - releasing the animals in Aster's Field! Feel free to pp Oscar shouting instructions and recruiting your character to help free the beasties

Oscar Morelli

Light danced through the open window of the Morelli’s cabin, causing a hazy orange glow to pierce through the darkness of his closed eyelids. Murmuring something unintelligible, the wiry haired man stirred amidst the comforting cloud he’d crafted out of layers and layers of hides. Oscar had never been the most graceful waking up, and he greeted morning with a cold shoulder.

Except the sun remained well below the horizon.

It wasn’t until he was hit with the stench of acrid smoke did he realize that something was wrong. The Navigator leapt to his feet, adrenaline quick to chase away any lingering sleep. By the time he forced his door open, the sounds of screams were echoing in his ears. The Defender ran out the front of his cabin, the steel of his sword glinting in the firelight.

But this was not an enemy that could be met with a sword.

Mouth hanging agape, the Morelli came to a grinding halt as he surveyed the hellscape that had once been Fiskebyn. The flames towered above him, engulfing the wooden cabins. Chaos ensured with pack mates running left and right, some fetching water to fight the flames, others emptying what precious cargo they could from their homes before the fire reached them. Above all, Oscar recognized his aunt shouting orders for more water to be fetched from the lake.

Where could he even start? Helpless without an enemy in the flesh and blood to defend Krokar from, the Navigator found himself stumbling about, hollering for his packmates to exit their cabins. The Morelli scanned the faces of the Krokarans he stumbled across, hoping to recognize his family members running for safety. Lucille. Norah, Milos, Remy...but it was all in vain.

And who was screaming? Oscar coughed, forced to use his free hand to shield his muzzle from the billowing smoke. All of a sudden, it dawned on him. The screams were not those of his fellow packmates as he first thought, but those of animals.

Heart in his throat, the Morelli sheathed his sword and sprinted. ”Ay, you!” Oscar hollered, grabbing a nearby Krokaran by the shoulder ”’Ome ‘it me! We need ter get ter th’ beats ‘efore th’ fire does!” Without looking back Oscar continued, pushing through the thick of the forest as he broke his way through towards Asters Field.

The smoke was on the horizon by the time Oscar reached the fields. The horses had worked themselves up into a frenzy, their eyes rolling back and hooves stamping. Helpless, Oscar looked on as the flames began to encroach on the surrounding trees. ”Dun’ waste time!” the Navigator barked brusquely, covering his nose as the smoke billowed into the field.

The Morelli threw all his strength into pulling open the gate to the nearest field, which happened to house the mares and their foals. The panicked beasts took little heed, pushing against the gate and forcing it to open even further. Throwing himself aside was all that Oscar could do to avoid being trampled beneath their sharp hooves.

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POSTED: Fri Oct 26, 2018 1:02 am

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If one did not have any idea of what chaos was, the current conditions of Fiskebyn would be the crash course for it. Having been woken up by the cacophony of noise outside, Ibycus barely had the time to grab most of his books and a triangular green and blue cloth the books sat on stuffed into his bag as the smoke was already pouring into the building through the windows and door. The flames were already quickly converting the roof into ash as he exited into the pandemonium that currently held the town in it's steely grip.

Blinded by the acrid smoke and light from the surrounding flames, nose unable to smell anything over the stench of everything on fire it was difficult to navigate the sea of confusion and mayhem that filled the land. A hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, at first confused until his brain processed something about beasts and fire focused him into action. Eyes burning and barely able to see, he managed to find his way and started opening gates. The goats and sheep practically flew out and headed away from the flames. Ibycus did not stop in his headway to find more gates to open.

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Derek woke to shouting, and for once it wasn't his energetic brother telling him he should be out of bed. In fact he was doing better at being up early so he could help with the animals. The chores had become a new but not fully unwelcome task of late, and more often than not he was up before the sun even was. Today though he had decided to sleep in a bit, the colder weather driving him back under his hand made quilt. So to be woken up by foreign shouting was a bit disorienting to say the least. Then the smoke hit his nose and he was wide awake, quickly escaping his warm confines to look around the lands.

Fire. It was eating away his home faster than he liked to watch, blinking he looked back to the pile of blankets that was his brother before hearing the distressed call of a animal at the stables. Flicking his ears back he ran towards the small building that held the animals with only a brief thought of how Alex could sleep through such noise. The thought was soon dashed aside by him needing to take action to help free the beasts, starting with the chickens. The birds were running about somewhat frantically, and a few flapped their wings to launch at him as he opened the gate. He gave a yell of surprise than guided them out, most left right away, but a goose stayed stubbornly behind even at his shouts to chase it out and to safety “Come on you stupid bird!” He ran to it and it moved to attack him in turn “Crazy goose!!!” He yelled as he barely dodged the beak of the now grey looking fowl. Panting lightly he stared at the bird then huffed a sigh “Fine, burn for all I care!!” He left it there, though he did leave the gate open as he worked on helping free the other animals.

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Fear threatened to freeze Norah in place as she watched the flames spread through the village. Was anyone trapped? How would they even be able to tell? She wasn't able to immediately remember where everyone lived--something she would have been able to do with little effort on any other day.

Coughing, Norah turned in a slow circle, and then her brother's voice cut through the panic clouding her mind. Right, the animals. The fire was spreading to them, too, and many of them would be trapped by the fences. The horses and caribou, and maybe the cows might be able to jump if they really needed to, but what of the others? And what if they didn't? Norah really wished Tak was here.

Norah's hands shook as she turned to stumble after Oscar and the others who were following him, and she was very glad that someone had managed to take charge in the chaos. How had this started? Why was this happening to them?

Honks was already putting up a fuss despite the attempt to help him. Stupid goose. Norah bypassed attempting to help him, heading for the pen that held the pigs. They were squealing with their panic and two of them nearly got stuck trying to get out the gate at the same time. They managed to squeeze through, followed by the rest, and Norah quickly moved on, heading towards the caribou pen next.

POSTED: Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:02 am

In the chaos, Ascher had wanted to ensure only that Tarina and Taufir were safe beside the lake. That was all he could do and all he could be responsible for when it felt like his nightmares had breached the edge of reality. Everything blazed and sweltered and Ascher had been rendered motionless by the heat – so reminsicent of that overly warm cabin where Bel had died.

It was Tarina who had pushed him roughly toward Aster’s Fields, urging him to help the animals he’d always had a connection with; Tarina who had bared her teeth as she’d clutched their son to her chest. And Ascher had not argued. He never had been successful in arguing with her bright, indomitable spirit.

The Stormbringer ignored the protests in his joints as he loped toward the fields where the animals had been resting – had been, because now the air was full of the screaming and stamping of hoofed creatures and the screeching of birds.

Ascher’s eyes were sharp – hard - chips of ice in a ruffled face as he felt his way through the smoke for the slats of wood which made up the fences, wrenching apart openings where he could locate them and letting out unintelligible shouts in hopes that he could frighten any cowering beasts out of their fear. They needed to run, to be as fleet-footed as Ascher knew they could be.

Somewhere amongst the fleeing, petrified masses was Signe. Ascher caught only a glimpse of the bay mare as she galloped – away from the flames, Gods be praised. And then he whipped around to throw open more gates, to encourage the herds to do what instinct told them not to do: scatter.

When he reached them there was no time to lament the fact that Ascher had never got to know the caribou well. En masse it was difficult to remember their soft noses and friendly curiousity; they were all hooves and thick, solid bodies jostling. Ascher barely maintained his footing as he moved to help Norah with the gate, only vaguely aware that she was real and not a harbinger of destruction.

Hooves were drumming and so was Ascher's heart, asking one question on repeat: how would they survive this?


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