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POSTED: Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:24 pm

GenerosityCharacter Wiki
  • Indentured Servant: Adding to the recent influx of servants, Generosity is now one of the serving members of Salsola. Solace, the boy she is indebted to, will allow her services to be used by most Family due to the shortage of communal servants -- and to gather good graces and small-time favors. Generosity can help with most domestic tasks, especially involving animals, alongside some laborious ones. (She can be of assistance in earning Jobs!)
  • Culture Shock: She sticks out like a sore thumb -- she leans more on towards a feral lifestyle both in appearance and behavior, and is largely ignorant of "the civilized world." Want to act out on Salsola's prejudice against wildlings? This is the perfect opportunity! Likewise, a gentler hand can guide her and show her some tips on how to adapt to her new social environment.
  • Exploration: Due to her docile and obedient nature, Solace let's her roam the territory by herself -- or it seems so. Regardless, Generosity still has her curiosity in her and she enjoys exploring and seeing the sights. Perhaps someone can join her or show her one of Salsola's spectacular visas to bring some cheer to her.
Solace D'AngeloCharacter Wiki
  • Patrolling: Solace is a busy little bee, and his daily routine involves a couple of hours patrolling Salsola's borders. I am hoping to gather a volunteer or two where they stray a little too close to the pack for his liking and either intimidates or chases them off!
  • Fighting: Falling in line with the above, I would love for Solace to get some more experience with fighting. This can include training, sparring, and non-threatening fights with Outsiders.
  • Relationships: He still has many Salsolans to meet! The encounters can be either positive or negative, which can affect role play down the road.

    I'm a bit sleepy right now so I'll flesh out this thread request/write more later! ♥
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POSTED: Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:12 pm

Idrieus is a little full at the moment for threads, but I would be more than happy to throw Silas at either one of them.
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