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Jarix and Cobalt are going on a trip

POSTED: Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:24 pm

"The hardest goodbye"

A collection of four Luperci stood on the docks. There was a petite silver jackal who was bundled up in an anorak and her mismatched green eyes glistened. Beside her was a similar female with the same physique and eye disorder that the silver female had. Oppisite to them was a tall crepuscular jackal hybrid with teal eyes and beside him stood a tall earthen wolf in his Lupus form. The dark-hued male stood next to a dappled grey pony whose saddlebags were filled.

The day had come. Jarix was leaving on a trading trip that would span for many months and Cobalt had decided to join him as a protector and guard. Now, both of the jackal sister were seeing them off. Avinalora and Adrian knew that they would miss their companions but knew that they would one day leave. Still, the medic's eyes glistened with unshed tears. This was her adopted brother and her protector. She knew he could take care of himself but she still worried.

"Here." The vixen said as she handed the man leather sack with herbs and a guide for herbs she had written out and with the dark sister's help, had illustrated. She knew that he could protect himself and hunt, but he lacked in the medical department that she had normally helped with. The herbs and guide seemed like the most useful item to give him.

Adrian was worried about Cobalt. He was still scarred from the even that had happened in his childhood which caused him to become paranoid and wary of strangers. But, she trusted that the trapper could take care of her almost brother. The feral male was an outstanding guardian and he was a shrewd trader. This trip would be good for him to explore the world. But that didn't stop the pang of grief in her heart.

And then the former Sicaria stepped frward to hand them her gift. She had made clothes for both men. The dog hybrid had a cloak lined with fur to keep him warm and a scarf. The merchant had a hooded sweatshirt and a long coat with a belt. The pair didn't know much about sewing so she made them several garments just in case. Those were her best contributions to their current items they had and would be helpful if they went to even colder regions.

And then with a few shared goodbyes, the new trading partners and their horse boarded the ship.

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