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  1. Cardinal Direction Navigation
  2. Remove Wikipedia links
  3. Add Human Territories Data
  4. Finding Images
  5. Formatting Images
  6. Ascertaining ACTIVE Pack Subterritories are listed on the Wiki (compare pack websites with Wiki pages -- simple)
  7. Ascertaining INACTIVE Pack Subterritories are listed
  8. New Landmark Descriptions
  9. Rescue all original, intact (not updated) Bleeding Souls descriptions. Put onto their own pages, prefixed with BS.


  1. Adding the images to the Wiki NOTE: Please wait for images to be uploaded to the 'Souls server first.
  2. Put things into templates! NOTE: Please wait for templates to be completed first.
  3. Go back through all territories and make sure to nab all things to be reflected on three Geography pages (Waterways, Landforms, Islands). NOTE: Please wait for all new Landmarks to be added first.


  1. Add area for cardinal directions, waterways, etc. in footer of Areas template
  2. Create Region + Territory templates
Updates that need to be reflected on main game info too ugh:
  1. Clement's Park is claimed -- Western Tangles header
  2. North Shore is in Isthmus of Chignecto plz lol
  3. Update the division maps so that Aelcrest Shore is in Ashes and Ashes like it is supposed to be ~_~
  4. Go back over everything and arrange in better order (e.g., Shiloh Hills shouldn't be above Shattered Coast in the list, Shiloh is to the south of Shattered Coast). @_@
  1. Separate: Islands + Landforms; Waterways
  2. Spear Headlands = Argyle Sound = Argyle Head
  3. Gotta move Kouchibouguac park, fix lots of other parks. Basically go back over the Wiki and align the Map to the Wiki plz.
  4. Maybe add resources (horses, stones whatever, humanjunk, trade areas, etc.)
  5. Annapolis River runs through OG Sunrise and dumps into Annapolis Basin (Beast's Grin Peninsula)



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Official Landmarks to Add List! === ASHES AND ASHES === === NORTHERN TIDES ===
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====== IMAGES MASTER LIST ======
ChloƩ Moineau wrote:Finally got around to getting some more pictures! woohoo -

Prince Edward Island:
one - red sands beach
two - some sandstone formations
three - Charlottetown
four - Charlottetown
five - elephant rock
six - blooming point beach
seven - cavendish red cliffs
eight - some rowanberries
nine - st. dustan's cathedral in Chartlottetown

Black Rock Islands:
one - lighthouse

http://i.imgur.com/cj7R7vV.png (source) -- kite

Fundy National Park:
http://i.imgur.com/HkloBkm.png (source) -- kite
http://i.imgur.com/81fcMVV.png (source) -- kite
http://i.imgur.com/r9rnUVc.png (source) -- kite
http://i.imgur.com/KpJRyos.png (source) -- kite

http://i.imgur.com/sjjVZpP.png (source)

Drifter Bay:
not formatted (source) -- not formatted

Sunflower Sunsets:
not formatted (source) -- mel
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kejim ... Colour.jpg -- sie
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Partr ... ,_2008.jpg -- sie
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dunca ... 09_010.JPG -- sie
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:StMarysMabou.gif -- sie
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Louisbourg_22.jpg -- sie
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Forte ... rg_-_2.JPG -- sie
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Halifaxskyline.jpg -- crop old lady out, good stretchy skyline pic for halifax (sie)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Musqu ... r_2010.jpg -- sie

============ RESOURCES ============
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Table of Contents

General Guidelines

  • Don't worry too much about mistakes. This overhaul will involve, in the end, Sie is going over all of the Areas page with as finely toothed a comb as possible, fixing things everywhere. No stress! <3
  • Similarly, don't worry AT ALL about formatting. ALL of the territory pages are going to get reformatted into the new templates, so -- as long as this stuff happens, awesome!

Add Human Territories Data

Human Territories: Bathurst, Amherst, Halifax, Greater Halifax, Spring Heights, Thornhill District, Hydrostone District, Saint John, Yarmouth, Barrington, Charlottetown, Millstone Village, Concrete Jungle, Skeletal Sanctuary, Colchester Quarter, Cavendish Estates, River of Fire

Add approximate population, population density, # of dwellings to all formerly human-populated areas. How to:

  1. Pull from Wikipedia for all when possible. Exceptions:
    • Probably won't be able to find specific neighborhood populations for Halifax subterritories. Is okay.
    • IDK if Millstone existed for real, can just guess if not.
    • Concrete Jungle = Sydney, Cape Breton Island. Cavendish Estates = Summerside, PEI. Colchester Quarter = Colchester County, NS.
  2. Round to a neat/even number.
  3. Adjust for realism accordingly in comparison with real 'Souls territory size (probably the hardest step and will probably be easier after each territory has a 'Souls-realistic, map-based area calculated -- you can save this step for me later, if you want).

Cardinal Direction Navigation

NOTE: Only for Regions and Territories (NOT Subterritories -- that's so much work, and way harder to maintain).

The idea is for Regions and Territories to have links to territories that border it in each cardinal direction. This would allow easier navigation through the Areas wiki pages, and perhaps also add to a person's "mental map" of the areas, with such information easily provided.


  1. You can figure everything out on the map!
  2. Even for our ginormous territories with many border territories (like Halcyon Mountain) list all 4 of the southern border territories. this info will be tucked away, either into a footer or the sidebar of the territory, not sure. For waterbound territories (e.g., Prince Edward Island), just listing the waterways in each direction is fine; you don't have to list border territories as there are none.
  3. You can literally stick this information down at the bottom of the Wiki page, unformatted. They'll all get reformatted into the template eventually anyway, so their positioning does not really matter: just that the actual information is there for when the templates roll through. :3

So -- on the Dampwoods page, you'd go:

Code: Select all
* North: [[Halcyon Mountains]]
* East: [[Halcyon Mountains]]
* South: [[Quartz Shoreline]]
* West: [[The Waste]] / [[Arachnea's Revenge]]

On the Wabanaki Coast, you'd go:

Code: Select all
* North: [[Miramichi Wilderness]] / [[Frost Reaches]]
* East: [[Isthmus of Chignecto]]
* South: [[Bay of Fundy]] <--- For waterways, Raze has already gone through and linked all of these at the bottom of the page; steal her link
* West: [[Saint Croix Highlands]]

Old Pack Subterritories

We'd like to take the old territory descriptions from defunct packs and putting them on the Wiki, primarily as Landmarks of Territories and Subterritories.


  1. Try to remove anything super-specific to the pack. If a territory description talks about how Storm meets at a certain spot in the woods for three sentences, remove those three sentences.
  2. Remember that things decay, etc. In the old 'Souls territories, especially, things will have burned, died off, etc. A lush forest description from The Blacklands isn't appropriate anymore, not since the fire. o:
  3. The finished description goes on the relevant territory page (look on the Map to figure that out). If you fixed a description but you don't know where it goes on the map or don't feel like figuring it out, no worries! Just post it as a reply to this topic and I/someone will put it on the Wiki for you.

Ugh-y Small Tasks

Areas and Numbers

  1. LAND AREAS: Calculate the approximate land area of each region, territory, and subterritory ;_____;. Use the 'Souls map to calculate, do not rely on real life areas.
  2. NUMBER CONVERSIONS: Check all the pages out for metric / imperial conversions. All numbers should be reflected in both. NOTE: prior point should happen first, obviously.

Wikipedia Links

  1. REMOVE those links from the body content of the page.
  2. Compile all Wikipedia links in simple list format at the end of each page, under the More Information/Sources/Resources header (yes, it is named lots of different things -- that is why new template lol).

Wiki Images

You may notice Saint John has a LOT of images. That's nice, right? YES. We'd like to add a lot of images to the Wiki. O: It helps with visualizations!

Finding Wiki Images

  1. All images should be Creative Commons or otherwise non-copyright. This is really important!
  2. All images should obviously match the area. No hulking mountains for the Wabanaki Coast, please. :(
  3. Images can be of the actual, real area (protip: Maritime Canada is goddamn gorgeous, real life images are awesome, and there are a ton of photographers from the area on Flickr who upload their images as Creative Commons images). Images can also be of somewhere else that looks like Nova Scotia. Try not to use any Amazonian jungle or Sahara desert images (obvious areas that do not fit with any of our territories).
  4. Post-apocalyptic and decayed areas, even if not of Nova Scotia or New Brunswick IRL = <333333. Gary, Indiana and Pripyat, Ukraine are two great examples of post-apocalyptic looking areas.
  5. If you cannot format the images (e.g., due to lack of Photoshop or know-how) that's perfectly okay. You can reply to this topic with your image suggestions. Someone else will format them for you.

Formatting Wiki Images

  1. All images should be exactly 500 pixels wide. Height doesn't matter.
  2. Crop or edit out any humans in the image.
  3. All images should be horizontally oriented where possible. In some cases (e.g., Blackmoor Castle, there's no choice but to vertically orient the image, so, it's not an absolute rule -- but do try for horizontal images.
  4. All images should include credit in 12 pt white Arial with a 1px black stroke in either the lower left or right hand corner, no anti-aliasing. Credit usernamehere@wikimedia commons or usernamehere@flickr (lowercase!).

Submitting Wiki Images

  1. Submit a link to the image on Flickr or wherever you found it when you submit the image.
  2. Submit AS A REPLY HERE; don't put the images directly on the Wiki yet. O: We'll upload them to the 'Souls server so they'll stay forever and ever. <3
  3. If you're interested in putting the images on the Wiki, that'd be awesome! We'll post a list of compiled uploaded images for placement when we're all set with them.

New Territory Landmarks

Okay so this is the fun part and I don't blame most of you if this is what you want to do. >_>

Suggest New Landmarks

Suggest new Landmarks -- especially in the territories that were just added. I say suggest in this instance because there's a likelihood of a landmark already existing (especially for places taken from reality). Someone might suggest the same thing as you, or a similar thing to you. It'd be better to compile a list! When suggesting a new landmark, include the territory or subterritory where the landmark occurs. You can even volunteer to later write its description, if you want!

Write New Landmarks Descriptions

  1. Look at the list of approved/finalized Landmarks.
  2. Write a description for them.
  3. Reply to this topic with your written territory description.
Writer's Guidelines
  1. Keep in mind the normal amount of decay over twenty-plus years of abandonment, especially in human areas.
  2. Remember that 'Souls isn't exactly like real life. There can (and should) be discrepancies between an actual map of the Maritime provinces and the map/Wiki of 'Souls.
  3. We aren't seeking to note every single tiny interesting thing ever: we should allow for flexibility and fuzzy details so that players can still come up with the little things (a street, a house, a patch of forest, a stream, etc.) on their own as they roleplay. Just keep that in mind and try to balance the amount of detail you offer.
  4. Descriptions can be as long or as short as you want! We recommend keeping them below 300 words -- 150-200 words is much more average for our territory descriptions, but you can go longform, too, as this is all for the Wiki!

PENDING Instructions

Please note: instructions listed under here are pending. Something else in the to do list needs to be completed before we do these things. Some items may be in progress.

Geography Pages (Landforms, Waterways, Islands)

  • While adding new land marks -- if possible -- add them to this list.
  • After all new landmarks have been added, go through the three Geography pages (Landforms, Waterways, Islands) and add any new landforms.
  • The descriptions are added via Page Includes. Look at the current Geography pages for an example of how to grab the description from the correct Areas page.
  • If the page include is not working or grabbing way too much of a page, edit the Areas page in question and make sure the anchor links [[#areaName]] {area description and information here} [[#areaNameEnd]] are properly set. Failure to include an end anchor link may result in more page being included than you want; failure to include anchors at all will result in the page include failing.
New Landforms Compiled List:
  1. Gaspe Peninsula (Gaspesia)
  2. WOLF'S PEAK > Tallest peak of North Mountain range
  3. Cobequid Foothills landmarks
  4. Death Mountains landmarks
  5. Burnt Church landmarks
  6. Drifter Bay > Basalt Headlands
  7. Shiloh Hills > Highrocks, Cottontail Valley, Skip Caves
  8. The Waste > Grimwell Caverns
  9. The Trenches > Riunione Beach
  10. http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Areas.Bonefire
  11. http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Areas.SwampSosye
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