Silver is slow

POSTED: Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:10 pm

School has come back to hit Silver in the face. I've been rather slow as of late due to school sucking the muse out of me, especially now. As well as scrambling and frying my brain. I apologize for any threads that have died and hope I can get back in the game soon. I'm hoping that I'll get back on the posting train on Saturday once everything winds down.

Also, I will be dropping Garrett due to muse issues and will be sending him to the Outpost or something. I will be bringing in a new character, Seraphina that I hope will bring my muse back! I will say for now that it's rather inconclusive as to who is my primary since it's been harder to get into the Iorek head-space than Avi, but I hope I'll be back on my boy soon. Feel free to DM me about threads that could be revived! Similarly with Dawn, It's been a bit harder to get into her head-space as well but I will try on Saturday since I miss my cinnamon rolls.

I'm hoping that this is just burn out from SoSu + school and hope things will get better! Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope I'll be posting more soon!

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POSTED: Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:09 am

I'm sure you're just burnt out, I didn't even win Sosu and I was burnt from it. XD

I hope you feel better and no pressure. :3 IRL comes first! Take care of yourself and I hope everything levels out for you soon!
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