We're falling apart but we're coming together

Family bonding!

POSTED: Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:59 am

"Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery"

In the forest of Kingsweald, a strange group of creatures traveled down a path. A silvery female who's foxlike appearance made her seem like a relative of those trooping behind her despite being a jackal. Behind her were three foxes, two were grey fox siblings and the other was a silver morph of the red fox. Walking at the lead was a darker colored specimen of the pair with more vibrant markings. His deep sapphire eyes kept darting up to the trees above his head, wishing to climb them. Behind him was his lighter colored sister who's lilac eyes scanning the plants they passed to find herbs. At the end of the line was the only non-grey fox. A cobweb bandage was still over his left eye and his dark silver eye looked around for a hiding place.

Avinalora had brought out her fox wards to the Kingsweald forests. She wanted them to act more like a family as the trio had varied hobbies. The moon-washed maiden stopped abruptly and then turned to the kits following her with a glint of mischief in her eyes. She decided a run and maybe some sort of challenge would get their blood pumping. The healer was in her Lupus form and was capable of running like her species was known for. Her vision might be a bit of a difficulty but she had learned to get around the problem, also after running into many saplings and going head over heels more than a few times she had learned to get back up.

"Who's ready for a run?" The healer asked as she turned to the younglings behind her. Garrett looked very excited about the prospect of a challenge. Luna shrugged and nodded, unsure of how this would turn out. Spencer gave her a startled look before nodding. A smirk graced she-jackal's face before she turned around and said, "This is not a race, just follow me. Any questions?" She could already guess the next one to speak which was the Ash child who asked the question she had been expecting. "Can we climb? Am I allowed to catch birds if I see them?" He had always been an adventurous climber and the medic took a second to consider this question. She was very apprehensive on the idea as Eclipse, the cat and Garrett's teacher wasn't here to follow him through the trees and she worried that he would leap onto a branch that wouldn't hold his weight or misjudge a distance. "I'm going to say no because I really don't want you to get hurt." The young fox nodded and then they were ready to run.

The Pollux then started running, her lean shape and long legs propelling her forward. She didn't have to look behind her to see if they were following her as she could hear them. She chose to follow the path so that none of them would injure themselves if they ran into an unseen danger. The Midnighter's slightly larger size gave her a bit of a lead but from what her senses told her, Garrett was close behind her with Spencer and Luna tailing him. She could tell that the path was curving to her left. She had no problem with turning on her blind side as she was well-practiced at this but failed to remember that a member of this group was still new to one-eyed sight.

The jackal mutt made the turn but stopped abruptly when she heard someone tumble and heard a loud cry. She wheeled around and raced back to find the smoke colored fox sprawled on the ground with the Mist girl sniffing him. From her scan she determined that there was a small amount of blood but the bandages had held. "Spencer, are you alright?" She asked calmly and was relieved when the Twilight male had raised his head to look at her. She saw that he had a cut lip, but that seemed to be the only wound on him. "I couldn't make the turn." He said in his quiet voice as he slowly got to his feet with his siblings helping him up. The ivory female nuzzled his head before saying, "I had a lot of problems running though forests with my eyesight. I can't tell you how many times I've tripped or ran into something." This was true as she still could remember all of those mishaps that had plagued her when she was younger. But now, she didn't have as many falls now that she was older but they still happened.

A smile pulled at the young fox's maw as he felt comforted by the fact that he was not the only one to experience this. Luna cautiously sniffed the wound again and looked at the female to ask if the wound needed herbs. The monochrome female shook her head, knowing that the poultice would probably be licked off as soon as it was applied. Garrett was sitting next to his adopted sibling and was telling the silver fox about the first time he had tried to climb a tree and how he had ski down the trunk several times. Spencer was snickering during the story which was probably what the jester had wanted as he went on to another story.

Avinalora smiled at the sight of the fox kits bonding. Although this was not the scenario she had in mind, this did bring the adopted siblings close together.

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