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Pack Meeting | FD: July 15th

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Optime | Bathurst (Oxley) | Fore-dated: July 15th; late afternoon/early evening (+813)

[SP] Disbandment

PACK THREAD. All pNPCs are present. The remainder of the pack’s membership is also assumed (thus, why the thread is not mandatory). There is no posting order. Reminder that Miwa’s true killer is not known.

I will start Round 2 on Wednesday, July 11th unless all that are going to reply do so sooner.

When Nieve had pounded on the medicine shop’s door and called for her help, Asura had not expected to be brought to the scene that she had; Leonardo Auditore being found dead in his shop. What had the master blacksmith ever done to anyone to deserve such a fate? In the time she had known the Cessavi, the man had more invested in his depression and grief of his lost sons than he had been to cause unnecessary trouble. What could have possibly lead to this?

The shop’s disarray told of a struggle; with things like various tools being scattered about and out of place, and furniture and collective tins being knocked over or spilt. On the floor, the dark male’s body had lain still, silent, never to tell a soul of what had become of him in his final moments, what his final thoughts had been. Leonardo had shown signs of trying to fight off his attacker, but, in the end, had obviously lost. Strangulation looked to be the cause of his death, and such a method to be used on a packmate did not sit well with the young medic.

However, Leonardo’s death was not the only reason for why Asura had gone outside of the shop and thrown her head back in a bold and demanding pack summons often reserved for someone many levels above her station. She may have only been a Domus Faber, but this, what she and Nieve had discovered on Leonardo’s person, the pack deserved to know and cast their judgment, particularly when one of their more established and more level-headed members had been mysteriously killed in their own place of work.

The aged note held tightly in her grasp, it was traitorous.

There were many confused faces as the pack trickled in from the far reaches of the territory. It was rare that they were called to gather anywhere but the Estate, and rarer still for the summoner to be anybody but one of the Consili or Sagax Nivosus himself. To see the silver Creo with fire in her eyes and her solid stance full of tension, it was a sure indicator that something wasn’t right.

When the majority of the pack had gathered, Asura spoke loudly so that all could hear. “Leonardo Auditore was found dead today by Nieve in his own shop here in Oxley.” There was little reason to beat around the bush as she gestured to the blacksmith shop behind her and where the deceased’s body still remained. “He was strangled, and, from the looks of things, it was not quick nor easy. This yet another of our own to be found dead within the borders of our own home. Yet another mysterious death whose murderer is not as clear cut. Though, perhaps, today, we might finally have an answer to that.”

Her eyes shifted to Naenia and Shaamah, the only two remaining Consili with Tierney having been forcibly removed to Portland by her own children. She held out the letter for their inspection. “A letter, found on Leonardo’s body. It details of grim information, and speaks of an omitted but important detail that we have been kept in the dark about.”

Turning back to the pack, Asura elaborated. “While the incident was before mine, and some of your times with Sapient, any that have read or been schooled on our pack’s history would likely know of one of the frequent issues this pack has; pissing off Loners. The one I speak of specifically is the Dark Horse Conflict, one that our records have scribed as being caused by a group of greedy and vicious Loners.

“According to this letter that looks to be written in the handwriting of the late Miwa, she and our Sagax, Nivosus, were actually the cause for such a conflict. It describes two horses, two stallions, that are remarkably similar in description to our Ratchet and Bassilisk, being stolen out of one man’s greed. As well, it describes the murder of one of this Loner group’s members that happened in the process of their obtainment.

“As we all know, Tierney’s mate, Ruari, Dareios, and Kadir’s father, Diarmid, was killed in the resulting aftermath while on a patrol. And, now, Leonardo is found dead with this letter hidden on his person? For what reason would anyone have to kill a blacksmith who spends more time drowning himself in his work or wallowing in despair of his lost sons…than to make sure a certain detail is kept secret?”

The original writer of the leader, Miwa, was dead, her death as much of a mystery as the intelligent-minded daughter of Nivosus, Marne’s…and now Leonardo’s? Someone was killing within Sapient, and there was only one individual who tied them all together…

Asura Creo

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Moon Moon had been munching on a nice little squirrel snack when the call to congregate rang out over Sapient, but despite her love of food these days she happily abandoned the meal and began prancing her way to the gathering primarily because of who called it. Along the way she slowly meshed with the men in her life... First, her sons Lazarus and Brath appeared on the path, calling out from behind her “Hey Mom! Wait up!” which she did no such thing, but they caught up to her anyway, and a few paces later her father, Keylo, emerged up ahead and joined them. Keylo's chocolate face and bicolored eyes held a grim look; he apparently understood more nuance in the howl than had his younger progeny.

“Hey Gramps,” Lazarus teased, elbowing him in the ribs. “What's got ya so blue?” But Laz never got a response, because that was when the Damaichu family was finally in sight of Asura. Now, seeing the grim look upon her face, the three others caught up with Keylo's worries.

It was strange to see the Damaichu quadruplet, each usually so boisterous an animated, padding up to the scene in silence, each individual visage alluding to the grave nature of this business. None of them knew what this was about, and Moon was about to ask, when other Sapiens emerged onto the scene.

Hanging back and melding into her little family group, the rambunctious female grew ever more uncomfortable with the facts. She held out hope though, hoping that Asura's tone would change, that some new secret fact was hiding just beneath the surface... but thought Moon Moon didn't fully comprehend what the Domus was getting at, she never heard a happier tone in Asura's voice, and soon enough her ears were back and her eyes were large and swimming – her father wrapped an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. He had been through tough and trying times in a pack before, and if Asura was getting at what he suspected, this may be grave tidings indeed...

This... isn't good, is it? Moon whispered to her father. I don't understand. This was one of those times that Moon understood just enough to know that she was too daft to make the same conclusions as everyone else, and it frustrated her to no end.

“It's okay Mum,” Braith tried to coo comfortingly to her, without attracting too much attention. “Let's just get all the facts, first.”

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Silver hands fiddled with the metal in his grip. It was alien to make a fist with iron in his palm, watching the amateur crafted surface reflect the sun in his eyes. It was a labor of love, to be armed, to want to be a warrior. Like his dad but with, you know, a soul, and a ranged weapon. Clenching the weapon in soft palms, he tested it's weight and threw a few hooks out into the open space. It was much different than a bow. This was a close encounter style, and his first real attempt with the weapon, even though he'd held them and tried them out. Now, these tekko were going to bite into something more than air.

Shaamah stood before a target of his own, a sole, glaring eye baring down on Zetsu as he fiddled around. The warrior was ready, but this boy just had to get attached. If he lost the weapons, would he cry? What was the sense in putting affection into a weapon, anyway? They all eventually break. It was better than the fracture of a bone, but being armed made one weak. At least Zetsu could hold something of his own without them from his initial training.

Just as Zetsu glanced to Shaamah and nodded, the howl cracked in the sky.

Two of Sapient's protectors eye's darted in the direction of the shops. Shaamah knew the voice as Asura, but knew nothing of a call to meet. The location was strange. His stomach churned. A veteran soldier's instinct didn't give the mind a moment more to process. Shaamah was off, his heaving weight at a heavy lope, the ground tearing to pieces beneath him.

Zetsu had never seen his father run, or rather, the closest thing to running his massive frame could manage.

Scrambling to grab the bow that rested against the fence post, he slid around the grounds and went off after his father. It hadn't taken long for him to catch up and even pass the soldier, only to be taken back by sight of the Domus Faber as she came into detailed view. He stopped cold in his tracks. The fury that was in her eyes shook him. He had never seen such quiet and gut-twisting anger.

Shaamah great form shoved past Zetsu's frozen form and reached her side before the others came trickling in. Initially, his eye darted around in search of some hidden assailant, but Asura's posture didn't speak of an attack. Tacking his tekko to his waist, he took a place beside her, the cold, blue, questioning gaze bearing down on her. It was not like her to pull the foolish pranks that Tierney and Naenia played. Their great confusion was not answered by a comforting sight. Asura lead the meeting and the Consili stood beside her, and no one knew what was going on. Not until she finally spoke.

Shaamah's crown twisted back to the workshop, but believed what Asura deemed. Leonardo, the blacksmith. An honest man among fools here. Little called for such an act of treason on someone like Leonardo, but as a note was offered to the soldier and much more was revealed of the Sagax that he had grown less than fond of. As Asura's voice trailed on, educating all of the letter's contents, Shaamah could feel his face wrinkling. He had been right to be suspicious of Miwa, and to that came no surprise, but Nivosus working in tandem with the woman? It was no wonder that his reports of her suspicious activity had gone on a deaf ear. Shaamah had no control of the malevolent glare, the shivering bridge of his nose or the disgusted look that he threw toward Miwa's mahogany son. At least Hibiki had done something to salvage his blood and his pack, but Zetsu? The boy was truely cursed by the woman who had raised him soft in his youngest moments.

At the utterance of Miwa and the glare of his father, Zetsu's eyes widened. No one in Sapient would know how much trouble he was in for what floated in his veins. Slowly, he slunk to the back of the crowd that had formed. He didn't want to be seen and he made himself small, flattening his ears and curling his tail. The boy of the woman who had corrupted their leader. What more shame could he be brought?

The two communal horses, animals that Shaamah rarely frequented, came into play. The murder of a loner came into play. Tierney had lost Diarmid in that battle. Any of the progress the soldier had made up until this moment, the higher education, the socializing, and the culture, were slowly being wiped away. The usual stoic soldier threw a low roll in his throat as his teeth bared. His fury at the traitor, their Sagax, built as the woman finished her deduction. Sapient had made Shaamah soft, and in that, Nivosus had gone unchecked. Fists burned with the pressure that he clenched them with.

Now, Shaamah was no stranger to the act of murder or the conspiring to it and would no way thing himself less or better for it in comparison, but a pack was law and loyalty. These were things that must be adhered to for a pack to function, or at least that was the old way. A way likely so forgotten, or unknown to the cur that culled his own without reason, when his own were far more solid than he. Weak, was the first thing that came to Shaamah. He despised weakness. The crumbling pillar of Sapient's Sagax was falling and Shaamah was going to do everything in his power to ensure that he suffered greatly for it. That he suffered for being a cohort of Miwa, the wretched thing she seemed to be, even in death. He was not above his own law here and the murmurs within Nivosus' own pack let it be known that they understood that fact. They were frightened. The very claim in which they stood was shaking beneath them. The era of Nivosus was about to fall.

“Deeds covered with the cartel's kidnappings. Nor more than a Caitiff,” The depth of Shaamah's true voice emerged, no longer the silent hum of temperance he often gave. His words were a poisoned knife, and if he could, he would bury that venomous blade in the heart of this coward. He wasn't daft enough to assume that Nivosus' accusations were true. Not after this. The cartel had kidnapped alive, Rowtag and Hibiki were proof of this. Even by the scarred man's standards, if he could kill, there were better things to kill than his own. Nivosus left the weakest link in his line alive. Should he have kept his secret safe, his death would have been the only thing to sacrifice. A fool's errand to hid his sins with those nearest to him. A murmur there followed to Naenia and Asura beside him,” I wonder, who would he dare to accuse this time?” The low thunder rolled in him. The greatest question of all slipped into his mind as chilling blue swept over the crowd.

Where was Nivosus now?

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He wasn't far away when Asura's call went up. He spent the majority of his time in Oxley, more often than not sleeping there overnight after tending to his flock and so it was a few minutes before he found himself standing before the silver she-wolf. Moon Moon, accompanied by her two sons and father, were there already and so he took his place beside them, laying a supportive hand on her as her father had.

The Dane listened intently, ghostly eyes narrowing in a mix of confusion and worry. Moon was right, this didn't sound good. Asure spoke of an event that Mads had only heard whispers of, something before his tenure here - and apparently hers too. That is was Nivosus' doing. That he was the catalyst of all of this. The Dane wasn't surprised. He'd always found the once king to be an intriguing character. But ultimately not for the right reasons. There was something about him, brooding and blue eyed, that didn't sit well with the corded male, as attractive as the grey pelted hybrid was.

'What happens now?' he asked sternly. None of this made for peaceful living and that was the thing the doggish hybrid sought most of all in this hour. 'Where's Niv? Who's takin' th' reins?' Mads' questions came quickly, one after the other. His voice was straining with frustration, with anger, with worry.

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The fire I began, is burning me alive
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OOC: +300 words.

Hibiki hadn't been too far from the estate when the summons had gone out. It was strange to be hearing a voice that didn't come from Nivosus or his former mate calling all of them together. Had something happened? And here he thought things couldn't get much worse since he had to watch Tierney leave with Kadir in tow. Now he was back to being alone again aside from his brother... then again even time with him was hard to come by with him glued to Shaamah's hip all the time.

Following the sound of the others gathering, the dark boy joined the crowd, keeping himself more towards the back. Asura was standing beofer everyone, their leader no where to be in sight. Had he not heard the sound as well? Did he not find it strange that someone else was calling the entire pack together? Even stranger is that when most of the pack had showed up to listen, she had begun to speak without him present.

The events of the Dark Horse conflict had been before her time, but had known some about the death of Tierney's former mate. So it was his mother and Nivosus' fault? A low snarl emitted from Hibiki's throat. So not only was his mother neglectful of him, but had brought about the death of another within Sapient? All the better reason for him to get rid of her when he did. He had covered his tracks, making sure her body was done in the way of the cartel victims, but no one had come to his call when he "discovered" her body. Perhaps that was for the best.

As the others began to speak up, head shifted over to Shaamah. This was the perfect time for him to rat out his son for one of the murders, yet he kept his mouth shut. For now, it didn't matter why he was doing it, but he was thankful his father wasn't going to stoop to such a thing. There was no reason for him to act upon all this. Let all the blame fall to Nivosus, and if he spoke out about Miwa's death, then he could confirm the lie he had brewed up in his mind to explain her's. The rest were still a mystery.


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And he thought that it had been a good day. Waking up on his own after a restful night’s sleep - the first in a long time - by the bright sunlight filtering through his windows was bliss. That, and petting the purring feline who had since curled up on the foot of his sleeping pallet gave the coydog a feeling of content that rivaled all others during his rather rocky year. It was going to be a good day.

Then a howl echoed throughout the land, pulling Rowtag towards Oxley where all the shops were nestled.

The golden man found it easy to blend in seamlessly with the rest of his packmates, all who were mingling about Leonardo’s shop. Confused looks were flashed across the audience and vague questions flitted about - clearly Rowtag was not the only one to have been kept in the dark about this rather impromptu pack gathering.

The white noise of the audience conversing ceased to a halt as one voice rose over the other. Rowtag was shocked to find that the voice belonged to none other than Asura Creo, who had positioned herself to face the growing cluster of pack members who gathered. Had she been the one to release the call? The Creo matched Rowtag in rank, and the coydog was certain that no Faber would rouse the whole of Sapient on a whim. Not unless there was something very, very dire at hand.

Rowtag’s stomach dropped as Asura revealed that yet another murder had happened within the Pack’s borders - this time, their local blacksmith. While the coydog wasn’t necessarily close to Leonardo - the blacksmith had become rather withdrawn the past few months - the news of his passing hit him like a brick. Did this mean that an intruder infiltrated their borders?

Or worse, had one of their own done the deed?

Shock rippled throughout the audience, however the Creo was not finished. Rowtag couldn’t keep his mouth from dropping over in shock as the silver medic revealed the contents of the letter found on the blacksmith’s ruined body. Rowtag was very much in the same boat as Asura - the Dark Horse Conflict had been well before his stay in Sapient. He did not know terribly much on the event - only that it had been the fall of Dareios’ father. Out of courtesy for his lover, Rowtag was careful to never reveal any curiosity on the subject.

So Nivosus played a hand in the death of Diarmid. He must find Dareios. Craning his neck, Rowtag searched the audience for the warrior. If not to comfort him, then to prevent him from doing something stupid with the information he just recieved. Keep him from doing something he would regret later.

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aNPC: Skana (+780)

Moving this along. Currently no set date on Round 3. NPC chatter is ambiguous to give the feeling of voices talking over one another.

As her words were digested, Asura could tell that many were confused on what to do with the information. A good majority of them had joined the pack long after the Dark Horse Conflict had taken place. Even Asura herself only knew of it through the historical archives of the events scribed and retold by an older member. What she was insinuating, it was bold on her part, particularly when all that was left was a single note to contradict the books on the pack’s history.

If one thing was clear though, there were too many convenient deaths that happened on their borders and within it, particularly if someone had a secret they longed to keep from their followers.

Her gaze shifted to the scarred Mercenary when he spoke along the same lines that she was thinking. “Miwa, Marne, and, now, Leonardo,” her teeth were bared as she the list of deceased within the past year. “Miwa was brutally mauled [M]. Marne had her throat slit [M]. Leonardo was strangled.” She stepped aside, gesturing any that dared to look into the shop to prove her wrong. “These deaths were not done out of mercy or kindness! Just look at Leonardo’s body, look at the state of his shop! He fought in his dying moments! Whoever did this had a motive and a single reason to permanently silence Leonardo, and I believe the evidence of what they were after is right here.” Asura gestured to the aged note.

Mads spoke up amongst those gathered, voicing an inquiry that Asura was sure that many were wondering.

Nobody is taking charge of anything until we find out some answers,” Asura tried to reassure the Dane.

“We need to find Nivosus and get to the bottom of this!” Keir replied quickly to Mads’ other questions. The coydog had never been a fan of Nivosus, and Nivosus, not of him either, particularly after Sloan’s accident the previous winter.

“We should hear what he has to say for himself first before we accuse him of anything,” Austri suggested in her accented tongue, only to be cut off by her brother.

“But like Mads said, where is he?” Bartolv growled. “Everybody else is here. Asura called for the entire pack. Not everyone but our old man.”

“Conveniently,” someone barked from the crowd of tension-filled Sapiens.

The wolf-jackal cook, Colton, bravely decided to speak up amongst his louder packmates. “P-perhaps he’s busy?”

Keir scoffed, “With what? Drinking another bottle? Enjoying a smoke? Asura’s call was urgent, and she waited for just about everyone to arrive and told us the contents of that damn letter. And his ass still hasn’t shown up!”

“Maybe there was a potential joiner…” Austri tried to spare the quickly crumbling image of her beloved parent.

“I don’t recall a hearing a summon to the borders,” Asura’s mother, Skana, argued. The older medic looked troubled and tired as she stared off into threshold that led into the blacksmith’s shop and to the body that she knew still remained within. “Asura…are you sure…?”

The silver brindle rounded on her mother and teacher, “I’m positive. Nieve and I both looked him over. Leonardo is dead.”

“Are we accusing the Sagax of murder?”

“The one who wrote the note is dead. One of our most brilliant minds and scholars is dead. And now one of our oldest members is dead. All of their murderers were never found. It’s all highly suspicious if you ask me.”

“But Hibiki found Miwa at the border when that cartel—”

“Convenient timing! Someone else found Marne at the river inside Sapient lands. Now Leonardo is dead in his own shop!”

“But why would it matter? Why would Nivosus need to hide that information?”

“Why do you think?! It’s really convenient that Tierney, Ruari, and Kadir went to Portland, isn’t it?”

“We fought Loners and lost Diarmid because Nivosus stole two horses and killed one of their own! I’d try to start a war with an entire pack too if my loved one or friend was killed over a horse!”

“He lied to us!”

“We don’t know if what the letter said is true or not!”

“Why else would someone kill Leonardo? That man was more depressed and wallowing in his self-pity than he cared about the rest of the pack after Vedetta was killed!”

It was chaos, a storm of arguments, accusations, and assumptions. The din grew louder and louder as members voiced their opinions, challenged one another, took sides, questioned their own beliefs and loyalties. And Asura was powerless to silence them.

Asura Creo

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So Asura agreed, and took tally of the deaths and the conditions of them. All of the murders were covered up, Miwa's sly demise matching perfectly to the acts done and Shaamah wasn't going to argue a single bit of it. Marne and Leonardo, on the other hand, were upstanding Sapiens. No deaths deserved within pack boundaries, that was certain. Shaamah offered a quiet nod, but when the Sapiens beneath their stage began murmuring, their talent of lacking cooperation had suddenly taken them over. Too much had happened internally for them not to create their own rumors, but it was the task of a foolish mind. They question what they do not know, and they are afraid.

The blue eye of the soldier found Mads, to which Asura assured. Then Keir. Then Austri. The soldier's hackles were raising as the commotion and chaos set in. Teeth bared at their childlike bickering. No solutions were to be found at the expense of this cacophony. A thunder rolled as Asura's voice began to drown out. Another after another the voices rose and Shaamah's skin tingled at the pent fury that was building. They were prepping their torches before they had flames. He had finally had enough.

“QUIET!” An unfamiliar boom erupted from Shaamah's maw as his commanding voice bore over the crowd where slighter lungs could not. His usual low hum was gone, and Zetsu physically jumped at the noise. It was the very same furious hollar that Miwa earned so often, and now it was gifted to the Sapiens that chose to flap their maws rather than act with reason. Chilling and malevolent azure crept over the Sapiens that chose to heed his call. It wasn't often that he exploded, but these fools needed direction and Shaamah was going to provide it,” If your mouths can find Nivosus, then speak all you want,” The rolling growl crept from his chest, weighting his words with the severity of the situation.

“Those that seek to find Nivosus with their eyes, instead, raise your weapons,” The tekko that was firmly gripped in a strong hand lifted to the sky. As a former Acredo, he could do something about this, when others could think of nothing,” I will lead a man hunt,” Because what confidence was there to find a murderer if they didn't have a meat shield?” We will have our answer when we have him.”

Zetsubou, however, did not raise his hand to march on with his father. He didn't want to find Nivosus. He didn't want to fight his home, the only good thing in his life. The bi-hued gaze swept over the friends that he'd made, even if they were just acquaintances. What was happening to his home? This chaos was his family, not his home. He folded his arms over his chest and lurched forward. He was feeling sick. The urging curiosity of the dead, and the lack of understanding to it, brought the young son of the Primor Indicium to the front. He looked into Asura's eyes, forlorn. The confusion in all of them was so surreal.

“I'd like to pay my respects, Miss Asura, please,” Flattened ears hid within the black locks of his hair as he glanced to Shaamah for a moment. He didn't care what the soldier wanted at all right now. In all this, no one cared that Leonardo was killed. Quietly, he made his way past the Domus and into the shade of the shop with glassy eyes. There he stood, heavy lids and a sniffing nose, gazing at the man who'd fought for his life against an evil that had plagued them, and they'd never known. Except Miwa. Brows wrinkled. Miwa knew. Miwa deserved everything she earned.

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