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POSTED: Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:16 am

With my muse reviving from the Sosu slump, threads wrapping up, and the recent addition of a fourth character (gasp, the scandal!), I’m prepared to pick up some more new threads! If all goes well, I will be properly drowning in threads this month.

Calia - My newest addition to my clan is Calia Larsen, an albino goat herder who hails from the frigid far away lands on Norway. She has more or less recently arrived in Souls a couple months earlier, serving a brief stint as a loner before joining forces with Felix Nightlark and founding Mistfell Vale.

[*] Calia would love to meet some fellow Mistwalkers! Eager to make new friendships and make herself acquainted with the general membership, this new Nightstag is pretty much down for anything regarding threads with her packmates. If your Mistwalker needs a warm body for co rank threads or thread prompts, Calia’s your gal!

[*] Calia has her eyes set on a Shepherd co rank within MV. This basically entails to caring for her herd of goats, as well as producing goods from them to establish trade. These duties can range from milking the nanny goats to slaughtering a goat and preparing the meat, to making an alcoholic drink from clotted goat’s milk or tanning hides. Calia would be more than eager to teach interested individuals the basics in goat care and milking. Or perhaps your character will become emotionally attached to one of Calia’s goats, only to witness it being slaughtered before their eyes? Many things can happen within these co rank threads ^-^

[*] If your character is a curious onlooker and is wondering who the heck all of these crazy Mistwalkers are, perhaps they can stumble upon Calia near MV’s borders? Being second in command of this newly established pack, as well as being a rather outgoing woman, Calia would be more than happy to answer any questions from curious individuals. Simultaneously, if you have a character in need of recruitment, Calia can be the one to introduce them to the pack!

[*] Anything else you have in mind? I am looking to pick up a LOT of fresh threads for this new girl :)

Rowtag - Row had been through a lot this past winter, being kidnapped by a drug cartel and all, but has slowly been on the mend! With that, I am looking to pick up a few new threads on my Sapient boy :)

[*] Uh oh! It looks like Rowtag’s feline companion Sitala has been making herself busy with the stray tom cats around the Estate...and she is expecting kittens! Would love a silly thread with one or two Sapient members regarding the early births of these kittens. And hey, perhaps you character can even walk home with a new companion in tow ;)

[*] Rowtag is always available for your tattooing and body piercing needs, 24/7 on the clock! He can offer his skills to both Sapient and outside members alike...for a small fee of course. unless he really likes you

[*] Anything YOU need? I can offer Rowtag as a warm body for all your AoS and Metier needs!

[*] Speaking of...Rowtag will be pursuing his Area of Study soon! Which means he will be in need of AoS threads! But I have yet to submit the request, so this will be updated once that’s complete ehehe

[*] This is open to both Sapient and non Sapient members alike (men, of course) who are in need of some flirting practice! Rowtag has just recently entered a relationships of some sorts with Dareios Ahearne...however terms have not yet been set! Love is in the is anyone interested in flirting with Rowtag to make his man jealous ;)

[*] Anything else you have in mind, I’m open for! Would love some more casual threads where Rowtag continues to make friends both inside and outside of Sapient...or maybe even he annoys someone!

Oscar Morelli - Oh boy oh boy I am in need of many fresh Oscar threads! This Krokar dude needs ALL the fresh plots and things

[*] I would love for Oscar to explore his romantic side a little more! Open to both Krokar and non Krokar members who are single and ready to mingle! Or not, I won’t judge. Whether it is casual flirting, or even the beginning of a potential relationship, I’m pimping him out for it all! This is open to both men and women…

[*] It’s about time that Oscar moves out of the family cabin and claims a stead of his own! Expect an AW thread up sometime soon where Oscar is preparing to move into his own cabin! Maybe your character is nice enough to lend a helping hand...or to sit by and laugh.

[*] Oscar is open for sparring threads (hand to hand or swordplay!) as well as some horsemanship threads (he has recently obtained two horses of his own)! Both are fields that he has expressed interest in, and I would love for him to continue exploring these

[*] Anything else? Oscar is pretty much down for anything right now! He can also be a warm body for your co rank needs

Vinny - Last but not least, my very own grumpy Blackrust! Vinny pretty much lives in Biff’s bar 24/7, there’s no denying it at this point

[*] Need someone to fight? Vinny will probably find some way to offend your character! Though I should warn you, Biff has taken the time to “train” his new hopefully if when he loses, he’ll at least get a few punches in

[*] On the other hand, it doesn’t take much to goad Vinny into a challenge, no matter how childish! Whether you are in need of an opponent for darts, a drinking contest, musical chairs...Vinny could be an amusing opponent. But don’t expect him to refrain from cheating ;)

[*] Vinny’s got some sticky fingers on him! Perhaps your character catches him lifting some goods off of them?

[*] While Vinny’s got a (huge) preference for men, this doesn’t stop him from shamelessly sleeping with woman either! If your character is feeling especially desperate lonely this Valentine’s day, perhaps they’ll be swayed by Vinny’s suave moves. Or the opposite might happen, and Vinny will be left with only a stinging slap across the face to remember the night! Vinny is open for pretty much any and all casual romantic affairs...and perhaps a long term one too, if the right person comes along ;O

Feel free to reply on this thread, or to PM/DM me!
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POSTED: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:15 am

Honrin and his friendos will be arriving at Krokar soon to do some tradings and have good relation things :D Maybe Oscar and Honrin can spar or train or DO ANYTHING.

On the same vein, theres currently an AW+ in MV with Honrin and co - they're looking for passage through MV on their way to Krokar, and ALSO wouldn't be opposed to trading and making friendly!

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POSTED: Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:56 pm

SAGA & CALIA 1000%
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POSTED: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:59 pm

My girl Jura is on her way to join Mistfell Vale very soon! She's practically skill-less and would jump at the chance to learn about goats. If not then fulfilling some thread prompts together could be fun??
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POSTED: Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:52 pm

Echoing Jace in that I have Eve who is open to meeting Calia in MV and Oscar in KR! I'll DM you :3
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POSTED: Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:56 am

@ Jace Oh for sure! I would love for Calia to get to know some outsiders when she gets the chance! And yes, Oscar needs more sparring threads, and could use some more tips from a more experienced fighter! DM'ing you ^-^

@ Vida YES, 100000%! I'll DM you to follow up!

@ Jura Ooooh, a future joiner! Yes, I'd be down for goat related threads or thread prompts once Jura is accepted! OR BOTH, let's live on the edge ahaha. I'll PM you to follow up :)

@ Ketsuki Sounds good! I await your DM ^-^

Keep em coming guys!
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POSTED: Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:23 pm


I'd love to send Milos (with or without Elle to do a little trading) down to MV to meet the new pack. They could bond over their love of goats! :D So maybe a thread with Milos (and another one with Elle if you wanted to do some trading)?

ETA: Oh! Elle is all about horses and has been practicing her horseback riding a lot. She'd really like to get skilled (and brave) enough to ride Spruis, who she plans to trade for when she's got enough goods to offer. Maybe Oscar could help her?
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POSTED: Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:55 pm

@ Mandi Ooooh yes to to both of those! I'll PM you regarding details :D
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