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MV, DCG, NC, Loners etc!

POSTED: Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:21 pm

Hey! So, I wanna be super active this month so I can request puppies (among other things ;D), so seriously guys, throw threads/plots my way for both Sedona and Zsorthia! I need to try to keep brackets even so bear with me there. Otherwise, both gals are open to just about anything. Notes and ideas for each of them are below! You can reach me by replying here, PMing me, or DMing me on Discord at @LRaeWesty92#6066 <3

Sedona Whitesage

1. A Visit To DCG! -- Sedona and Baelish will be making a trip to trade up to DCG on July 10th, but I'd like for Sedona to come across someone from DCG before then while she's out exploring a bit. If you got an Del Ceneren up to a meet and greet, lmk!

2.Gamekeeper Co-rank! -- Sedona's got her second co-rank, Gamekeeper that I'd like to upgrade to level 2! I need three threads relevant to that skill. If anyone wants to learn more about the horses or other livestock or has any other ideas about this, hmu! She's also open to assisting others with their co-ranks!

3. Adventures and Pack Relations -- Since the Rum Bridge is now rebuilt, Sedona's gonna be doing some more traveling outside the pack this month. Anyone from outside MV who is up for meeting a cowgirl, she's up for anything. Anyone from NC, loners, DCG etc, please please please lets thread! <3

* Phoenix Whitesage, Sedona's Bother will be coming to the board soon! Keep an eye out!
** A plot involving the MS ferry on Prince Edward Island will be coming up soon too!

Zsorthia Mercedes

1. DCG Rebuilding Charmingtown Project! -- While not the best with actual construction, she can follow orders and is good at hard labor and can work with the communal horses too. Anybody wanna bring down some structures or gather some supplies for the rebuild?

2. Tanner & Falconry Occupations -- Zsorthia is going for both these occupations and I currently have a couple AW's open for them. Any help towards getting these occupations is greatly appreciated. And of course, Zsorthia is open to assisting others get their occupations as well!

3. Mature Threads -- Zsor is always up for a bit of fun to take her mind off things. What ya have in mind? ;P

4. Close Combat Fighting, Horses & Hunting -- All activities that Zsorthia regularly partakes in. Anything catch your interest? Let's have a thread! :D

5. Other Packs -- Zsorthia literally knows zilch about the others packs around the areas, so her meeting people from around the area is a good idea. She's not AS biased about non-coyotes as the rest of her pack mates might be, so the potential for encounters to go either direction is a thing. XD

If you have ideas for threads/plots not listed here please shoot them by me here, I'd love to hear them! <3 <3 <3

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