Big Sorries

POSTED: Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:55 pm

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for my constant disappearances and spontaneous re-joins, especially to the mods and admin who have to deal with opening and closing my stuff all of the time. I have no excuses - life just gets in the way and I struggle to stay active for one reason or another. But I truly hope it hasn't caused too much inconvenience or frustration for everyone. I love you guys a bunch and hate to be so flaky.

I'm always hesitant to come back after something pulls me away because I don't want to put anyone through all of this again and again, so I can't say for sure whether or not I'll be back this time. It may be better for me to just remain a lurker lol.

Anywho, take care all and know that I think all of you and 'Souls in general is amazing.


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