Interesting, but frustrating issue!


POSTED: Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:03 am

Ok, so maybe some of you have noticed that two Krokar pages, the Animals page and the Inventory pages in particular, both have this frustrating string of code at the top and bottom:

Packs.GroupHeader self=0 basepage={*Packs.KrokarInventory} at the top and
Packs.GroupFooter self=0 basepage={*Packs.KrokarInventory} at the bottom

And you'll also notice, on the Inventory page the code in the tables completely breaks down under "Miscellaneous" and I noticed that, while remaking the Animals page (and also trying to sleuth out the problem), the Animal codes and everything begins to break down after a certain point too.

I've given the Krokar Links a look at, and even tested it by taking it out completely, but that doesn't seem to be the issue or the cause of the problem. I've also taken the time to go through, one by one, refilling the KR Animals back into place to see if it was something in the code that was broken, and up until "General Honks" the whole thing worked fine. I've switched it around with other animals to see if it was that one in particular, but it doesn't matter what - after a certain point, all the codes just break down for no apparent reason.

Additionally, I've tested other packs with working Animal codes in this and sometimes it works (Like Midnight Shores, though they have different formats) and sometimes it does not (Salsola's will only work up to a certain point, too).

I've also done tiny things, like change the image size and other factors to try and rule out stuff, but it doesn't really matter.

Has anyone had this problem before? Why is it happening? Can anyone with better know-how than me take a look and try and figure it out? I've tested all sorts of different theories already and all that I can think of is that somehow, some way, Krokar is hitting the max-capacity for their pages (even though it seems to me like other packs have way more content and their pages are fine!?) and just, failing after that.

Weirdly, it's only in the tag boxes that the code breaks down, and not the actual table itself.



SO after more trial-and-error, I suspect the problem may be the Tags. If I just do a repeat of all tables without tags, no error problems, which would explain Midnight Shores working. I tested a little on the SL animal page (sorry guys, no worries, nothing was saved, I just previewed a whole bunch), and they seem to hit a tag-limit too.


*EDIT 2*

I have resolved to simply replace the Tag shortcuts with the actual tag, which works just the same, except it doesn't break the page. It's a little bulkier in the code but it doesn't mess up the page and and that's all that matters 8,)
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