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Try to use the forms for clarity, but if you're not sure what to put, that's fine!

Privately Contact the Leaders

Want to make a private request or contact the leaders privately/personally for discussion? Cool! Please PM us on the Inferni pack account. Everyone can check this account, so it results in a faster response!

You can always PM us if your update is sensitive or you wish to engage in a private discussion, but please try to keep "basic" requests and anything related to Inferni maintenance here. Thank you!

PM the Inferni Pack Account
Thread and Plot Requests Thread Submissions

We will promote your all welcome threads, plots, and thread requests via Twitter. Non-Infernians who need a coyote welcome, too!

For Co-Ranks, Rex titles, or anything similar. Remember to adhere to the Completion Rules where necessary.

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[b]What Are you Looking For?:[/b] A very brief summary of your thread requests and the types of threads you'd like.
Code: Select all
[b]What is this for?[/b]:
[b]Thread Link:[/b]
[b]Description and how the thread applies:[/b]
[list][*][b]IF COMPLETION RULES APPLY, did the thread die because of my inactivity?[/b]:
[*][b]IF COMPLETION RULES APPLY, word count?[/b]:[/list]
aNPC Status cNPC, yNPC, etc. Addition

Going on NPC status? Sorry to see you go! Please include a return date.

Remember, especially when adding a cNPC or yNPC, you must let us know!

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[b]Character Name:[/b]
      [b]Presumed NPC Length:[/b]
      [b]Approximate Return Date:[/b]
      [b]Reason for NPC Status:[/b]
      [b]Have you read the [url=http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/policies#NPCs]Policies page[/url] of the website detailing precise aNPC guidelines?[/b]
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[b]Inferni Character Name:[/b]
      [b]cNPC, yNPC, etc. Name(s):[/b]
      [b]Link to Forum Profile or Wiki:[/b]
Game Points & Prizes
Game Points Submission

When submitting Inferni Game points, please include a total amount, regardless of your form of submission. Questions about the Inferni Game? See the Game FAQ.

Prize Purchase Points Transfer

Remember to test your titles. If you cannot code your own, let us know.

Need to transfer your points from (or to!) Inferni?

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[b]Character Name:[/b]
   [b]Link to Game Tally:[/b]
   [b]Amount of Points Submitting:[/b]
   [b]Prize Claimed:[/b]
Code: Select all
[b]Inferni Character Name:[/b]
   [b]Transferring Character Name:[/b]
   [b]Transferring Character Pack:[/b]
   [b]Amount of Points Transferring:[/b]
   [b]Reason for Transfer:[/b]
   [b]Asked Other Leader:[/b]

Here's a list of other things you may post to the Inferni Maintenance thread:

  • Immunes Rank updates. If your character wants to change their rank, or if you're a new member letting us know where you'd like to be ranked in the Immunes tiers.
  • Wiki updates! E.g., companion additions -- these go in the Inferni Animal Directory, but if you're uncomfortable editing the Wiki, we can add it for you. Make sure you provide all necessary information for a Wiki update.
  • Joiner updates, if your character is a Rex II or III titled character and is accepting a new coyote. Don't forget to request their Inferni title in the regular Maintenance thread!
  • Adoptable updates, if your adoptable has found a new player or if you need to change an adoptable's status (if your adoptable is listed on the ranks, that is).
  • pNPC Threads, if you've used one of the pNPCs in a thread and you wish for it to be added to the pNPC's archive.
  • Questions, suggestions, thoughts -- anything related to Inferni!

Please let us know if our website, ranks, information portal, or anything else about Inferni needs editing. We probably don't know about these things, and we make mistakes, too! Thanks. ♥

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[b]Page Link:[/b]
[b]Location on Page:[/b]
[b]Problem Description:[/b]
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POSTED: Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:53 am

Immunes Preferences

If you're Tirones-ranked or new to Inferni, your Immunes ranks preference will be recorded here according to your choice. Want to change it up? Just reply here and let us know.

Immunes Preferences
Boone ?? Merari Fera
Aliyah Sciens Hope Fera
Blaze Fera Ichabod ???
-- -- -- --
Inferni's Featured Adoptable Character!

Join the Coyotes
Inferni @ 'Souls Wiki

Inferni is a coyote-only clan first established in 2002. With a flexible hierarchy and tons of co-ranks, Inferni's ranking system and coyote culture are unique amongst 'Souls wolf packs. If you're interested in joining Inferni, we'd love to have you!

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POSTED: Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:18 pm

Character Name: Virue

Link to Game Tally: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=0

Also adding points:

Old total: 751 (with purchase of the disbandment flame icon)
New total: 1091-704 = 387
387 + 751 = 1138

New total after title claim: 638

Amount of Points Submitting: 500

Prize Claimed:

Custom title

Dis what code looks like:

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<p><span style="font-size:20px; font-family: Impact, Charcoal, Sans-serif, Times; font-stretch: extra-expanded; font-variant: header; color:#ff0000;">TWO GULPS</span></p>

Tell me if that looks any good, I am garbage at code lolol
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light and match

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