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Yikes! Sorry about the wait, guys! Feel free to PP Asura doing medic-things (or her leaving once the patch up is done so the thread can go back to Naenia/Mads!)

She let out a tired sigh at the sight of the new Sapien’s bleeding hand that he waved nonchalantly. Men, typical men, there was blood everywhere, and he acted like it was just a mere papercut. Not to mention, he hadn’t been in the pack for but a few days, and, already, he’d gone and hurt himself! At the very least, Naenia was there and knew who to call. Asura dreaded the thought of the new Novus wandering around aimlessly with a wound such as the one he had.

The brindle woman had been the one to fill Asura in on what all had transpired. From the sounds of it, the incident was an accident and from an item that had been used—or was at least intended for—on obtaining sheep’s wool. She nodded appreciatively to the Primor Designo as the medic met her patient halfway through the room. “That sounds wise,” she commented. Asura knew that Naenia would have known how to properly maintain a blade, and even if she wasn’t around, one of the pack’s blacksmiths could have easily done the job for Mads.

To his humor-filled apology, she shook her head dismissively, allowing herself to smile. “It does. And, don’t worry about it, accidents happen,” she said with a soft sigh as she took Mads’ bloodied hand in her own to look it over. “Just don’t make a habit out of it, please.” He had likely learned his lesson that day, or, so she hoped.

Looking his hand over, Asura made her assessment of what needed to be done with the cut that ran across it. “Hmm, Miss Naenia, could you get some water, please?” She needed to clean the blood away. Since his injury was on his finger too, there wasn’t much that could be done with stitching. The area was simply too small. The best she could do was throw on some salve and a bandage for pressure, to keep it clean, and to keep it protected as it healed.

Asura twisted her satchel around, while walking over to one of the tables. “Come over here, please, Mads. I’ll give you some material to apply pressure to it in the meantime.”

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The Dane nodded back like a scolded child, but a smile still tugged at the corner of his lips. 'Ah got no intention a' makin' this a regular thin', don' worry.' He raised a hand in oath, careful to keep his wounded hand still and over the basin. 'Th' lovely Naenia's gonna tend t' tha' f' me f' now.' He dipped his head in the first woman's direction thankfully, 'An' ah'll annoy someone else about 'em in future when ah wan' 'em sharpened.' Mads was skilled enough to sharpen them himself, at least when they only needed a light touch up. Evidently sharpening them from fully blunt was stretching his abilities a little too far. Much like if someone asked him to shave a bear or something.

Ghostly eyes watched as Naenia scuttled off to fetch water for the medic and followed obediently when Asura ordered him over to her. Cupping his bloody hand with his uninjured one to stop the blood from splattering the floor, he moved to stand at a table and laid his knuckles against the tabletop.

'Soooo... A medic..?' the Dane hummed trying to fill the silence, oh how he hated silence, 'Sounds interestin'.'

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Naenia nearly told Mads that she would be fine sharpening the shears in the future as well, but she held her tongue. It was not her job to do so, especially since there were others in the pack who could do also and whose job it was. She would be sure to put him in contact with Leonardo for it as well. That way it could get done regularly, rather than sporadically when she had time to do so. Naenia smiled a little at what she considered a bit of sass from Asura, telling Mads not to make this a habit. The less work the medic had to do, the better.

“Of course,” Naenia nodded to Asura and went to fetch the requested water. She brought it back in a bowl and found a piece of cloth as well, figuring that would be needed as well. After setting them both down on the table the other two had moved to, she then stood back so she didn’t crowd Asura as she worked, but close eno That’s to be able to help if needed.

“You learned from your mother, right?” Naenia asked. She wasn’t sure how much talking Asura wanted to do while she was fixing Mads up. She also did not know Skana well personally, just by reputation, really.

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