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After arriving back home to the island in the last week, returning from his long over-do venturing, the Mid-Knighter establish within himself that he was itching for something more out life then what his current pack offered. It was tough call, one that did not come without immense debate and inner turmoil, but it was somberly resolved that the two year old wanted to go on to something new and exciting. Although what that was specifically, he was not as certain.

Thinking dotingly back to his time spent with his lovely Dawnbringer friend, Merlin could not help but feel a silly buoyancy that there was the possibility of a favorable future with the Vinattan turned Cavalier. Before when the grizzled lad had been under the impression that his puppyhood playmate was unwaveringly loyal to the pack he met her in, there seemed to be sparse chances of ever becoming more to one another. That changed however with the unearthing that the gentle blonde now resided in no other place but Casa di Cavalieri. The draw that he had to his former pack was all the stronger knowing that she was there too.

But even Thyri’s presence did not wholly convince the Cepheus that that was the life he yearned for. Equally commanding of his day dreaming was the nomadic entertainers from the Courtier’s late summer event. After speaking to them on various occasions during his time there, the dusky wolf was optimistic that he could find a place amongst them. Having always been free spirited in his youth, that vivacious demeanor still had not died away with the responsibilities of adulthood. Something festered deep within, told the gigantic Knight that he would feel so much fulfillment in the lifestyle of the endowed gypsies.

The price to pay for all of this? Leaving would mean vacating the beautiful island that had become his home in every sense, and with it, all the amazing Midnighters that he had grown ever so fond of, as well as the many family members that also lived here. But, he thought with a sigh, sometimes life was about taking risk and going beyond your comfort zone. A great risk it would be in deed, but Merlin was confident that all would work out. He was sure that all else failed that he would be welcomed back with open arms.

Leading his mammoth jenny towards the beach, his bag was slung over his shoulder, containing everything that he had owned. The sun rose behind him, and he turned to take in the splendor of the sunrise one last time from where he stood. The moment was bittersweet, filled with sorrow over the ties he would be breaking but it was the exhilaration of an open chapter ahead of him that he chose to focus on. Although he had bided heartfelt farewells already, the sound of approaching footsteps caused him to squint against the brilliance of the sunlight.

“I’d come to see you before we head off,” Ember explicated with a sad smile. The hybrid’s hair, unkempt and wild as ever, rustled lightly in the breeze, carrying with it the scent of something tasty. “I brought your favorites to take with you when you go,” his friend added.

“I’m glad you came before you were too busy,” a thoroughly surprised and touched Knight replied. “Thank you,” he told her as he took the cloth wrapped goods. The café owner would be deeply missed, not just her food, but the good company she offered as well.

“You be sure to come visit now you here? And be safe,” the ruddy lady added, her mint eyes looking slightly teared up.

“Aw, of course. You think you could get rid of me that easy?” Merlin joked, turning to his best friend, humor, to keep things from getting too emotional. They both chuckled lightly.

“You better,” Ember pressed before giving him a warm hug, “I'll be on board with the others getting ready. You still have a little time before we head off.”

“Alright thank you,” he answered with a matching somber smile.

With that, she was gone to prepare for the trip across the mainland. He found it awfully nice of her to bid her farewells now before she would find herself too busy with manning the ship. Taking the food that she had brought him in one hand, he opened his bag with his other, and tucked it away to eat for later.

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yNPCs: Asura, Saleos

Hope you don’t mind me jumpin’ in ;____; Asura’s gotta say goodbye

“Do you think he’ll still be here, Mam?” Asura inquired as she yawned the last bit of sleep from her system. She and her brother padded alongside their mother as she led the two Caelums parallel to the red-sand beaches. The morning was still quite early, and the cool ocean breeze was a welcome reprieve from the hot summer day that was still to come. The sun had only just barely risen into the sky and the world was still largely encased in soft shadows. Normally, the two siblings would be hunting or practicing their fighting at such a time, but, news had spread that a certain member of the Shores was leaving.

Skana patted the satchel once more, physically ensuring herself for the nth time that she’d brought along the sendoff gift that she had prepared for the young Knight. Her children’s gift lied within the bag as well and there was an audible clink to her walk because of it. The medic’s pace was clipped, forcing the teenagers to nearly be at a trot to keep up. She wasn’t sure what time the Cepheus had planned to leave, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say goodbye.

“He should be, Sunshine, it’s still fairly early,” was the mother’s reply as she turned and led the party down an abandoned street.

Saleos made a noise of acknowledgement to the women’s conversation, but otherwise kept silent as ever. He wasn’t one for touchy-feely stuff, but, Merlin had been good to his sister and him, so, he felt that justified a physical appearance at the Knight’s departure.

The trio eventually found the darkly-furred Cepheus standing alone with his donkey on the beach. “Merlin!” Asura let out an excited bark and put on a burst of speed. Her brother followed quickly after her, though, in a much more reserved demeanor. Both wagged their tails as they trotted up to the older boy’s figure.

Skana trailed after her children, a soft, sad smile on her lips as her glacier gaze took in the scene. “I’m glad to see that we made it.”

“We brought gifts for you,” Saleos announced suddenly with a ghost of a smile. He paced back to his mother’s side and nudged her satchel with his nose. “Show him, Mam.”

The Cygnus chuckled and began to unfasten her satchel. She procured two leather pouches; one being noticeably fatter and larger than the other, which was relatively flat and empty looking. Skana moved forward, giving the younger Midnighter a pointed look. “Hopefully, you will never have to use mine.” She handed over the larger of the two bags first. “It has a few medical things for just-in-case.” Her look morphed into a playful smile, “We can’t risk losing someone like you in this world.” She meant every word.

Asura was next to speak, her turquoise eyes full of excitement and mirth as she and her brother sat on either side of Skana. “Saleos and I found the prettiest shells on the beach for ours.”

“So you won’t forget the Shores,” the dark brother clarified, somewhat offended by how his sister had worded their gift. He wasn’t the sentimental type, but, Asura had been stubborn about it. If he had had things his way, it would have been something more practical than a seashell. Pressed for time and unable to create anything with their lack of hands, the siblings had done what they could.

The mother snickered as she handed over the second bag. She gossiped with a wide grin, “Asura dragged Saleos around for the better half of the past few days for the perfect ones.” The boy’s expression soured considerably at his mother purposely embarrassing him. Asura merely giggled proudly.

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"I could fall apart here and now I don't want to die alone "
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Let's pretend that Merlin met one of the jackal siblings somewhere. Short post is dreadfully short

Avinalora walked towards the small gathering of Midnighters. She and Jarix had heard about Merlin's departure and they had wanted to give him something as he seemed like a good person. The Caelum had sent her with two of his traps that were quite easy to set and very portable. The Pollux had decided to bring a small medical kit with a few useful poultices, cobwebs, and a small guide to it. She knew that on the road, people get injured and she hoped the kit she had packed in a small box that her brother had whittled would be enough.

The silver vixen hung back from the people. She sort of wished that her brother had come with her but she was the one that had chosen the shorter feather. It wasn't that they didn't like the Mid-Knighter but both siblings were introverted with a capital I and they normally decided who was going into the city by picking feathers out of a cup.

The fox nervously went up to the grizzled male and held out the small sack of gifts. "Here's a small medical kit and some traps so you stay well and healthy on your journey." She said awkwardly.

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Not long after he saw Ember board the ship in the distance, he heard his name called out. To an even greater surprise, there was Asura and her brother, Saleos with their mother, the Cygnus following a short ways behind. Their presence was met with a jovial beam that accompanied a wide wave. “Hey there! Aren’t you two supposed to be training?” His greeting was lighthearted, honestly Merlin was little tickled that they would make the time to see him before he was off at this time of day. This departure was going to be harder than he could have first imagined.

He thought highly of the young family and quickly found himself very fond of them. Their confession of gifts brought forth a questioning expression along with the comment, “Why, you didn’t have to do that…,” But seeing that the two growing teens were excited about what they had to give, he yielded to their glee and gave all three of them an appreciative grin. “Thanks you very much though. Let’s see what’cha got,” he told them before Skana revealed what it was the trio had for him. Curiously, the Mid-Knighter watched as not one, but two bags of different content sizes were produced.

As the sky gazed woman came forth, she bore a somewhat grave countenance. While Skana gave an explanation what she had for him, he accepted the budging bag and peeked briefly inside to confirm the necessities that were described encompassing to him. “Haha, yeah…” the lad chuckled while with his hand that held the rope to Mags, went up behind his head to scratch it with mild embarrassment. “You know my luck to well. Fenris willing, I won’t need to make use of these too much,” responded the wolf with a wink to the two youngsters. The words that were spoken next from her ebony lips were incredibly kind and warm.

Was he really that significant Merlin speculated to himself? Earnestly, the young man felt at times like a less productive member of the pack. Sure he could hunt decently enough, but he wasn’t the strongest fighter, and his youth was filled with being a playful nuisance. Even in young adulthood his mind was filled with wide wonders and much free time was spent pointlessly working on art. Now his fantasies involved tricks and acrobats, surely not the life that his noble and revered parents had envisioned for him. Nonetheless, her voiced thoughts came with sincerity so he responded with a heartfelt. “Thank you Skana.”

Asura seemed to be itching to share what she and her brother had for him, so he gave her his respect and listened quietly to her description. Typical of Saleos justified their gift, sounding less enthused than his sister but the fact that both of them had spent the time that they did was incredibly thoughtful of them and genuine look of appreciation was casted to each them, first towards, Asura, then Skana, and then Saleos.

The narrow bag clanked gently as it was passed to him and he took the liberty to peer inside it as well. There was a decent amount of carefully selected shells that strongly carried the smell of the shore on them. He wondered if they would always have that scent or if the saltiness would eventually fade with time. His ears perked forward their mother’s comment and was thoroughly touched that they took the time to do that. Even if the daughter and dragged the boy along, his part in it was still noted. “I can probably figure out a way to string them together to make some sort of necklace or band of some sort,” Merlin told them. If he couldn’t figure it out he could probably find someone who could. Or just keep them as a lucky charm of sorts. “Thank you Asura and Saleos. I won’t ever forget the Shores now thanks to you both.” Truth be told, there was no way he could ever forget Midnight Shores, or the memories and family and friends he had, but something was very special in having some tokens of his time there.

Two more figures appeared and one would have thought Merlin was going off to war or something where they’d never see him again. He hardly knew the newest gathering Midnighters. They had joined the pack while he had been away but he’d had seen them around and met them briefly not too long ago. The Knight prince’s first thoughts were that the pair were merely coming to see what was going on, but the fact that they’d come prepared to see him off, was astonishing. He really had the best packmates a wolf could ask for. For a moment he questioned if leaving all these generous souls were really what he wanted. But the dusky boy knew from experience, that good-byes were the hardest part, once he was gone and on his way, the aching of homesickness would eventually subside. An amiable smiled was casted down towards the small statured hybrids. “Thank you both. I really don’t know what else to say….”

The towering lad breathed in a deep breath and addressed all five of his, soon to be former packmates, “You all have really been the best. I’m very happy to have the chance to know you. And don’t think that this is a final farewell. I’ll be back at least to visit, you can count on that. I don’t know when but I’ll see you all around for sure.”

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yNPCs: Asura, Saleos

Sorry for the wait, you two! >___< Exit the Creos.

Asura grinned widely and her nose crinkled with humor, Mam convinced Da and Oom that this was more important. We couldn’t just let you go without saying goodbye!” Her tail wagged behind her as if to emphasize that she rather much enjoyed sending Merlin off than doing whatever training exercises her father and uncle had in store for them that morning.

Beside her, Saleos offered a small nod. “We can make up for lost training later,” he added with a nonchalant shrug. A few minutes taken out of their routine was marginal compared to letting their packmate leave without so much as a farewell. Who knew when they would see him again?

“And, of course we had to!” Asura reassured him when he was modest about receiving gifts. She rolled her eyes. Mam raised us with manners, y’know.” Saleos snorted at his sister’s teasing tone.

Merlin received their gifts, tucking each away into the saddle bags of his long-eared steed after reviewing them and thanking the Creo family members in turn. Skana continued to warmly smile at the bittersweet scene before her. The children were happy as ever, though, one expressed it more so than the other. They weren’t tearful or overcome with emotion or feelings of betrayal, just…happy for Merlin and supportive of his decision, which made her proud. They were strong kids, and she was happy that the Knight had had such a positive influence on them to make the farewell such a pleasant one.

No long after the Creos’ gifts were received, Skana was pleasantly surprised to see Avinalora arrive with her own gifts. It seemed Merlin had made quite a name for himself on the island. Skana was happy to see the pack so supportive of their own, even if the male was leaving from it. There was a pause before the Cepheus addressed everyone that was present. Asura and Saleos’ tails wagged, each to their own personal degree. “We wish you the best, Merlin. Godspeed,” Skana offered confidently, nodding in the younger male’s direction.

“Don’t take too long, Merlin!”

“Wouldn’t want you to miss us too much,” Saleos added with a smirk.

With their final goodbyes made, the family turned to make their way back to their home. They didn’t want to crowd around in case there were others that wanted to say their farewells, and they also didn’t want to get it the way of the ferry’s departure.

Skana snuck one last look over her shoulder as she shepherded her children along. Merlin had a big journey ahead of him. The Knight was in his prime and ready to explore the world. It was high time that he did some adventuring of his own. Perhaps, one day, he’d return to them, full of stories and experience. It was a day she hoped would be soon, if nor for the sake of seeing the jovial male, then at least for his parents’.

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