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Beach Party

POSTED: Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 am

With food and drink in hand, the other party-goers could’ve been excused for thinking the Cormier dog was in another world. A world which consisted of meat and liquor and no other canines – and Finlay was indeed devoting a good deal of his concentration to enjoying the sustenance he’d grabbed before the rush. The meat was as tender and juicy as its appearance had promised, and the herbs added an element of aroma which pleased the silver dog.

But he wasn’t so wrapped up in the food and drink that he didn’t notice when someone addressed him. Looking up, a grin sprang onto his scruffy muzzle, followed quickly by a look of curiousity. “Reckon this is some sort o’ water fowl,” he supplied cheerfully.

It was only after eyeing the skewer the female held that Finlay thought to look at the woman herself – a further sign that he wasn’t the hungry eyed male he had once been. The female was a stranger, a Sapien presumably, dressed well and also wearing a look of curiousity. Inwardly he cringed at his impoliteness, but he offered a broad smile to the dark female. “That looks good, too.”

It soon became apparent that hovering near the tables would only earn Finlay a jostling from hungry and thirsty canines. With a short, good-natured huff and a polite nod to the shadowy woman – didn’t want to appear dismissive but he wasn’t entirely sure what to say - he began to move over to the bonfire. The flames danced as voices rose up around him, and he gazed into the cavorting columns of amber for several seconds before knocking back the rest of his drink. Finlay, usually so good with gatherings of people and eager to socialize, had a feeling it was going to be quite a long night without Walker at his side.

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POSTED: Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:00 pm

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Gus had to admit, the gathering of two packs had been an absolute hit. There was nothing like friendly competition to get conversations going and a bit of camaraderie brewing beneath the surface. The two packs had essentially become one over a long weekend of strategic planning and fierce rivalry. Friendships were being formed, and these would be the lasting bonds that could traverse miles of unclaimed land, binding one pack to the other. It had been a great idea to throw the familiar into the unfamiliar, essentially forcing Krokarans and Sapiens to break the ice with one another by teaming up and relying on the others’ abilities to train, teach, and instruct. Sport also brought out the sore loser in many a soul, but it was all in good fun, and the Captain’s spirits were high.

The makings of a massive celebration were underway, food tantalizing his senses, drinks almost everywhere he looked, and the smiling faces of people he knew and others were becoming more and more familiar. He was glad the Sagax had chosen to make the introductions tonight to kick off their closing feast, if he’d been put on the spot, Gus would’ve most likely deferred to the Missus. She was better with these kinds of things, the brindle mutt had more luck in one on ones or much smaller groups. Not that Nivosus’s speech was much--hell--he probably could’ve handled something like that himself, but he was thankful nonetheless, preferring to gloat over his Sink-or-Swim victory in secret and to not draw too much more attention to the odd arrangement of clothing he’d managed to scrounge up for their stay in Sapient.

As the rush of famished luperci swelled forward, Gus took a step back, smiling when a warm and familiar hand slipped into his calloused palm. He gave his lady’s hand a squeeze in return before turning his head to look down at his beauty. Lucille couldn’t be fussed with any kind of clothing, but for a second Gus remembered the breathtaking dress she’d last donned when they attended the Sapient ball. Where’s yer mask? He teased before pressing his wet snout into the corner of her cheek in an uncommon show of public affection, but the Captain was in a jovial mood and nothing could stop him from being sweet on his mate tonight.

Thought ya’d never asked, Ah’m starvin’! He wholeheartedly agreed with her sentiments and gave a gentle tug before he guided her through the throng of multicolored bodies. The drink called for him like never before, but Gus focused on building a platter of seasoned meats, pickled and crusted fish, and every kebab within reach for himself and Lucille. He’d not cave tonight, it’d been so long since his last drink, but he didn’t want to answer to his old demons. The food would be his balm. Besides, a clear mind meant he’d remember the whole thing, and the merriment felt here was something he wasn’t willing to forget.

He bit into a kebab after handing a prepared plate to his mate and his eye lit up with surprise. Goddess it was good! Try that! He enthused before taking another bite and pulling apart some of the meats to sample. Gus snaked away from the table and guided Lucille towards the central bonfire that crackled and sparked amidst the revelry.

The heat of the flames felt good upon his exposed fur, but reminded him of the awkward shorts that were held up by his utility belt and the dark buckskin vest that he’d hastily pulled back over his shoulders after the Sink-or-Swim competition. He’d chosen to forgo the torn and billowing shirt he had originally been wearing since their arrival, feeling a bit less constrained now that his bare arms were free. Gus picked a spot on the dry and fire warmed sand where they could both watch and entertain Krokaran and Sapient alike as more and more drinks were knocked back and food was consumed.


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POSTED: Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:05 pm

With his characteristic smile on his face and a fierce grumbling in his belly, Milos listened to Nivosus' brief speech with amusement and gratitude. Amusement for how frank and carefree the Sagax was and gratitude for the brevity of the man's words. He was looking forward to trying the variety of fish caught during the fishing competition, most of it cooked or smoked or otherwise prepared by now, as well as the multitude of other delicacies lining the tables. He moved from where he listened to the Sapien's speech, inching nearer the tables of food along with the rest of the masses.

While he waited for his turn to eat, the Quartermaster glanced about him, searching for Eliza, and pondered Nivosus' parting words. He didn't know the Sagax well enough for the true meaning of the rule to tickle him but he had an inkling, based both on the man's reputation and his command to "Go wild," that there was little that wouldn't be allowed at this party.

Selecting a variety of fares and plenty of exquisite-looking fish, but avoiding any alcohol, Milos found a place near the bonfire and dug into his meal, hoping that his mate would find him and forgive him for eating without waiting for her.

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POSTED: Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:30 pm

Malcolm did not like crowds and, as he stood among Krokarans and Sapiens alike, hearing Nivosus talk but not fully comprehending the man's words, the towering coydog couldn't slow the accelerated beating of his heart. He had chosen a spot near the back, as away as he could get while still appearing as though he was part of the party. A purple tongue slipped form his lips and anxiously smoothed his whiskers. The Sink or Swim contest was fine, but maybe that was only because his worries were on whether or not they would sink and not on the gathering spectators. In the end, he had let Kalila down and they had sunk and he was sure to slip away as quickly as he could afterwards.

Sucking in a steadying breath, Mal looked about him as the crowd started for the food and realized that Nivosus had stopped talking. He blinked and swallowed, knowing full-well that he had not retained a single memory of the Sagax's speach and hoped that that fact would not somehow get him into trouble or cause undue awkwardness.

Despite the anxiety he felt, his delightfully plump tummy rumbled and encouraged the Greenhorn to head towards the tables. His sights were set primarily on the fish and, once he reached the mouth-watering offering of them, Mal served himself a generous portion. After selecting a few other food items, he gave the alcohol a passing glance and though of Ailie. If she were here right now, it would likely be the alcohol that he would be most eager for.

Turning his back to the booze, Malcolm took his plate to a quiet spot away from the chaotic heart of the boisterous party and reveled in the fishy, scaly goodness of his meal.

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POSTED: Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:15 pm

Optime (+346)

I guess I’ll throw Elias here after all xD

Elias had had every intention not to be there that night. He had never been one for parties, much less, ones that seemed as wild as the one thrown by their more humanized neighbors. It just wasn’t his thing, social events. The coydog was a much better wallflower than he was an active participant in the festivities and excitement that the beach party entailed. Pepper and Claude had tag teamed on him though, convincing the younger Krokaran to go have some “fun” instead of hiding out back at the pack like he had intended.

He hadn’t been part of the contests, nor had he spent any longer than he had to in Sapient territory over the course of the month-long events. So, the party didn’t feel quite as something properly earned as it might have been for the others. In fact, he felt like a moocher more than anything.

Sapient’s leader, Nivosus, started things up once everyone had arrived, and, when he dispersed the group, the party truly began. Elias had done his best to linger on the outskirts, content on simply watching everyone as they ate, drank, and interacted with one another. He was approached here and there, and did his best to avoid his obviously drunk neighbor that had a bad habit of honing in on his position when Elias least expected—or wanted—it.

He wished Ailie were there. He’d missed his friend, more so when he saw everyone else having fun around him. He spotted the coydog, Malcom, amongst the throng of partygoers, and wondered if the shy male might have been thinking much of the same. The dog woman had been quite close to the Greenhorn.

His stomach had begun to growl as the night drew on, and, try as he might, he had been unable to resist approaching one of the tables and nibbling on some of the delicious smelling food that had been provided. It would be a good distraction to take his mind away from his deceased friend and his missing one.


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POSTED: Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:30 pm

WC: 226

As much as Naenia liked building the relationship with their ally pack, she was ready to have their territory to themselves again. She liked hosting because it meant they did not have to travel, which was something she really disliked, but it would still be nice to have the Krokar members head home.

Right now, though, it was time for fun. Naenia stood with Nieve, waiting for Nivosus to officially launch the party. She had forgiven him, mostly, for dumping her into the water after his raft sank and hers did not, and it had given her an excuse to climb on him after it. And, she had still won and he had not.

When his brief speech was done, Naenia took a step towards him, but stopped when he added on his last minute thought. She smirked and glanced at Nieve, who was less than pleased, which made it even more amusing to Naenia, even if it could also spell disaster to have that as the limit on the party goers.

"This is going to be such a mess," Naenia reached out to squeeze Niv's had as she spoke. Then again, that was normal in their pack, it seemed. Figuring they should mingle a bit for now, Naenia squeezed Niv's hand again before heading off to find someone to talk to.
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POSTED: Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:32 pm

After the disaster that became of the sink-or-swim competition, Reluceo had not sought out anymore of whatever it was Ram had given her. She figured that would be pushing her luck too much with her brother. That, and, the near-drowning was stil a bit startling to her, even if the whole event was pretty fuzzy in her mind. It felt more like a dream than reality, although Thiago had been very clear that it had actually happened.

However, the drinks at the party were different and Reluceo fully intended to partake. So far, she had managed to avoid talking with Leonardo, and she thought that her luck might run out here, so perhaps having a drink or two would make it easier. Reluceo never could quite figure out what it was about Leonardo that continued to draw her to him. It was terrifying. Maybe it was because he had been so sincere in caring about her. It wasn't just an act to get something he wanted from her, which was not something the Vela female had experienced much in her lifetime.

Yes, a drink was definitely needed. If only Sapient's leader would shut up alr- and he was done. Reluceo blinked at the shortness of the speech, but then decided that it was a nice change as she headed towards the food and, more importantly, the drink table. She decided she would get some fish, too, since the competitors worked so hard to catch them.
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POSTED: Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:11 pm

Nellie’s attitude had drastically changed for the better over the past few days, despite having lost both of the competitions she’d been busy bragging about winning to her family and friends. They’d all been bluffs mostly and the vain attempt of sucking the wind out of others’ sails, but it’d all been in good fun in the end and once Nell had gotten over her insecurities, she’d found that her time spent in Sapient was a lot more enjoyable than originally anticipated. It could’ve also had something to do with all the available drink, and drink Nellie certainly did...every chance she could slip away from a parent’s, uncle’s, or aunt’s watchful gaze. They had come to their allied pack to be merry and mingle weren’t they? And what good was mingling and shooting the shit if one couldn’t drink?

She was old enough by now to fully enjoy the delights of a party, but that didn’t mean she was ignorant to the disappointed look Gus often fixed her with if he caught her with so much as a whiff of alcohol on her breath. In hindsight, it was a good thing the de la Croix girl wasn’t here, or Nellie probably would’ve never been able to build an ugly excuse for a raft or get her act together to go fishing in the first place. The pair would likely be piss drunk somewhere by the time the main feast rolled out or passed out in a warm and dry place.

Marla had left the Cormier on her own for the weekend though, and Nellie was doing damage enough by herself. She had a good buzz going by the time more partygoers showed up and the Sapient leader had stood up to make the shortest of speeches. Nell cheered good naturedly at his encouragement of going wild and made it her own personal goal for the night, but first she wanted to seek out friends and some grub to go with the fiery liquid sloshing about in her stomach.

She dodged her parents as they moved towards the bonfire and somehow managed to slip past Uncle Fin on the way to the table laden with meat and fish. Piling a plate high full of anything she could grab and taking a bit of fish and then trying some of the seasoned venison, Nellie made sure to snag another goblet of something from the table and started to move through the crowd while washing the mouthfuls of delicacies down. She coughed at the bite from the drink, but purred over the lip of the cup when she spotted someone familiar darting away from the tall and pleasingly muscular, Aenan.

Elva--chug chug chug!!! Nellie was quick to sneak up on her friend with a raucous laugh and managed to slosh a bit of her drink towards the girl by accident. Oh shit, sorry haha! What was that back there? She pried, relishing another bite of the flakey fish before she glanced pointedly back towards the male the scarred Greenhorn had just abandoned. You know he likes you right? The youth giggled conspiratorially, feeling the drink settle heavily in her head. This stuff was stronger than what she’d been sampling before, but she had no plans to slow down anytime soon.


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POSTED: Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:09 pm

You’re something beautiful

Palaydrian sat by the bonfire with her old pack sister Fayne as Altair--no doubt--lurked nearby. The two previous New Dawn wolves had decided to enjoy the most of the festivities, despite the Amarok’s silent disapproval. He’d eventually come around, had been the general sentiment surrounding his normal sullen mood, but Drin wasn’t going to let her friend’s fun be spoiled by an overprotective mate. She was happy that Bran had chosen to stay behind and patrol, it had been quite some time since she’d simply had what could be considered a girl’s night out. Granted, they were surrounded by Sapiens and Krokaran alike, but somehow by the heat of the flames, it felt like it was just the two of them as young girls again back in the Glen Eyrie, fawning over boys and the trivial things that a youthful female was worried about.

Their gossip quieted down when the leader of Sapient spoke up and the medic found herself chuckling along softly at the Sagax’s comments, having overheard others of his pack doing the same. It seemed the sky would be the limit then in comparison to what Nivosus would do, and somehow, that made the night even more entertaining. Drin bounced to her feet to join the crowd of hungry luperci looking to fill their bellies with the delights their fearless cooks had slaved over. She told Fayne to stay put, not wanting to give Altair a premature heart attack, and momentarily disappeared into a sea of multicolored fur.

She reappeared with a platter of seemingly everything in one hand and stretched the fingers of her other hand, just far enough, to clutch two mugs of the spirits that were littered about. Palaydrian wasn’t sure what Altair would think of that, but as she sat down she offered the drink to Fayne and the smoky colored female surprisingly accepted it. Gods this looks good! She enthused, settling the plate of meat and fish down between them. Delicious too! The medic grinned after a bite of the trout. She finished the morsel and lifted her cup, sniffing the surface of the liquid curiously before she took a tentative sip. Fire broke out over her tongue, but the flavor was pleasant enough and she took a longer drink.


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Although she knew that she should really pay attention to whoever was going to get the party started, Norah was already by the food table trying really hard not to get anything to eat before the festivities actually got under way. The fish looked good, and she wanted to try something to drink now that she was old enough that her parents couldn't really tell her no. Besides, why not here? Everyone else was probably going to be drinking anyway, or at least that's what Norah thought.

She kept an eye out for Dareios as well, but right now her mind was mostly on food. That, and she knew she should probably socialize with someone other than Dare for once, even if she really enjoyed his company. A lot.

Norah forced her mind off of Dareios and turned her attention to Nivosus as he spoke, and she wondered exactly how many shenanigans he left open for everyone with the last bit that he added on. She didn't know him at all, but she suspected that since he said it, it either left almost nothing open, or nearly anything they could come up with. She hoped for the latter since that seemed like it would be far more fun.

With a plate containing some fish along with a few other things and a cup of booze that smelled okay, Norah wandered off to find someone to talk to that wasn't Dareios. Probably.
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